Hackers gained entry into the networks of Colonial Pipeline Co. on April 29 through a virtual private network account, which allowed employees to remotely access the company’s computer network.
Thousands of residents are still filing jobless claims and struggling to use the CONNECT website, but the state has recently ended its contract with the company that was providing 2,000 reps for the call centers.
House Republicans proposed a bill that would make several changes to state elections. While some of the provisions may receive bipartisan support, others, like requiring voter ID, are likely to get pushback from Democrats.
In the first quarter of 2020, the city’s police solved 31.7 percent of major crimes compared to 36.8 percent the year prior. The drop could be attributed to COVID-19 and social unrest caused by the killing of George Floyd.
A new bill would require AI developers to evaluate privacy risks, assess the potential for discriminatory decisions and the state’s Department of Technology would need to approve the software before its use in the public sector.
Residents will vote on the “Fair Share” amendment next year and if approved the state will impose a 4 percent surtax on household incomes exceeding $1 million. The tax increase would produce an additional $2 billion in revenue annually.
The majority of California’s nine Bay Area counties plan to drop their COVID-19 restrictions when the state does the same next week. The area has had some of the strictest restrictions during the pandemic.
The city’s new $15 million emergency response systems overhaul will encrypt the frequencies of nine city departments, making it no longer possible for the public to monitor police and fire scanners.
There are less than three weeks until the state’s constitutional deadline to establish a budget. With federal aid and large tax revenues, the state plans to spend approximately $3 billion more during the 2021-2023 cycle.
62,000 Pennsylvanians filed unemployment claims within the first 12 hours of the system’s debut which caused state officials to deem the transition a success. But claimants are still experiencing insurmountable obstacles.
The state approved legislation that will require all uniformed police officers to wear body cams by Jan. 1, 2025, but many local agencies cannot afford the technology without financial assistance.
The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is looking to incorporate public transit into the region’s development conversations, as a way to incentivize and influence growth in the area.
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A new report estimates that 674,433 Coloradans lack access to Internet service that can provide speeds of at least 25 mbps. The new numbers are 4.2 and 3.7 times greater than those provided by the federal and state governments, respectively.
They suffer from sexual assaults at alarming rates. The much-maligned private prison industry can have an important role to play.
As California continues to encourage residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19, some are concerned that residents’ medical information is at risk as it passes from vaccination providers into the state’s system.
Maryland, Montana and Utah are the only states in the nation that limit what police can access through genealogy websites. State lawmakers have agreed that the final law is a fair compromise.
Western New York officials hope that federal funding from the Innovation and Competition Act, the proposed infrastructure package and from stimulus relief funds would be used to develop tech hubs and revitalize transportation networks.
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The amount that California will restore to its bullet train project. The Trump administration revoked the funds in 2019. The high-speed rail was originally supposed to be completed and running by 2020 when residents approved the project in 2008.
The surface elevation of Lake Mead along the Nevada-Arizona border, a record low. The last time this level was hit was in July 2016 and it’s the lowest the reservoir has been since the lake was filled in the 1930s. Officials expect the water level to continue to decrease until November.
The proportion of Americans who support same-sex marriage, an all-time high for the nation since 1996 and a 10 percent increase since 2015 after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages. While Democrats have consistently been supportive, 55 percent of Republicans now approve as well.
The proportion of Americans who support Facebook’s decision to extend the platform’s suspension of former President Trump for another two years. Only 15 percent of Republicans were in support of the suspension.
The amount that New York Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have proposed to put toward federal cybersecurity funding to help prevent hackers from breaching public systems. The proposal is inspired by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority breach.
The number of Walmart employees who will receive smartphones as a part of the company’s initiative for its new app, Me@Walmart. The employees will be able to use their phones and apps while on the job and for their own personal use.
The current capacity of California's 1,500 reservoirs in comparison to the levels they should be at during this time of year. State officials are concerned that if water levels continue to drop, which they are expected to do throughout the summer, power plants will need to be shut down and water supplies to farmers and households will be significantly or completely reduced.
The proportion of American adults who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. President Biden announced a “month of action” to urge Americans to get vaccinated in a final push to reach the administration’s goal of having 70 percent of Americans vaccinated by Independence Day.
The estimated proportion of President Biden's 1,500 federal agency appointees that identify as LGBTQ.
The amount that The Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Transit Administration plan to spend reconstructing and building a new tunnel between New York City and New Jersey.
The number of mass murders that have occurred so far in 2021, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The organization differentiates between mass murders and mass shootings in that a mass murder is any instance in which four or more people are fatally shot in a single event while a mass shooting is any instance in which four or more people are shot or killed in a single event. By these definitions, there have been 232 mass shootings since the year began.
The proportion of Americans who believe that Asian American discrimination has worsened in the past year. Six in 10 Americans also say that racism is a “very” or “extremely” serious problem in the U.S.
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GHD identified four themes critical for municipalities to address to reach net-zero by 2050. Will you be ready?
As more state and local jurisdictions have placed a priority on creating sustainable and resilient communities, many have set strong targets to reduce the energy use and greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with commercial and residential buildings.
As more people get vaccinated and states begin to roll back some of the restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic — schools, agencies and workplaces are working on a plan on how to safely return to normal.
The solutions will be a permanent part of government even after the pandemic is over.
See simple ways agencies can improve the citizen engagement experience and make online work environments safer without busting the budget.
Whether your agency is already a well-oiled DevOps machine, or whether you’re just in the beginning stages of adopting a new software development methodology, one thing is certain: The security of your product is a top-of-mind concern.
The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, over half of the workforce will require significant reskilling or upskilling to do their jobs—and this data was published prior to the pandemic.
Part math problem and part unrealized social impact, recycling is at a tipping point. While there are critical system improvements to be made, in the end, success depends on millions of small decisions and actions by people.
Government legal professionals are finding Lexis+ Litigation Analytics from LexisNexis valuable for understanding a judge’s behavior and courtroom trends, knowing other attorneys’ track records, and ensuring success in civil litigation cases.
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