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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Medicaid IT: Finally Ready to Move Out of the Dark Ages

For more than a decade, the feds have been pushing states to modernize their Medicaid management information systems so they could report comparable data. The effort is starting to pay off.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer  |  January 21, 2020
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AI Is Promising but Needs Regulation, Says Alphabet CEO

In an opinion piece for the Financial Times, Sundar Pichai wrote in favor of stricter regulations of artificial intelligence and noted that “principles that remain on paper are meaningless.”

By Rex Crum, The Mercury News  |  January 22, 2020
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California’s Search for Clean Air and $32 Million for Roads

California’s gas tax allotted a portion of gas prices for road maintenance. However, as more electric vehicles roll onto the road, fewer consumers are contributing to the tax, and it’s costing the state millions.

By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times  |  January 22, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF Community Design

Helena Residents Now Use an App to Request City Improvements

The Montana city partnered with a Texas-based company to create an app to identify issues like potholes and broken parking kiosks. The app keeps the city accountable but also gives citizens more control

By Nolan Lister, Independent Record  |  January 22, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF Community Design

An Impact Framework for the New Mobility

Our cities' transportation landscape is being dramatically altered. But a focus on small disputes overlooks the larger value questions that need to be addressed.

By Stephen Goldsmith, Harvard Kennedy School  |  January 21, 2020
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