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Governing Senior Staff Writer Jared Brey

Jared Brey

Senior Staff Writer

Jared Brey is a senior writer for Governing, covering transportation, housing and infrastructure. He previously worked for PlanPhilly, Philadelphia magazine, and Next City, and his work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bloomberg CityLab, Dwell, and other publications. He is a contributing editor at Landscape Architecture Magazine, and he lives in South Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter at @jaredbrey.

The Housing Choice Voucher program helps 2.3 million households pay rent. Biden has called for small increases to the program, while GOP leaders are eyeing cuts that will hit some states especially hard.
The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority recently scaled back a voter-approved plan to add new transit lines, citing cost increases. Leaders worry that delays could further erode support for transit.
A new report from the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University examines the phenomenon of wholesale real estate investors targeting vulnerable homeowners in poor neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
Amid changing travel behavior, many transit agencies are projecting bus and rail passenger growth based on a range of best-case and worst-case scenarios.
More than 30 states have laws classifying assault on transit operators as a special category of misdemeanor. Incidents are increasing, and transit workers and their unions are pushing for action at all levels of government.
BART and other transit agencies are budgeting the last of their pandemic-era federal relief and looking ahead to big, ongoing deficits. Solutions are still hard to find.
The state is carrying out an ambitious offshore wind program as part of a plan to decarbonize its power grid. Some coastal residents don’t want to see it.
Jim Kenney went all in on a $400 million plan to fix neighborhood parks, rec centers and libraries. Now entering his last year in office, what is there to show for it?
President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to “finish the job” on a range of economic and social issues in his second State of the Union address.
Republican and Democratic legislators can be counted on pulling in opposite directions on ESG investing, police reform and LGBTQ issues, where the focus will be on transgender rights and school curriculum.