When Young Turks Take Over a Government

Charlotte's majority-millennial city council has accomplished a few things, but mostly what its members have done is squabble with each other. Succeeding as a 'change agent' is harder than it might seem.

By Alan Ehrenhalt, Senior Editor  |  November 25, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

How Government Officials Delivered a Disaster-Free Election

Despite fears that COVID, cyberattacks and misinformation might jeopardize results, voting was smooth and secure. What contributed to this outcome, and how might lessons learned affect future elections?

By Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer  |  November 25, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF Community Design

Not All Neighborhoods Want Slow Streets. Here’s Why

Well-intentioned transportation projects during the COVID-19 pandemic to slow or remove traffic from city streets tended to serve mostly wealthy, white neighborhoods, said equity activists at the CoMotion LA conference.

By Skip Descant, Government Technology  |  November 25, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF Community Design

Delaware’s Rest Stop Mystery: Questions About a Roadside Oasis

There’s a highway rest stop at Smyrna, Del., that’s so big and luxurious people get married there. How did that happen and what does it say about America’s tax-supported transportation priorities?

By Alex Marshall, Urban Affairs/Infrastructure Columnist  |  November 24, 2020
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Should Local Taxpayers Help Their Neighbors’ COVID-Crushed Businesses?

Cities and counties are stepping in to try to preserve their communities' jobs and economies. It looks like it's helping. But the programs need to be designed to prevent mischief and protect taxpayers.

By Girard Miller, Finance Columnist  |  November 24, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Biden’s Best Choice for Secretary of Education

The president-elect should look to the ranks of community-college leaders for filling this critical Cabinet post. Community colleges occupy a strategic position that gives them a unique perspective on education at all levels.

By Jabari Simama, Government and Education Columnist  |  November 23, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

COVID Can’t Stop a 277-Year-Old Town Hall Tradition

Pelham, Mass., has been making democracy work continuously in the same building for nearly three centuries. On a cool day in October, town citizens were determined not to let the pandemic break that record.

By David Kidd, Photojournalist and Storyteller  |  November 23, 2020
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The number of seconds between COVID-related deaths last Tuesday as the U.S. death toll reached 2,157 deaths in a single day, the highest since May.


While The Election Was “Secure” There Were Still Problems

Despite fears of some sort of cybersecurity apocalypse during this year's presidential election, federal officials say 2020 had no meaningful interference by foreign adversaries. Other issues, however, have held fast.

By Lucas Ropek, Government Technology  |  November 23, 2020
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Future in Context

When Alexander Hamilton Tried to Steal the Election of 1800

Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election results isn’t the first effort to change the outcome of a close race. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson faced a similar and chaotic post-electoral problem.

By Clay S. Jenkinson, Editor-at-Large  |  November 20, 2020
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Lawmakers Deal With Latest COVID Surge: Legislative Watch

State legislatures have introduced more than 300 bills since October to deal with a litany of COVID-related problems, including ICU funding, liability shields, reauthorization of electronic public meetings and more.

By Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer  |  November 20, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Needed Now: Federal Help for Students’ Disrupted Lives

School closures are worsening the digital divide and depriving students of mental health services. With state and local resources strained, Washington's financial support can address the widening gaps.

By Bob Taft, Former Governor of Ohio, and Bob Wise, Former Governor of West Virginia  |  November 20, 2020
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