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Buffered by relief programs, like stimulus checks, expanded SNAP benefits and Child Tax Credit payments, the state’s supplemental poverty rate decreased to 10.5 percent in 2019-2021.
Renewed efforts to develop the 20-acre Caltrain site has increased excitement surrounding the transformation of regional transit, but also the potential to develop housing or commercial buildings if Caltrain moves its railyards underground.
While Washington state saw a 16 percent increase in road deaths between 2020 and 2021, Pierce County saw a 34 percent year-to-year jump, alerting officials of the dire need for road safety reform.
Columbus, N.C., County Sheriff Jody Greene, who is white, in a recording regarding Black employees. Greene has been suspended by a North Carolina judge for allegedly racial profiling those under his command until an Oct. 24 hearing on the petition for Greene’s removal from position. Columbus County has about 50,000 people and is approximately 63 percent white and 30 percent Black. (Associated Press — Oct. 5, 2022)
The percentage of registered voters who said that the Republican party was best suited to address immigration, compared to just 32 percent who picked Democrats.
At the beginning of the pandemic, many government organizations rapidly transformed their operations to assist individuals and families in need. While these efforts addressed immediate needs, they also demonstrated how a phased approach will be critical to long-term transformation that goes beyond the rapidly developed point solutions that characterized some COVID-19 relief programs.
More than a dozen states allow homeowners to lose not only their houses but also years of mortgage payments if they fail to pay their property taxes. Some lawmakers are hoping to change the rules.
More than a dozen states have enacted laws regulating how law enforcement uses it. But federal legislation is needed: A piecemeal approach doesn't keep all citizens safe from misidentification.
The Inflation Reduction Act has funding to help states and localities implement better energy codes. Energy-efficient buildings can save their owners a lot of money while dramatically reducing emissions.
Residents will receive nearly $3 billion in excess revenues next month, with the bottom 20 percent of earners receiving an average credit of just $9; the average rebate amount is about $530.
California’s shift away from gas-powered vehicles could mean as many as 80 percent of gas stations would be unprofitable by 2035. The state has some 250,000 station owners and employees.
The state’s Department of Administration’s Hearings and Appeals Division reports a backlog of 13,842 workers’ compensation cases, caused, in part, by the pandemic. Officials currently have no concrete plans for reform.
Andrew Austin, who represents Gun Owners of America on behalf of several Pennsylvania residents, regarding the executive order that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed last week that banned guns and deadly weapons from the city’s indoor and outdoor recreation spaces. On Monday, Oct. 3, a Common Pleas judge barred enforcement of the order, citing the state law that prohibits any city or county from passing gun-control measures. (Associated Press — Oct. 4, 2022)
The percentage of American adults who believe that it is...
For 30 days, the city made dozens of changes to its streets and saw bike-share use soar. For Boston’s chief of streets, it was a reminder that “there’s no substitute for trying something and learning from it.”
Keeping up strong data breach defenses is tricky as technologies evolve and governments adjust to hybrid environments. Maricopa County CISO Lester Godsey explains why data inventorying, vendor risk management and cybersecurity audits are key.
Advances in wildlife-migration science can help protect people, animals and economies. New federal investment is available to target and build the infrastructure we need.
The election-denial movement has permeated into the state’s mainstream, perpetuated by leaders of some county GOP organizations and congressional candidates. But not all Republicans are pleased with the theories.
The city has partnered with CrowdStrike as part of a New York state-created shared services program that will use $30 million to boost local government cyber defenses. The program will save Buffalo $75,000 a year.
At least 32 charities that were not registered with the secretary of state’s office received more than $11 million through earmarks over the last two years. Some argue that this highlights a need for earmark reform.
For approximately 3,000 yellow taxi medallion owners, the city will clear thousands of dollars of debt in an effort to revitalize the industry that was devastated by COVID-19. Those eligible have until Friday to enroll in the loan reduction program.
Fort Myers, Fla., resident Ta’Wan Grant, regarding the slow emergency response from local authorities in the wake of disasters, like Hurricane Ian. While other communities are receiving large swaths of attention and aid, some communities, like the historically African American neighborhood of Dunbar, feel they are overlooked despite being without power and clean drinking water. (NPR — Oct. 3, 2022)
The amount that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has allotted for...
Burnout, retirements and uncompetitive salaries have exacerbated a growing scarcity of workers in critical job positions for managing infrastructure, transit and disaster preparedness.
There are contemporary lessons to be learned from the way Theodore Roosevelt, then the most popular man in the world, navigated a royal funeral 112 years ago.
A study by Carnegie Mellon University found that if at least 20 percent of cars are autonomous vehicles, traffic systems may start to see the operational improvements these vehicles are expected to bring.
In 2022, leading states are breaking down information silos and assessing the data for more informed decision-making, and elevating efforts to keep all this data secure in a challenging cybersecurity environment.
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Sept. 27 that forbids California-based companies from giving out geolocation data, search histories and other personal information for out-of-state warrants, including those pertaining to abortions.
New Jersey lawmakers are fast-tracking a bill that would reform the state’s pension law to tighten criteria under which former government workers convicted of on-the-job misconduct should lose some or all of their pension.
Political groups have spent thousands of dollars to sway voters in their favor for measures 112, 113 and 114. One committee spent more than $1.5 million to get Measure 113 on the ballot and another $24,000 since.