THE FUTURE OF Community Design

4 Reasons Why an Open Mobility Ecosystem is the Future

Cities are evolving faster than ever. By engaging in an open mobility ecosystem model, cities can more efficiently power their ecosystem today and drive sustainable innovation for tomorrow.

By Passport  |  February 7, 2020
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Rounding Up Cybersecurity Experts in LAX, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey

Hackers take advantage of poor IT security practices to steal data and take down systems.

By Strictly Digital   |  January 28, 2020
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Adopting Transparency: Can Government Go Paperless?

A culture change is happening. It’s been happening for a couple of decades now. Data is becoming more accessible through automation. But it’s not easy to make this transition.

By Jennifer Dowd, Kronos  |  November 27, 2019
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Best Practices for Modernizing Constituent Services Through Online Permitting

As more governments recognize the power of cloud-based software to drive efficiency and streamline workflows, citizens are also seeing the positive effects of modern technology used in the public sector.

By David Jones, OpenGov  |  November 26, 2019
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Eye on 65: Retiree Health Care Podcast

Episode 5: A Financial Solution for the City of Memphis

How can an innovative approach to retiree health care help solve a city’s financial liabilities? The CFO of the City of Memphis shares lessons learned.

By Marianne Steger and John Barkett  |  November 11, 2019
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