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With authority and accountability split between three jurisdictions, the nation’s third-largest transit system has lurched from one crisis to another. Now, with ridership and reliability tanking, the service faces an uncertain future.
Western states are in the forefront of bringing technology to bear to expunge the records of long-ago convictions and provide new economic opportunity for millions of Americans.
Election officials are working in an unprecedented climate of antagonism, with threats on the increase. A nonpartisan group of election and law enforcement officials have joined forces to give them resources and support.
The state Supreme Court has ruled that when counties sell buildings for overdue taxes, any extra money must be returned to the property owners and may not be pocketed by local governments.
Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a computer system that shows where electric vehicle drivers will need to recharge and where places are to support the electric demand.
Jonathan Wisbey stepped down on June 5 from his role as chief technology officer for Mayor Cantrell’s administration. Wisbey is at least the seventh high-level official to leave Cantrell’s administration since the beginning of her second term.
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, in a letter to Joe Biden, regarding his official retirement from the court on Thursday, June 30, at noon; Ketanji Brown Jackson will replace him. (Reuters — June 29, 2022)
The proportion of Americans who are opposed to allowing transgender female athletes to compete on women’s and girls’ sports teams. Support becomes varied when broken down...
Some of America’s capital cities are especially vulnerable to floods, coastal storms, land subsidence and other risks. Moving their functions elsewhere could be critical to governance.
Nineteen states and Washington, D.C., already have laws that allow the confiscation of firearms in certain situations but some experts believe the laws aren’t being used to their full potential.
Just before the deadline, the Texas city council approved an updated district boundary lines map that some argue dilutes the power of minority voters and representation. Currently, 42 percent of Dallas is made up of Hispanic residents.
The California law, which makes it harder for companies to classify workers as contractors to legally guarantee minimum wages, overtime pay and compensation benefits, was challenged by freelance groups.
Mesa County, Colo., Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, who allegedly violated the security of her office to prove that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, regarding her indictment on 10 counts of tampering with election equipment and misconduct. Peters maintains that she did nothing wrong. (CPR — June 23, 2022)
The article number of the California Constitution that could be amended in the state’s upcoming election to include...
As cybersecurity continues to concern state governments, many have turned to task forces to address issues such as ransomware, phishing and other threats. But what have they accomplished so far?
Gubernatorial candidates have directed their campaigns toward contentious social issues, such as abortion and LGBTQ rights, forcing culture wars to take center stage in the November election.
Before the pandemic, court systems across the nation were unable to meet the demand for public defenders, citing issues of low pay and severe overwork. COVID has only exacerbated the problem.
So far, the city is 25,000 trees shy of its 2019 goal. To continue, Los Angeles will need community buy-in. But concerns have been raised about the equitable distribution of the trees.
Starting next month, customers will notice extra charges on delivery orders, ride-sharing trips and car-share rentals, which are part of a change in transportation funding that will help pay for road and bridge projects.
Advocates on both sides of the debate are increasing their efforts, with many predicting the fight will move to the Legislature. Those against abortion want to ensure it’s banned while those in support want to codify it as law.
U.S. Rep. Mary E. Miller, commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday, June 24, while speaking at a Donald Trump rally the day after the Court’s decision. Miller’s team quickly explained that it was “a mix-up of words.” (Washington Post — June 26, 2022)
The approximate number of voters across 43 states who have switched to the Republican Party...
Continuing our coverage of how large city transit systems are faring fiscally since the pandemic, we take a look at Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago.
The pandemic brought the weaknesses of public health data systems into plain view. A new survey of public health officials finds that fixing this is a top priority. But high costs and politics remain a problem.
Assessing a terribly broken system, a veteran analyst details the conflicting dynamics and possible solutions to America's illegal immigration dilemma.
The theme of independence has recurred throughout the history of Texas, which was a republic from 1836–45. But the Civil War established that a state cannot secede.
The U.S. National Bridge Inventory maps the location and other details of all bridges in the nation 100 years old or older. The interactive map offers data around the age of the bridge, its condition and daily traffic.
The road map for a more sustainable future that meets the President's ambitious climate goals and dramatically reduces carbon emissions starts with clean energy and fossil-fuel-free transportation.
Just as the court issued a ruling that would allow more people to carry guns in public, state lawmakers have made several proposals to tighten the state’s gun laws. But two of the biggest ones seem unlikely to advance.
The e-commerce company has struggled throughout the pandemic with building too many warehouses and not having enough workers to staff them. But a 3.8-million-square-foot expansion in upstate New York has hired 1,500 full-time workers.