THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

On the Front Lines with the Sioux Falls Public Health Director

It’s the biggest city in South Dakota and when COVID-19 hit a local meat packing plant, Jill Franken had her hands full with a major public health crisis and the stress that goes with it.

By David Kidd, Photojournalist and Storyteller  |  September 24, 2020
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The Future of Farming Relies on Internet Connectivity

During a recent National Telecommunications and Information Administration webinar, experts dissected the economic potential of and roadblocks to precision agriculture technology in rural America.

By Jed Pressgrove, Government Technology  |  September 24, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

The Forgotten Meaning of ‘We the People’

Our democratic experiment in self-governing is on trial. In government at all levels, we need to get back to the place envisioned by our Constitution's fathers, however flawed they might have been.

By Jabari Simama, Government and Education Columnist  |  September 23, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Why So Many Attorneys General Are Getting Into Trouble

State attorneys general are facing issues ranging from racism and sexual harassment to a fatal accident. Their scandals differ, but they have some underlying political dynamics in common.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer  |  September 22, 2020
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Future in Context

Ginsburg, Trump and Midnight Appointments to the Supreme Court

Presidential appointments to the highest level of the judicial branch, even during lame-duck sessions, have a long history in American politics, dating back to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in 1800.

By Clay Jenkinson, Editor-at-Large  |  September 22, 2020
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The 1,000-Day Information Security Strategy We Need

In many ways, our digital infrastructure was unprepared for the pandemic's challenges. Now is the time for a longer-term cybersecurity vision.

By Mark Weatherford, Cybersecurity Columnist  |  September 22, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

State Investment in Broadband Improves Localities: Report

A new article in Telecommunications Policy presents evidence that local areas generally fare better when states award broadband money to providers and allow municipalities to get into the broadband business.

By Government Technology  |  September 22, 2020
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The year by which all new passenger cars and trucks sold within California must be zero-emission vehicles, a first in the nation for this kind of legislation. The executive order signed by Gov. Newsom this week gave extra time to heavy-duty vehicles: they must switch away from internal combustion engines by 2045.


Could We Please Stop Pontificating About the American Dream?

It means different things to different people. In the end, it doesn't really mean much at all. And there's very little that politicians or government can do to uphold or restore it.

By Alan Ehrenhalt, Senior Editor  |  September 21, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Public Innovation Academy Offers Practical Training for Gov

Government technology veteran Abhi Nemani, who has experience both inside government as well as with prominent civic tech organizations such as Code for America, is leading the new startup company.

By Zack Quaintance, Government Technology  |  September 21, 2020
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The Line Between Protected Assembly or Riot: Legislative Watch

A handful of recent protests have involved enough violence and property destruction for some to claim they are riots. Legislators have proposed penalties and protections for those who might be affected by future incidents.

By Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer  |  September 18, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Moving the Essential Class into the Middle Class

It's not enough to be grateful to those who are helping us get through a tough time. We need policies that value the work they do and give them the opportunity to move up economically.

By Pete Saunders, Urban Affairs Columnist  |  September 18, 2020
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