As Abortion Bans Spread, Hollywood Debates How to Protest Them

Some are boycotting Georgia after it passed a "heartbeat" bill last week. Others argue there are better ways to protect abortion rights.

Actress Alyssa Milano at a news conference inside a government building.

How Will Governments Spend Their Opioid Settlements From Drug Companies?

As they start to roll in, some say the tobacco settlement offers a cautionary tale.

Do Tax Breaks Help or Hurt a State’s Finances? New Study Digs Deep.

What's likely the most comprehensive research of its kind doesn't bode well for tax incentives.

Recall Elections Are Becoming a More Common and Coordinated 'Partisan Power Play'

In Colorado, Republicans are trying to oust a dozen Democratic state legislators. It's the latest example of a political party using once-rare recalls as a way to gain control.

Can Medical Marijuana Get You Fired? Depends on the State.

Less than half of the states where the drug treatment is legal protect patients from employment discrimination. Courts have generally sided with employers -- until recently.

Despite Funding Fights, High-Speed Rail Progresses in 3 States

The Trump administration is pulling some federal funding from California. But that project and others like it are quickly moving forward.

Jay Inslee standingi front of a microphone.

'Medicare for All'? How About 'Medicaid for More'?

On Monday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed the nation's first "public option" health insurance bill. Other states aren't far behind.

State Legislatures' Group Gets First New Leader in 32 Years

Tim Storey, who will take over as NCSL's executive director, has pledged to maintain the organization's bipartisan approach.

A pharmacy in Canada.

Will the FDA Crackdown on Imported Prescriptions Cost Local Governments?

For years, hundreds of cities and counties have been saving money by letting their employees use cheaper drugs from other countries.

• Uncertainty Clouds States' Plans to Import Drugs From Canada


The Education Investment States Should Be Making

As the idea of "free college" gains popularity, Virginia and Iowa are instead focused on career and technical education.


What YIMBYs Get Wrong About Housing

Building anything anywhere is a short-sighted approach to fixing the affordability crisis.


Criminal Justice Reform Done Right

In turning its bail system around, New Jersey has shown a capacity for evidence-based policy innovation that's likely to serve as a national model.



Money the New Mexico governor's office spent this week to bus a group of asylum seekers to Colorado because shelters in her state were at capacity.

Police officer holding naloxone.

Most Police Still Don't Carry the Drug That Reverses an Overdose

Due to the high cost of naloxone, only a fraction of the nation’s police departments equip their officers with it.

• Is the U.S. Ready for Its First Safe Injection Site for Drug Users?

In Wake of Scandals, 2 Major Cities May Curb Politicians' Power

Councilmembers in Chicago and Philadelphia, which give them unusual amounts of authority, are facing criminal charges.

After Second Ransomware Attack in 14 Months, Baltimore Refuses to Pay

The city is the latest government to be targeted by hackers and forced to decide whether to pay to restore vital public services.

Denver Voters Deny Homeless the 'Right to Survive.' Here's What That Means.

Initiative 300, a first-of-its-kind ballot measure that even divided advocates for the homeless, failed on Tuesday by an overwhelming margin.

As Protests Spread, Lawmakers Seek Punishment (and Protection) for Teachers

North and South Carolina teachers rallied this week. Educators in Sacramento, Calif., and Oregon could strike later this month.

• The Key to Predicting the Next Teacher Strike

Pensions Have Tripled Their Investment in High-Risk Assets. Is It Paying Off?

A growing body of evidence shows that "alternative investments" may be lowering returns and costing state and local governments more.

How Many Local Governments Is Too Many?

See which states, metro areas and counties have the most.

State Tax Revenues Are Higher Than Ever, But Good Times May Not Last

Federal tax reform and the economy are boosting state coffers -- for now.

Trump pointing a finger at a campaign rally.

States Want Trump to Release His Tax Returns. What About Governors?

Democrats are pushing legislation to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns. The same rules don't apply for most statewide elections -- but that could change.