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The most devastating school shooting in decades is prompting calls for Congress to act on gun control. State leaders don’t have to wait.
The president's party always loses seats in midterms. This year, just about everything — fundraising, voter enthusiasm, demographic shifts, the issues mix — is going the right way for Republicans.
While many firms expect workers to be remote about 30 percent of the time after the pandemic, the rate has “stalled” around 40 percent since last fall. Cities will have to adjust as less workers commute into downtown spaces.
More than 13,000 people relocated to the Texas city between 2020 and 2021, the most for cities with populations of 50,000 or more. San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the country with around 1.5 million residents.
The state’s House Democrats tried, unsuccessfully, to force a vote on an assault weapons ban on May 25, following the Texas school shooting. Republicans say they are already proactive with school safety and mental health programs.
Some states have responded with restrictions, but many more have loosened requirements. Dan Malloy, governor of Connecticut during Sandy Hook, reflects on how he was able to get a gun-safety law passed.
The effort caught national attention, but the real story is the rest of the package of land use reforms that the city council passed to open up the housing market. However, opposition to further reform is growing.
A young state lawmaker’s life, dedicated to helping the most needy, was cut short by a white supremacist in a Charleston church. What happened there, in Buffalo and elsewhere is symbolic of a society corroding from inside out.
Many communities across the country are experiencing big changes to voting procedures due to redistricting. Election officials and groups are working hard to update voters to ensure their voices are heard.
A group of nonprofits and corporations released a report this year, calling for self-regulation to protect patients’ data when it’s outside of the health-care system. But critics say it shouldn’t be trusted.
The state is planning to test a digital ID, which, at best, could give drivers more control over their personal information but, at worst, could risk the user’s data privacy. Three states have already implemented mobile licenses.
Despite often winning a majority of votes, the Democratic Party is at an electoral disadvantage in legislatures that appears to be worsening. Author Jonathan Rodden explains the current problem and why national reform is unlikely.
George Washington and John Adams were no fans of the Boston Tea Party, but the disruptive protest has endured as a prime example of how some Americans will express their desire for change.
A minor change to the state’s registration website instantly fixed the automatic voter registration system, which had been broken for 15 months. April saw a 45 percent increase in registration applications.
The program would create a network of tech-equipped homes to capture and store energy use and autonomously decide when to sell the power back to the grid to reduce carbon emissions and costs of living.
In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered municipalities to review and reform their police procedures. Today, Syracuse police have made positive steps, but officials say they still have a long way to go.
Issues ranging from severe paper shortages to cyber threats and disinformation are looming ahead of the 2022 elections, threatening voter confidence. Officials shared their concerns with members of the U.S. Senate May 19.
Rising interest rates have triggered substantial market losses from Golden State treasurers’ untimely investments of idle cash. It’s time for reforms wherever similar portfolios are now bleeding red ink.
Schools have a big impact on everything else. A new analysis can help metro areas benchmark themselves and learn what works to build quality into K-12 education.
The state claims that the number of hospitalizations and deaths among unvaccinated, vaccinated and vaccinated and boosted people were removed because it isn’t a clear indicator of vaccine effectiveness.
Several county clerks claimed that state Rep. Daire Rendon requested access to the voting tabulators after the 2020 general election. State police and the attorney general have begun investigating election machine access.
The amount the state receives will rely on how many people have poor or no Internet access. But time is short to accurately collect the information. The planning grant deadline is Aug. 15.
The state’s new law will increase penalties for voter fraud, expand election audits, create a voter fraud hotline and ban third-party funding of elections. GOP lawmakers are hopeful that it will make it “harder to cheat.”
States keep trying to rein in the offensive language people want to affix to their cars, but issues of free speech come up again and again. What are reasonable societal boundaries?
The federal government’s historic investment in broadband could fall short of its goals if it doesn’t improve digital skills. A leading expert explains the importance of digital human capital.
A leading observer reminds us that the war is also a cultural and religious one. He cautions the U.S. not to underestimate the risk it’s taking nor overestimate its support from the international community.
Despite a series of federal measures requiring greater efforts to preserve family unity, many policies make life harder for people swept up in the system.
The Justice in Forensic Algorithms Act aims to ensure that when algorithmic analyses are used as evidence in court, defendants get to know how the tools reached their conclusions and allow them to contest the results.
Extreme weather events, water scarcity, risks of illness: Climate change is here, and it’s already affecting Texans.
The U.S. House passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act on Thursday in an attempt to keep gas prices under control during the global oil shortage. But some say the measure will have little impact on costs.
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