Leaning on the Land

More and more communities are considering reviving an old tax idea that’s been tried in only a few places.

6 Transportation Goals Congress Should Be Thinking About

Too often, the debate over transportation funding in Congress revolves around dollars and cents. But many advocates say we should agree on big goals first, so we know what we’re getting for the money we spend.

Dress Coded

Do schools’ dress codes unfairly target girls of color?

'The Ultimate Unforced Error': Texas House Speaker Caught in Political Scandal

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen is caught in a scandal of his own making. He's not the only state legislative leader across the country facing political peril.

Course Correction

Once-popular public golf courses have become a strain on many cities’ budgets. Are municipal greens still up to par?

What Cities Can Learn From Burning Man

The annual gathering is a radical experiment in urban design that rebuilds itself in the desert every year -- with the help of its residents.

8 Ways to Make Your City More Like Burning Man

From building public art to creating "sacred spaces," the annual event is inspiring leaders across America.

Just How Big Is Burning Man?

Every year, people build a city solely for the event, then take it down a week later.

7 States Where Demographics Haven't Determined Their Political Destiny -- Yet

From weak state parties to regional differences, we look at why these states are defying demographics.


Appalachian Hope

Coal isn’t going to bounce back in West Virginia. But tourism and recreation can replace it.


High on Pot Taxes

Is there a revenue jackpot for states that legalize marijuana?


Reality TV Politics

Soundbites and slogans might work in Washington, but closer to home voters expect results.



Year Governing was founded by Peter A. Harkness. It will discontinue publication this fall.


The Parking Garages of the Future

As many of them fall into disrepair, some are adapting to cities' changing needs.

Amid Concerns of a Recession, Pension Plan Returns Fall Short

After two straight years of beating expectations, pension investment earnings have slightly dipped thanks in part to fears of a trade war.

Where Nonprofits Are Most Prevalent in America

When a community is in fiscal trouble, nonprofits are often a big help. But some places have far fewer of them.

From Wall Street to City Hall: The Woman Who Shocked Philadelphia Politics

Rebecca Rhynhart ousted a three-term incumbent to become the city’s first female controller.

A License for a Lemonade Stand? States Rethink Business Licensing

The debate is playing out around the country but has been most controversial in Texas.

More Than 700: Why So Many People Are Running for Office in Seattle This Year

A booming population and new campaign finance options have brought out a record number of candidates.


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Restaurant worker on a phone.

Voting by Phone Is Convenient, But Is It Too Risky?

The option is spreading at a time of heightened fear of foreign interference in U.S. elections. It has been used in a few local elections and will be available to some voters in the 2020 presidential caucuses.

America Has a Health-Care Crisis — in Prisons

Privatization and years of inadequate resources have left the incarcerated population with abysmal medical care.

How Pennsylvania's Transportation Secretary Is Shifting the Infrastructure Conversation in Her State and Across the Country

Secretary Leslie Richards is trying to re-engineer the engineering process by making community engagement a top priority.

Are States Taking Cybersecurity Seriously Enough?

Only one has a cabinet-level official dedicated to the issue.

How Cities Are Bringing 911 Into the 21st Century

Community paramedicine is changing the way some places respond to health emergencies.

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