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The cybersecurity professor who confirmed the vulnerability in the state’s computer system that left thousands of social security numbers at risk is requesting that the governor apologize to those who found the flaw.
The sanctioned tent encampment for roughly 60 homeless seniors will have bathrooms, showers, security, food, water and potentially dental services. The goal is to find permanent housing for the residents before 90 days.
Workers across the state quit their job nearly 120,000 times in August, up 30,000 from the same time last year. Nationally, American workers have quit 20 million jobs between April and August.
While some funding will go to update Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport’s existing infrastructure, the majority of financial investments will build new office and research spaces. Construction will begin in July 2022.
Sen. Rob Portman, regarding a bipartisan bill that aims to secure data collected by artificial intelligence. The GOOD AI Act, sponsored by Portman and Sen. Gary Peters, would establish an AI working group to ensure that all federal contractors are securely obtaining data through AI without compromising privacy. (The Hill — October 21, 2021)
The increase in electricity generation from coal this year as compared to last year, partially due to coal’s stable prices and a high natural gas cost. The increase comes after the industry hit a 50-year low in 2020 that idled or closed 151 coal mines across the nation.
Improving public transit, whether it’s for subways, buses, light rail or trolleys, is very tricky. But some enhancements turn out to be surprisingly simple. Here’s what we can learn from one of the best transit systems.
The billions in recovery funds flowing from Washington should be used to build local economies from the bottom up with a focus on justice and equity, rather than counting on trickle-down strategies that have failed.
The state Supreme Court will determine if police should be allowed to track people via their cellphone location without a court-issued warrant. The court will deliver a decision in the coming months.
A recent analysis found that women lost $46 billion and that people of color lost $61 billion in California during 2020 due to the gender and race pay gaps. California has the second smallest gender pay gap in the nation.
A proposed 25-mile bike path that would stretch from Portland to Auburn using a retired railway has run into complications as transit officials are working to draft a new agreement with the rail company.
Fred Guttenberg, father of a 14-year-old girl who was killed in the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla., commenting on gun violence prevention laws and regulations. Guttenberg, who has become a nationally known activist in the years since the shooting, will be a senior adviser to Brady PAC, a gun violence prevention group. (Associated Press — October 21, 2021)
The proportion of Americans who believe that social media companies, like Facebook and Twitter, do more harm than good, according to a new poll. Forty-seven percent of respondents said the government should be involved with regulating Facebook and Twitter, while 45 percent do not believe government should intervene.
Critics of the smart city movement raise some valid concerns that local officials should pay attention to, but it’s not a case for antiquated municipal systems and procedures.
The electric car company received a warm welcome from the Lone Star State when it moved its headquarters from California just a few months ago. But some state regulations could hinder the company’s success.
One day after the city’s vaccine mandate went into effect, police officers and firefighters are unable to report to work for not being vaccinated. Some have filed for an exemption while others are facing separation.
Establishing a union amongst home health-care workers could ensure access to necessary supplies and better wages, but there are challenges, ranging from employees who typically work alone to high turnover rates.
The project uses bacteria to remove more than 99 percent of ammonia from sewer water, which is part of a larger effort to ensure clean water quality and allow for potential recycling, which will increase drought resilience.
President Biden, promising to continue fighting for free community college tuition, despite the fact that it will not be funded in this round of spending priorities. (NPR — October 20, 2021)
The estimated number of children in the age group of 5 to 11 years old, who may soon be eligible to receive a COVID-19 shot. The White House has estimated that authorization for the Pfizer shot for elementary-aged children is within a matter of weeks.
When it comes to pro sports, public officials are constantly dealing with issues from social equity to neighborhood development to taxpayer subsidies. Nothing illustrates these issues better than Atlanta’s long relationship with the Braves.
A commission created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation argues that tracking metrics reflecting the social factors of health is integral to reforming the current disjointed public health data system.
State and local governments should devote a substantial share of the billions in opioid settlement funds to get victims of the epidemic housed in settings where they can get the help they need to recover.
As Washington state’s vaccine mandate began this week, officials warned workers who quit or are fired over the governor’s vaccine mandate shouldn’t expect to receive unemployment aid. But there are many exceptions.
After a summer of devastating wildfires, many parts of California are expecting rain over the next several weeks. The early precipitation would end the fire season but could cause severe flooding.
The state Department of Transportation is looking to hire 500 seasonal plow drivers ahead of winter, but is struggling to find workers. Without enough drivers, clearing roads of snow could take much longer than in prior years.
Lionel Irving Jr., a Portland, Ore., resident and gang outreach worker, regarding the high number of homicides in the city this year. There have been 67 homicides in Portland in 2021, already surpassing the previous full-year record of 66 in 1987 with two months to go. (Associated Press — October 19, 2021)
The number of pregnant women who died from COVID-19 in August, a one-month record. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 161 pregnant women have died from the virus. The CDC has issued an urgent advisory that recommends pregnant women get vaccinated against the coronavirus to protect themselves and their babies.
They are resilient, having survived political, economic and environmental turmoil in Haiti. Yet, we don’t like to admit them to our country, and we treat them miserably if they get here.
During the second week of the federal Annual National Cybersecurity Summit, experts shared their thoughts on the roles of states and federal agencies when it comes to dealing with cyber attacks within state borders.