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Voters on Tuesday approved an amendment to enshrine a right-to-work law in the state’s constitution by a more than 2-to-1 margin, which will make it more difficult in the future to change how union workers collect dues.
Only 38.5 percent of residents cast ballots for Tuesday’s election, which reflects a declining interest in non-presidential elections across the state over the past two years. Even larger counties only saw about 40 percent participation.
Political divisions in America were on full display on Tuesday night. Early returns show strong support for reproductive choice, but mixed enthusiasm for legalizing recreational cannabis.
For many, fears about the election technology being the cause for concern have diminished. Now security experts worry about a physical assault on election systems, either an attack on the machines or people.
The California county is working hard to increase transparency about its voting processes amid the rise in conspiracy theories and occasional violence by offering tours of the election office.
“Final four voting” ensures that party primary voters aren’t the bosses anymore, changing incentives for campaigning and governing and knocking down barriers to compromise and cooperation.
Los Angeles and Austin will elect new mayors; Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is facing a Republican challenger; and San Francisco will get a new D.A. after recalling its last one. These are the local races to watch next week.
Observers flagged several problems at rural polling places regarding adequate accommodations for Native language speakers that could disenfranchise minority voters and might violate the Voting Rights Act.
They cover issues such as stock market investments, property tax exemptions and freezes for disabled veterans and those who are totally disabled and banning slavery and limiting “involuntary servitude” of prisoners.
Laws, court rulings and local and state politicians have targeted ballot drop boxes since 2020, when 41 percent of ballots were submitted via boxes. Now, they’ve become a symbol for attacks on voter access.
The two Texas communities in Tarrant County have little in common, but state lawmakers united them under the same Senate district in an act of “defensive gerrymandering,” essentially guaranteeing a GOP advantage.
What was once the town of Madison has become parts of other communities, forcing a small group of residents to change addresses, street names and polling places just a week before Election Day.
If younger people are underrepresented in midterm elections, then their policy views will also be underrepresented when winning midterm candidates vote on important issues.
Every jurisdiction may not face the same prospect for midterm disruption, but all are on alert. Election experts highlight keys to election security.
A recent survey found that 47 percent of all voters feel more motivated to cast a ballot in the upcoming Nov. 8 election than in previous years. Many are opting to vote for policies instead of parties and top races are skewing Democratic.