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Unions have recently enjoyed some success in both recruitment and labor actions. They now face resistance from lawmakers in red states, particularly in the South.
The movement to build tiny houses has gotten a lot of attention, but it hasn’t gained much traction in the market. Still, there may be some applications for homes of just a few hundred square feet.
Future in Context
The assessment and educational tool offers insights and solutions for improving government web performance. Based on its criteria, many state and federal agencies have updated their sites.
A massive storm pummeled the state with strong winds and heavy rain, causing widespread destruction, impassable roads and the deaths of four residents. The state, 14 counties and five cities declared a state of emergency.
Proposed legislation would allow homeless people displaying mental health issues to be taken to a behavioral center against their will for assessment.
The new state department will be housed at Florida Atlantic University. It seeks to harness public and private research, education, technology and business applications involving fresh and salt water.
Nashville Council Member Delishia Porterfield, regarding the 30-3 council vote against the proposed sign for country singer Morgan Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen. The singer caused controversy in 2021 for his use of a racial slur and recently faced criminal charges after he was accused of throwing a chair off a rooftop near two police officers. The sign would hang over a public sidewalk, similar to those at many neighboring bars, and requires local government approval. (Associated Press — May 22, 2024)
The share of schools in the U.S. that were...
Election skeptics haven’t taken their eyes off Georgia since the last presidential election. Officials there are working to make sure 2024 outcomes are as bulletproof as its 2020 results have proved to be.
The U.S. Dept. of Transportation awarded Safe Streets for All grants to 99 communities this month. The grants help fund planning and demonstration projects to reduce dangerous conflicts between road users.
Tuberculosis has reclaimed from COVID-19 the title of the world’s deadliest infectious disease. We have no excuse not to succeed in ending it.
The electricity company National Grid will invest billions over the next five years in an effort to achieve the state’s climate goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and 85 percent by 2050 from 1990 levels.
The council passed a $12.8 billion budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, which is approximately 2 percent less than the current fiscal year’s budget. The city will eliminate 1,700 vacant jobs next fiscal year.
The 3,150 square-foot home recently hit the market in Burton, Texas, for $760,000. The printing company, Hive3D, is working on other 3D-printed housing options, including short-term rental “casitas” in Round Top.
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, on new Census Bureau data estimating that the city added more than 1,800 residents between 2022 and 2023, the first such increase since 1957. Duggan’s administration has publicly fought the Census Bureau’s count of city residents and sued the agency multiple times, seeking what local officials consider accurate figures, and Duggan has described the agency as a “national clown show” for previously reporting a decrease in the city’s population estimates. (Detroit Free Press — May 20, 2024)
The proportion of West Virginia lawmakers that are...
Florida has a reputation as a low-tax state, thanks to its lack of a personal income tax, but top earners get bigger breaks than low-income individuals.
Most U.S. states offer Medicare Advantage plans to their state retirees, while 12 states offer Medicare Advantage exclusively.
The numbers don’t seem to support the need for new state laws cracking down on illegal occupancy. There are better things policymakers could do to deal with the larger issues around housing.
The California governor presented his spending plan for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. It would strip $260 million from the state’s major homelessness program. Some lawmakers want to restore that funding.
San Diego County has officially called on state and federal public health agencies to investigate the public health impact of sewage and toxic chemicals from Tijuana in local air, water and soil.
Despite a high demand for programs that help children, elderly and those with disabilities, lawmakers made wide cuts for fear that the federal government might take back millions in COVID aid.
New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal, regarding the state’s three-year program to allow some news organizations to tap into refundable tax credits each year, with a single outlet able to receive tax credits of up to $320,000 annually. The program will offer up to $90 million in tax credits to hire and retain journalists in an effort to support the shrinking local news industry. (Associated Press — May 23, 2024)
The approximate number of vehicles and heavy machinery that...
Transit agencies are facing overlapping crises, including a shortage of maintenance workers. They’ll need new recruiting and training regimens to hire more workers and transition to zero-emission fleets, per a new report.
Florida and Alabama have made it a crime produce or sell meat grown in a lab, and a U.S. senator has joined what he calls the “pro-bio slop caucus.” Instead, they should be celebrating good old American innovation.
Wealthier families have always had options for educating their children. States have ways to provide options to everyone.
The legislation would bar school districts from adopting parental notification policies that would require school staff to inform a student’s parents if the student shows signs of being transgender.
Staff levels at Class I railroads declined about 28 percent between 2011 and 2021. Trains have also gotten longer, often reaching 2 or 3 miles long. Many are concerned that the combination poses a safety risk.
St. Louis-based organ transplant agency Mid-America Transplant is eyeing drones as the next step in time-critical blood transit across the state for organ and tissue donations. The agency hopes to establish a route in the next 2 years.