Mississippi Audit: Agencies Not Complying with Cybersecurity Law

A recent report from the state auditor's office showed widespread noncompliance with routine cybersecurity protections. The gaps could open the state to unnecessary threats as hackers aggressively target government.

Mississippi State Capitol Building

Cybersecurity and Democracy Collide: Locking Down Elections

The virtual guarantee of foreign meddling in the 2020 election poses a challenge to state and local officials, IT staff included, to protect American democracy. Experts say the keys to success will be cybersecurity, paper trails, risk-limiting audits and inter-agency communication.

Google Says Google Translate Can’t Replace Human Translators. Cautions Users - Including Governments - Not To Rely On It.

Google advises users that its machine translation service is not “intended to replace human translators,” especially for complex tasks.

A Pioneer for Women in Politics: She Persists

During a time when it was rare for women to seek office, Jo Ann Davidson ran for city council in 1965. Even though she lost her first election, this was the start of a remarkable career in public service that eventually led her to the Ohio House of Representatives.


The Mayoral Balancing Act

Tension between downtowns and neighborhoods isn’t going to go away.

data center

Millions of Americans’ Medical Images and Data Are Available on the Internet. Anyone Can Take a Peek.

Hundreds of computer servers worldwide that store patient X-rays and MRIs are so insecure that anyone with a Web browser or a few lines of computer code can view patient records. One expert warned about it for years.

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First ‘High-Tech Census’ Raises Stakes for Local Government

Conversations about the Census tend to revolve around funding and political representation. But in its inaugural digital year, data gathered from the count could affect cities and citizens for the next decade.

Former Oakland County, Mich., Deputy Executive to Join e.Republic

Phil Bertolini, former deputy county executive and CIO of Oakland County, Mich., will come on board as co-executive director of the Center for Digital Government, the research and business intelligence arm of e.Republic.

Hand holding smart phone with online voting concept on screen.

Utah County Puts Blockchain Voting to Test in Live Audit

The Utah County Clerk/Auditor’s Office shared the innovative method for evaluating the authenticity of votes cast by soldiers and other individuals who are not residing within the United States.

Lily Adams Helped Her Grandmother Ann Richards Win Texas. Can She Get Kamala Harris to the White House?

It’s possible that Lily Adams’ political baptism at a Baylor University homecoming parade is what most prepared the Democratic operative for the tone of the Trump era.

From College DJ to King County's Coalition Builder

Seattle born and raised, Dow Constantine serves over 2 million people as Executive of King County.

Hello Again

Governing Daily and keep on going.


Then there were 21

The remaining number of founding members of Libra, the embattled Facebook-led cryptocurrency effort that now lacks many of the high-profile companies that originally voiced support for the effort. PayPal, an original signatory to the Libra Association charter, announced last week it was withdrawing its support. On Friday, payment giants Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and eBay announced they would no longer be associated with the project followed by the defection of Internet company Booking, which operates sites like, OpenTable and Kayak.


State Labs

Congress can learn a lot from state legislatures.

Chief Storytellers: Community Engagement or PR?

Some critics wonder if the new city gig is a legitimate use of government money. Denver thinks so.

Shamed in the Lunch Line

Cold PB&Js for students who can’t pay? Some states are saying no.

Parks for All

"Park equity" gets a new focus as cities tackle inequality in all facets of public life.

NYC subway conductor looking out the window.

Where the Government Workforce Is (And Isn't) Keeping Up With Growth

Per capita public employment dropped the most in Alaska and Arizona, while other states are expanding their workforces.

Lights Out

Texas is the latest state to ban all red-light cameras.

Mayors Are Harassed and Threatened, But Just How Often?

A new study reveals the downsides of running a city.

6 Transportation Goals Congress Should Be Thinking About

Too often, the debate over transportation funding in Congress revolves around dollars and cents. But many advocates say we should agree on big goals first, so we know what we’re getting for the money we spend.


Governing in a Cynical Age

Public servants should work to restore people’s faith in government.

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