6 Months In, Most Rookie Governors Are Thriving

Following years of turmoil and gridlock in many states, newly elected governors are getting a lot done.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signing a bill.

Racing the Clock to Cross the Street? In One State, It'll Cost You.

Hawaii recently passed a law allowing police to ticket pedestrians for starting to cross a street when the countdown starts. Other states let the walkers decide if they can make it.

How State Procurement Offices Are Learning to Buy Better

Cautiously and slowly, governments are taking more risks and modernizing the way they purchase goods and services.

To Keep Public Workers, States Offer New Salaries and Benefits

Lawmakers increased wages and benefits for teachers, first responders and other public employees in nearly 20 states this legislative season.

Is Porn a Public Health Crisis? 16 States Say Yes.

In just three years, more than a dozen states have passed resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis. The research is more complicated.

What Crisis? The Case for Not Panicking Over Pension Debt.

New research released this week shows that even pension plans with big unfunded liabilities are likely to survive in the long term.

People pose for photos next to Niagara's Bridal Veil Falls.

America’s Oldest -- and Probably Wettest -- State Park

Photos and musings from our photographer.

IRS headquarters

States Again Sue IRS Over Federal Tax Law

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and a local government coalition allege that a new IRS rule unlawfully puts an end to their tax reform workarounds.

The Comeback Queen of State Politics

Toi Hutchinson lost her first election. Then she thought bigger.


Giving Local Voters a Say in Tax Policy

When revenues can't cover essential services, public officials would do well to engage residents in a dialogue about what's important to them.


Why Government Needs to Get to Know Its Customers

Identifying them and their needs is the first step to serving them better and reducing wasted effort.


In Defense of Foreign Investment in U.S. Housing

Absentee property owners from abroad take much of the blame for rising housing prices in America. But they’re really a net win for cities.



The number of power outages Wisconsin and Michigan experienced as a result of damaging winds that swept through nearly 500 miles in 10 hours on Friday.

Panel at Netroots Nation conference.

Not All About Trump: Democrats Worry About State Legislative Races

Panelists at the Netroots Nation conference this weekend raised concerns about finding enough candidates and donors for state legislative elections.

• Will the Gerrymandering Ruling Motivate Donors and Voters?

How Nevada Plans to Solve the Marijuana Banking Problem

The state is drawing inspiration from the gambling industry to get cannabis businesses access to banks.

Alaska's Public Universities May Declare 'Academic Bankruptcy'

Lawmakers failed to override the Republican governor's decision to cut 40 percent of the university system's state funding.

Oops! Secretary of State's Clerical Error Sets Back Iowa Ballot Measures

Supporters of the initiatives will have to wait at least two years before they go before voters.


How can modern solutions pave a new path to healthcare?

We know how. We are the how.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a dentist's office.

California Takes Obamacare to a New Level as the Law's Fate Looms

The state is restoring the individual mandate and making an unprecedented effort to help the middle class afford health insurance.

• After Midterm Wins, Momentum for Medicaid Expansion Slows

Welfare's Once-Popular Cap on Kids Loses Favor in States

The policy was intended to discourage government dependence. It didn’t seem to work.

One State's Big Leap to Reduce Medicare and Medicaid's Out-of-Pocket Costs

Washington state is going further than any other to cover aging Americans' medical bills.

WANTED: Public Employees Who Live Where They Work

Local governments are offering employees home loans and even housing if they reside among the people they serve.