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Politics and Elections

Covering topics such as governors, legislatures, local government, redistricting and voting.

As the summer months encourage people to take a vacation and get outside more, city officials predict that e-bike injuries from collisions, speeding and improper use are likely to increase.
During his presidency, Roosevelt did more to conserve America’s natural resources and its places of special beauty than any other president. He convened state executives to aid in the cause, which led him to create the NGA.
As insurance costs and requirements rise, some municipalities are looking to self-insurance and service providers’ cyber incident warranties to help in cases of ransomware and other incidents.
Worried that the budget would not have enough votes to pass directly to the governor, the House of Representatives has delayed action. But, if the budget remains unchanged, the $5,500 checks to residents could drain the state’s savings.
While the GOP struggles for its soul and debates MAGA versus RINO, Democrats are in disarray. Also, lawmakers who simply do not copy and paste legislation from other states are more likely to find success.
While Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick have spent millions of dollars campaigning against each other, Barnette has, for two years, been building grass-roots support and establishing herself as a MAGA movement star.
The state has been under total Democratic control for four years, but a tumultuous two years with law enforcement, workforce development and the pandemic has some predicting that Republicans could regain control in November.
City councilors and members of the public have expressed concern that the purchase of a drone could negatively impact the homeless population. The city manager holds the purchasing power over the police drone.
As the nation approaches a grim milestone, public and political will to do much about the disease has faded. But absent health measures, the devastation could have been far worse.
Questions about the Republican Registration Coalition’s interference in Philadelphia with voters’ mail-in ballots has resulted in several firings. Republicans have weaponized the situation to sow election mistrust.
In anticipation of the predicted overturn of Roe v. Wade, Gov. Kathy Hochul has directed millions to increase access to safe abortions, particularly for low-income and uninsured women who may be travelling from out of state.
Installing broadband in the region is extremely difficult and expensive because of low population density and a rugged topography. But millions in federal funding has some officials hopeful that more residents will get connected.
Some district attorneys are concerned about the lack of sufficient evidence to investigate noncitizen voting cases, an issue which is at the forefront of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s re-election campaign.
While most of the men have taken stands on cultural issues that reflect national GOP platforms, such as guns and abortion, there are issues they back that are distinct to the Keystone State.
From becoming carbon-neutral to having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, 21 states are making the legislative push toward cleaner energy production. But these efforts are not without substantial challenges.