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News in Numbers

The number of years that former Fall River, Ma., Mayor Jasiel Correia will have to serve in prison on extortion charges. Correia, now 29, was elected when he was just 23 years old.
The number of Indigenous people, mostly girls, who have gone missing in Wyoming from 2011 to 2020. A recent report found 21 percent of Indigenous people are missing for 30 days or longer whereas only 11 percent of white people remain missing for that same duration. Additionally, only 30 percent of Indigenous homicide victims are covered by the media, while 51 percent of white victims receive coverage.
The amount of money allocated within the infrastructure bill for cleanup of defunct coal mines over the next 15 years. Some of these abandoned mines have been polluting rivers and streams for decades, causing harm to local ecosystems and contaminating drinking water.
The proportion of Americans who do believe that their social media activity is not very or not at all secure, according to a recent survey. Fifty-six percent of respondents had more faith in the private sector than the federal government when it came to handling security and privacy improvements.
The proportion of hospital ICUs across the nation that are now more than 95 percent full, an increase of 5 percent from July and 15 percent from June.
The cost so far of California’s recall election, with the Secretary of State’s Office predicting the final amount will likely increase to $300 million or more.
The date by which federal employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or get weekly testing, according to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.
The inches of rain that some places across the Texas Gulf Coast and southwestern Louisiana could experience as Tropical Storm Nicholas makes landfall.
The estimated cost to fund Amazon’s recently announced college tuition program by 2025. Hourly employees who have worked at the company for at least 90 days will be eligible to have their college tuition and fees paid for, upfront, by the e-commerce giant in an effort by the company to retain workers. Employees will not have to reimburse Amazon for any college payments if the worker decides to leave the company.
The age group at which Black boys and girls are injured by law enforcement 5.3 and 6.7 times more than white boys and girls, respectively, according to a new study by the University of California, Berkeley. Black boys between the ages of 15 and 19 had the highest rate of hospitalization due to police violence.
The number of air travelers who were screened at TSA checkpoints over the Labor Day Weekend, up from 2,289,578 during the same long weekend in 2020 but still short of the pre-pandemic Labor Day weekend in 2019 (6,418,490).
The number of states that prohibit school districts from setting mask mandates. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia require masks be worn in schools.
The percentage of U.S. workers who are members of a union. Labor Day started as a celebration of worker solidarity and was first organized by labor unions. The purpose of the holiday has faded over time as more workers have left unions.
The number of states that have agreed to allow electronic driver’s licenses to be added to digital wallets on Apple devices. Arizona and Georgia will be the first states to enact the feature.
The number of people Amazon is planning on hiring for corporate and technology positions in the coming months, which amounts to more than one-third of Google’s and nearly the entirety of Facebook’s workforce.
The increase in accidental gunshot deaths by children handling a gun since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as compared to a year prior. There have been at least 259 unintentional shootings by children since the beginning of this year which have resulted in 104 deaths, placing the nation on a trajectory to surpass the record set in 2017 of 383 accidental shootings by minors which caused at least 156 deaths.
The number of homes and businesses that were without power in Louisiana on Monday morning, mostly caused by Hurricane Ida.
The estimated proportion of native Hawaiians who are vaccinated, about 20 percent lower than the rest of the state. Many Native Hawaiians have a deep-rooted mistrust in the government that dates back to the U.S.-supported overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893.
The predicted number of COVID-19-related deaths that will occur in the U.S. between now and Dec. 1. Health experts say the prediction could be reduced by half if nearly everyone wore masks in public places.
The amount of federal rental assistance that has been distributed so far. The program has struggled to reach the millions of tenants who are at risk of eviction. A total of $46.5 billion was approved for rental assistance earlier this year.
The number of women who are currently serving as governor in the U.S. as Kathy Hochul took the reins as New York governor on Tuesday, tying the record that was set in 2004 and matched in 2007 and 2019.
The number of people who retired as of July 2021 since the beginning of the pandemic, 2 million more than projected.
The proportion of Americans that are “extremely” or “very” worried about themselves or their family becoming infected with COVID-19, nearly the same rate as the nation’s last major surge in January. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans favor the idea of requiring people to be fully vaccinated before traveling on airplanes or attending crowded public events.
The number of California companies that are being sued by San Francisco for their production and distribution of untraceable, build-it-yourself firearms. The “ghost guns” accounted for nearly half of the firearms that were recovered in the city’s gun killings in 2020.
The age at which a child could get married in North Carolina if proposed legislation is passed. The bill aims to raise the state’s marriage age by two years and would limit the age difference between a 16-year-old and their spouse to four years. There are currently 13 states, including North Carolina, that allow children under 16 to wed.
The increase in food stamp assistance for needy families, the largest in the program’s history. The bump will start in October and will be available indefinitely for all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries.
The number of federal firefighters that are on the ground working to combat wildfires, more than double the number of firefighters deployed this time last year.
The approximate number of sex abuse cases that were filed in New York over the past two years within the state’s temporary lift of civil lawsuit time limits to allow victims of childhood sexual abuse to come forward and sue institutions and people they hold responsible. The window has been extended twice but, barring any further extensions, will end at midnight on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021.
The number of anti-Asian incidents that have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic and up to June. There have been nearly as many incidents in the first half of this year as there were during the last nine months of last year. Many believe the pandemic has contributed to a rise in anti-Asian incidents because the coronavirus was first reported in China.
The proportioned increase of miles traveled in June by American motorists, up 35.7 billion miles from a year prior, bringing the numbers nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.
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