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Why Presidential Candidates Don’t Address Urban Issues

Democrats rely heavily on urban voters for support, but the states that hold the first caucuses and primaries don't have really big cities. That tends to leave them off the campaign agenda.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer | December 13, 2019
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The Wrong Way to Tax Ridesharing

Allowing hundreds of municipalities to impose their own ridesharing taxes is a terrible idea. There's a simpler and better way to make sure these companies pay taxes that’s beneficial to both states and localities.

By C. Jarrett Dieterle and Nick Zaiac | December 13, 2019
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What’s Next at Governing

Taking on the questions faced by state and local government in a world of rapidly advancing technology.

By Dennis McKenna, Editor-in-Chief, e.Republic | December 11, 2019
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Arkansas Hopes Cybersecurity Task Force Increases Awareness

The new group, created through executive order, will focus on opportunities to advance education surrounding cybersecurity issues and careers, building on previous efforts to beef up the state's defenses.

By Government Technology | December 11, 2019
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Cities Begin Delving into Drone Regulations for Public Safety

A new multidisciplinary group is hoping to start a conversation that can answer questions about new concerns specific to using drones in the nation's most densely populated metropolitan areas.

By Jed Pressgrove, Government Technology | December 10, 2019
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TV's Ed O’Keefe on Preserving the Past and Defining the Future

From reporting on congress to building the first mobile streaming news network, small-town, North Dakotan Ed O’Keefe has extensive media experience. And as CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, O’Keefe is creating an experience that preserves and shares Roosevelt’s legacy.

$35 per day

The cost of a Lyft rental as a part of its new rental program, a deviation from their traditional ride-hailing. The rental program debuted last spring to San Francisco and Los Angeles riders and announced on Thursday that it would expand its eligible pool of users, hoping to reach all L.A. and SF users in coming months. The program allows rental for up to two weeks without a mileage restriction.

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