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The Washington state Supreme Court will consider whether enforcing fares on public transit systems violates passengers’ rights. If upheld, the court’s ruling could have statewide ramifications.
The city joins every county in the state as it signed the billion-dollar deal just ahead of the deadline, following months of pushback. The money will fund treatment services, medicine distribution and educational outreach.
With 44 percent of state residents living in a child-care desert, there aren’t enough options. Child care for two children uses 27 percent of a family’s income. The Tri-Share program aims to reduce those obstacles.
Art Spiegelman, author of the graphic novel “Maus,” which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992, commenting on the McMinn County, Tenn., School Board’s decision to remove “Maus” from its curriculum due to “inappropriate language” and an image of a nude woman-mouse. The graphic novel depicts the story of his Jewish parents living in Poland in the 1940s and their experiences as a Holocaust survivor. In the novel, Jews are drawn as mice and Nazis are drawn as cats. (Associated Press — Jan. 27, 2022)
The nation’s gross domestic product growth last year as it rebounded from the 2020, pandemic-induced recession, the largest increase since 1984.
From 1890-1930, they exploded across the American landscape, offering people the chance to own a home just outside the city. Lack of government support curtailed their growth, but these historic neighborhoods serve as models for efficient urban planning.
State lawmakers should be thinking about how to go on one-time spending sprees — such as funding infrastructure projects, including broadband, largely underwritten by the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.
For decades, American vehicles have been growing heavier and taller. They are also deadlier, killing more pedestrians in the past 10 years. Better regulations and traffic calming can help. But the pace of change is slow.
After a payment issue nearly shut off power to the Buckfield Fire Station, legislators are considering a ban on disconnecting utilities for public safety buildings without a 60-day warning first.
34 community and 40 non-community systems are producing drinking water with high levels of the PFAS contaminants, impacting thousands of state residents. N.J. is the first state to set strict standards for PFAS.
The pilot program aims to encourage electric vehicle adoption among farmers and other commercial customers to help reduce the impacts of climate change, which directly impacts the state’s agriculture.
U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, regarding a panel of federal court judges’ decision to block Alabama’s new congressional map for its disadvantage towards Black voters. Sewell is the only Black member of Alabama’s congressional delegation. (NPR — Jan. 25, 2022)
The trust gap between Democrats and Republicans in the scientific community, with 64 percent of Democrats trusting science and only 34 percent of Republicans, the largest gap since NORC at the University of Chicago began administering the General Social Survey in 1972. The science trust gap has widened significantly since 2018 when 51 percent of Democrats and 42 percent of Republicans had high confidence.
Things will not get better if those of us who see what is going down give in to fear. There are things elected officials and the public in general can do to safeguard our bedrock principles.
2022 is an election year. Republican investigations are continuing in states, while Democrats are convinced the GOP seeks to rig the rules to ensure their party’s victory. Redistricting is nearly complete with the clear loser being competition.
The aging digital infrastructure behind the Department of Public Health’s online dashboard was unable to keep up with the flood of new COVID-19 data caused by the omicron variant, resulting in updates to be several days late.
Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder has allegedly copied a voting system’s hard drive and has been summoned for a deposition. This is the second election official to be investigated for a potential security breach.
Ten members of Congress have requested an investigation into the Border Patrol’s evidence collection teams, the latest development into the handling of the 2010 killing of Anastasio Hernández Rojas.
Florida state Sen. Lauren Book, regarding someone trying to extort her by threatening to reveal nude photos that were stolen from her and have been bought and traded online since 2020. Book has been a strong advocate against sexual assault and often tells the story about how she was sexually abused by a nanny for six years while growing up. (Associated Press — Jan. 25, 2022)
The number of people in Wisconsin who lack access to quality broadband services according to a 2021 report from the Federal Communications Commission. However, a privately conducted study estimated the actual number of disconnected residents could be more than 600,000. Gov. Tony Evers is urging residents who can’t afford Internet service to sign up for new federal subsidies.
Some legislatures have been banning reporters from their lawmaking chambers. But given how statehouse coverage has changed in recent decades, the reality is that we've simply traded one flawed system for another.
Last year, pension plans enjoyed big returns in the market, bringing their balances back to levels not seen since the Great Recession. They are still $1 trillion short, however.
Police departments across the country suffered a slew of damaging ransomware attacks in 2021. The new year promised more of the same, but what should law enforcement agencies really be concerned with in 2022?
Inflation is back and wages are up, while consumer spending remains strong. Economists expect these elements to drive the economy in 2022. Meanwhile, tax collections look hale and hearty. Tax relief could be coming in some states.
Though the state has been experimenting with smart meters since 2008, utilities have once again refocused on the technology as a way for electric vehicle owners to manage their electricity use.
An Indiana bill would pave the way for the state to set guidelines for nuclear power usage. While the energy is touted as clean and reliable, many worry that it will increase costs for customers.
The bill will provide the Department of Finance and Administration $50,000 for state agencies to assess if they need language access plans so those with limited English skills can access their services.
Mississippi state Sen. Barbara Blackmon, who is Black, regarding a Republican-sponsored bill that would ban schools from teaching critical race theory. Republicans argue the theory teaches “victimhood” while Democrats argue that the ban could quieten discussion of Mississippi’s racist past. Black senators walked out of the state Senate chamber before the bill’s vote on Friday, Jan. 21; it passed the Senate 32-2 and will move to the House. (NPR — Jan. 22, 2022)
The number of people who died in avalanches across the nation last year, the most in at least 70 years, with 12 of those deaths occurring in Colorado, the most the state has seen since the 1915-1916 season.
Nashville is growing remarkably fast — and encountering serious growing pains. The next steps the city takes could mean the difference between transformation or having the infrastructure of an overgrown small town.