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The audit focuses on 11 broad categories to analyze, including the department’s recruiting, hiring and personnel practices, training on interracial relations, BIPOC community relations, immigrant and refugee populations. More will likely be completed in June.
Too many election administrators and polling-place workers are the subject of harrassment, threats and even violence, and they’re quitting in droves. If we don’t protect them, who is going to be left to work our elections?
Two former Republican governors are already running and a handful more could still announce their candidacy. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence will make political ads even worse and does the Supreme Court even care about corruption?
On Tuesday, Democrats held onto control of the Pennsylvania House, while robbing Republicans of two of their major local offices. However, the GOP is solidly behind its candidate in the year's key race for governor.
The city councilmember won the Democratic primary for mayor of Philadelphia on Tuesday. She’s also the heavy favorite to win the general election in November and to become Philadelphia’s first woman mayor.
With ranked-choice voting, voters are more likely to choose city leaders who have broad support. And it’s a big step toward dialing down the divisiveness of our politics.
Proposed legislation would prohibit any person from creating, serving or conspiring to submit a “false slate of presidential electors” and the infraction would be punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $5,000.
Allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses is about more than highway safety. It's good for assimilation, belonging and community engagement.
Round Valley Indian Tribes of rural Northern California declared a state of emergency on April 16 after two brutal killings this spring and said the slayings highlight the urgent need for greater investment in youth services and programs.
Judges at the state and federal levels are becoming more nakedly partisan, ruling in ways that reflect not careful contemplation but the desire for particular policy outcomes.
A half-century ago, a Republican president moved to devolve power from Washington to states and local governments. Today it’s the right that’s trying to turn that around.
Too often it’s our youth who are the targets of racial- and gender-based animus and attacks. Rather than making life harder for children, public officials should be protecting them.
The Florida governor lived in Dunedin from when he was 6 years old until he was 18. But the town has changed since DeSantis lived there, and not everyone is so eager to have him as the town’s most famous son.
Opponents of church-state separation have been emboldened by recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions and the growing acceptance of Christian nationalism on the right.
Daniel Cameron was supposed to have the Republican nomination all sewn up at this point, but he, instead, finds himself under attack. Meanwhile, Oklahoma's legislating grinds to a halt and the motivating power of hatred.
Primary elections are where most of those who govern us are chosen. Can making them nonpartisan — or eliminating them altogether — diminish the impact of ideological fringes? What has happened in Louisiana suggests that it can.
A resolution would amend the constitution to allow the state to join the National Popular Vote Compact, which will only become active if states representing 270 electoral college votes join. Only 195 electoral college votes are accounted for so far.
Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen criticized the Danish-inspired town for not reflecting the “genuine warmth and acceptance of pride” in Denmark after Solvang banned pride-themed banners and painted over rainbow sidewalks.