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Nearly 10 percent of the state can’t participate in elections because they have been convicted of a felony. Restoring the right to vote to those who have completed their time is complicated and frustrating, advocates say.
The vote will determine whether Madison, Ala., should transition from a mayor-council format to a council-manager format, which is unusual for the state. If approved, the city will have until 2025 to make the transition.
The state is among a handful of Republican-leaning states that have pulled out of the national system designed to improve voting roll accuracy known as ERIC. Many are skeptical that Missouri’s next efforts will be as efficient.
Before 2020, they seldom voted against certifying results. But in 2022, conservative officials in North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico refused to do so.
Blue states have played key roles in all the recent GOP primaries. Plus, rejecting ranked-choice voting, the Pennsylvania House has already had two speakers this year, the seats for St. Louis Board of Aldermen are particularly competitive and Mississippi considers restoring its initiative process.
Indiana lawmakers are considering changes to an absentee voting measure that would alter who may deliver absentee ballot applications and what proof of identification is required to obtain a ballot.
The new system would create a centralized statewide voter registration database that could be implemented as soon as next year’s primary elections and aims to increase efficiency and consistency.
The new law will take effect in April during the first week of early voting and will require voters to provide photo identification when casting an in-person ballot. The law also changes the timeline for absentee voting.
She has been secretary of state for New Jersey since Gov. Murphy took office in 2018 and will lead the National Association of Secretaries of State, the oldest organization of major public officials in the country.
The battle against election lies is ongoing as state and local election officials begin to prepare for conspiracy theories surrounding the 2024 presidential election and continued threats of violence.
Out of the 236 races for the state’s General Assembly that occurred last year, just five of them had competitors’ final tallies within seven percentage points. Eighteen district races were competitive the year prior.
Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson will run against former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas for mayor. The final matchup was a stunning blow to Lightfoot who became the first full-term incumbent to fail to win reelection since 1983.
To be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, polling stations were supposed to be fully accessible by last November, but just 36 percent of voting places met the standards for the Feb. 28 election.
A bill would require jails to establish polling places exclusively for prisoners to ensure those in detention centers are able to enact their right to vote. The legislation does not extend to those convicted of a felony.
Five months after a federal court reaffirmed that voters with disabilities are entitled to receive help with their ballots, not all local Wisconsin election officials are clear about the rules on helping residents to vote.
State lawmakers have filed dozens of bills in an effort to address how Texas administers its elections and prosecutes fraud. It’s unlikely that the Democratic efforts to expand voting access will pass.