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Approximately 50 voting machines across the state malfunctioned during last week’s primary election from high temperatures, some of which partially melted. Many poll workers also experienced heat-related illness.
A report from the HHS showed that 44,000 residents would lose state health insurance coverage entirely while 24,000 would lose subsidies if the tax credits were not extended through the legislative package.
The state Senate approved a bill that would seal the records of some previously incarcerated individuals if they maintain a clean record to help them better reintegrate into society. The bill will next move to Gov. Newsom for consideration.
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is scrambling to address acute safety and operational challenges while anticipating a long-term funding crisis. What happens in Boston could have lessons for other big-city transit systems.
The share of female governorships could exceed 20 percent this year, more women are registering and more incumbents are losing. There's also a revolution in the courts as states use unconstitutional maps.
The Pennsylvania county found no discrepancies after a hand count of 1,661 ballots was completed. Officials hope the recount reinforces to residents how costly and time-consuming counting ballots by hand is.
If approved, residents would vote on their fourth bond program in less than two decades. The $1 billion program would help pay for better streets and city infrastructure, including $150 million for housing.
Five unions representing hundreds of thousands of health-care workers across California are attacking a legislative deal that would delay expansions on seismic safety standards to increase workers’ minimum wage.
The rideshare company has partnered with Motional, an autonomous vehicle company, to develop autonomous EVs for rideshare purposes. For now, the new vehicle will be accompanied by two safety drivers.
Data-informed solutions that prevent rather than punish can break cycles of violence and help neighborhoods heal, and voters support them. They just need to be scaled up.
On-demand public transit is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, particularly in small cities, suburbs and rural areas. But critics say it’s a bad deal because it’s costly and inefficient.
Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order on Tuesday, Aug. 16, that mandates state agencies to discourage the practice, prohibits funding and requires public reporting of professionals who have utilized conversion therapy.
New research found that improving gender equity across the state would increase the state’s income by $15.4 billion and would create 59,000 new jobs. Women earn less than men in every county except Greene.
The city requires all elected officials to resign from their current positions before running for another office to help avoid conflicts of interest and leveraging offices for political gain. Some argue the state could benefit from a similar policy.
The most significant climate legislation ever enacted by Congress has become law, without the word “climate” in its title. Here’s how it can benefit state and local energy and climate programs.
As water levels continue to drop, federal officials have warned seven states they will need to dramatically reduce water usage amid worsening drought conditions. But the groups haven’t yet reached an agreement.
FBI offices across the nation are increasing security after threats against law enforcement officers have grown following the agency’s search at Mar-a-Lago. Several Pennsylvania residents have been arrested.
After yet another bill was killed in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee without a vote or public explanation, concerns mount that a legislative instrument called the suspense file has major transparency problems.
A prominent figure in New Orleans’ controversial broadband plan has resigned from his position as director of the Mayor’s Office of Utilities. According to an automated email response his last day was Friday, Aug. 12.
The midterms are not looking like a total bloodbath for Democrats, like they were a few weeks ago. The GOP still looks like it will do quite nicely, however.
State and federal officials were quick to respond to rising gas prices earlier in the year. But some of households’ biggest costs, like housing, are still rising.
With government workers’ pay raises lagging the private sector’s, state and local officials will need to navigate through different measures of inflation to fairly calibrate wage and pension increases.
The voter-approved Maine Technology Asset Fund awarded private companies with grants to help create new jobs and boost the state’s economy. But after five years, it’s unclear how impactful the investments have actually been.
Justice Unites Us will focus on the state’s Orange County congressional races with hopes of leveraging small business hubs to increase support for Democratic candidates.
Georgia has committed billions in incentives to electric vehicle and battery manufacturing companies for building factories across the state. The law is expected to stimulate investments that give consumers more choices.
The U.S. Census Bureau found that nearly half of adults ages 55 to 66 had no personal retirement savings in 2017. But a state-sponsored private retirement auto-IRA savings program could give many retiring Kansans a break.
Baltimore’s free ferry system gets commuters and others where they need to go.
Manufactured homes, which are less expensive and faster to construct because they’re built on an assembly line, could help resolve the nation’s housing crisis. America is short 3.8 million housing units by some estimates.
As climate change brings longer periods of hot weather, the associated heat-related health risks also increase. While being in air conditioning is the simplest way to prevent heat illness and death, access to cool air isn't equitable.
After several years of pushing, the Phoenix Fire Department has officially launched its unmanned aircraft, or drone, systems program, laying the policy and best practices groundwork for other city departments to follow suit.
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