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The upstate New York city is now offering free, high-speed and secure Internet service for hundreds of low-income residents. The city used $3.5 million in federal funding to develop the wireless network in many of the city’s least connected areas.
A survey of voters in five of the Bay Area counties found that just 56 percent say commuter rail is important for the California region and must be maintained even if it costs taxpayers more money.
The city’s pilot program will start this month to help day workers register for work, receive skills training and help ensure that workers get paid accurately by contractors when the job is finished.
The California governor vetoed a labor bill that would have made workers eligible for unemployment payments after two weeks on strike. Newsom said the bill would put more strain on the already stressed system.
Sami Graham, a former chief of staff to Mayor Dave Bronson, and Daniel Smith denied allegations that they coordinated with Mark Dahl on false city policy to challenge the November election results.
Researchers found about 20 different species of wildlife across the city through the use of camera traps. For many animals, cities with lots of green spaces are havens from the urban heat island effect.
The Pottsville Parking Authority will issue virtual parking permits in 2024 for eight municipal lots across the city. The permits will be available for purchase starting in mid-December.
The court said it will rule on how the First Amendment applies to social media and whether Texas and Florida are allowed to impose fines on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms for allegedly discriminating against conservatives.
The legislation, which goes into effect Sunday, Oct. 1, will implement a three-day waiting period for firearm purchases and makes it easier for victims of gun violence and their families to sue gun manufacturers and dealers.
The rate of teen births has dropped by 78 percent since a modern-day peak in 1991 of 61.8 births per 100,000 people. But since 2007, the rate had consistently dropped by about 8 percent and then in 2021, the rate declined just 2 percent.