How Trump's Plan to Redefine Poverty Would Impact Health Care and Food Stamps

The potential change in the federal poverty line would lower the number of people who qualify for social services by more than half a million.

People sitting in waiting room.

GOP Holds Voter-Registration Advantage in Races for Governor and President

More people are registering as Republicans than Democrats in states with gubernatorial elections this year and in some 2020 battleground states.

Despite Historic High, LGBTQ Still Underrepresented in Elected Office

There are more lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans politicians than ever before, but they only make up .001 percent of elected officials.

How Trump Became Counties' Best Friend and Biggest Ally

The administration is focusing on a level of government that past presidents have often neglected.

Coastal Cities Rethink Zoning Regulations in Fight Against Climate Change

From Boston to Miami, coastal cities are changing where and how developers can build in order to protect homes and property from future flooding.

Donna Arduin.

Want to Slash Your State’s Budget? This Woman Can Help.

Donna Arduin has made a career out of consulting with governors on budget cuts.

State Transportation Funding Boosts Can't Replace Federal Dollars, Road Builders Say

Dave Bauer, the CEO of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, says the Trump administration and Congress need to pitch in to help states accomplish their transportation goals.

Chris Castro Wants You to Rethink Government and the Environment

His approach to sustainability is bolder than most.

Police stand outside the Baltimore Police Department.

To Find More 'Good Cops,' a Few Big Cities Change Their Hiring Process

They're putting more emphasis on applicants' emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.


The Next Step States Need to Take to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Making medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder more readily available is a cost-effective, life-saving strategy. Some states are showing the way.


A Way to Get School Finances Back Under Control

Faced with teacher strikes, many districts are making commitments they can't afford. It may be time to establish state-level GAOs to rein them in.



LGBTQ people's representation in U.S. politics. Out of the nearly 520,000 elected offices, LGBTQ people hold 698 of them.


A Year After Online Sales Tax Ruling, Are States Reaping More Revenues?

Almost every state has jumped at the opportunity to tax online purchases.

As Climate Laws Pass Elsewhere, Oregon Republicans Go to the Extreme to Not

The Trump administration is rolling back carbon dioxide emissions regulations. Meanwhile, states are divided on whether to raise their clean air standards.

Probation and Parole Violations Are Filling Up Prisons and Costing States Billions

According to the most comprehensive report of its kind, states spend more than $9 billion a year incarcerating people who violate community supervision terms that even corrections officials admit are difficult to comply with.

Trump's Immigration Policies Could Take a Toll on Long-Term Care

Immigrants make up a quarter of the long-term care workforce, which struggles with high turnover. Without them, shortages could worsen and make it harder for people to age at home.


How can modern solutions pave a new path to healthcare?

We know how. We are the how.

People walking by the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, D.C.

Final IRS Rules Leave States Few Options for Evading the SALT Cap

"There is something to upset everyone in the IRS rule."

In the State Where Teacher Strikes Started, Lawmakers Aim to Prevent More

The West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would not only punish teachers for protesting but also includes a charter school provision they recently fought to defeat. The House could vote on it as early as Monday.

Late State Budgets Are Less Common This Year. There's 2 Big Reasons for That.

Still, a few states may miss the July deadline, leading to a government shutdown in some.

Supreme Court: Virginia House Lacks Authority to Defend Gerrymandering

The ruling, which united an unusual coalition of justices, could boost Democrats' chances in November.

Can Surge Pricing Cut Energy Use?

California will be the first state where utilities charge more for power used during peak hours.