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Mathematicians, social scientists, lawyers and programmers have led the development of a new generation of free tools to make and evaluate redistricting maps. Can they make the process more transparent?
Republican state lawmakers haven’t responded to voter rights groups’ complaints about the secrecy as they redraw legislative and congressional district boundaries. Some wonder: Why the silence if everything is legal?
The Census Bureau was late generating the numbers, but legislators have seized the opportunity to produce maps in record time with minimal input.
Some residents argue that the urban areas should remain separate from the suburban and rural areas as they represent different lifestyles. Others argue the continued separation of urban areas perpetuates gerrymandering.
New state laws empower citizens to take the law into their own hands when it comes to abortion and elections. They're only the latest manifestation of rage against government itself.
The storm affected 42 percent of Louisiana’s registered voters and the Oct. 9 ballot is full of primaries. The situation has forced officials to consider delaying elections by at least one month.
Researchers are alarmed by the recent disclosure of sensitive election system software by an ally of former President Donald Trump, and argue the exposure was tantamount to a serious breach of election system security.
With three statewide measures on the Nov. 2 ballot, voters will have to decide on a retail marijuana sales tax increase, a property tax cut and legislative oversight of state spending.
The Pierce County, Wash., auditor confirmed that five dead people voted in the 2020 presidential election, and three people are being tried for the “tribute votes.” The confirmation only shows that voter fraud prevention efforts worked.
Several state lawmakers have voiced their support for the voting rights bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives last week. But the bill must still pass the Senate and remains highly partisan.