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Mayor London Breed’s two-part proposed ballot measure would ask residents to vote on broadened police access to live feeds and allowing police camera access in “public safety crisis areas,” which would include privately owned cameras.
The Michigan Civil Rights Department has argued that the redistricting commissions’ proposed congressional maps eliminate majority-minority districts, but not all experts agree with the analysis.
Approximately 1 million Texans submitted their ballots by mail for the 2020 presidential election and about 8,000 of those were discounted for administrative errors. Now the state will allow voters to fix errors and track ballots online.
Voters in several states created redistricting commissions. Some have had their work overridden by the legislature or they’ve failed to produce maps entirely.
Three candidates’ 2020 campaigns were funded by dark money and one received funds illegally from a former state senator to help skew the election for the Republican candidates, yet no official penalty has been served.
Against all odds, election officials delivered a safe and secure election during a public health crisis. But a year later, they are looking for innovative ways to restore public trust in their work.
Despite having won several judicial and local elections, GOP members in at least one county continue to demand an audit of the 2020 presidential election, causing confusion and uncertainty about future elections.
Rather than work from existing maps, the state’s bipartisan redistricting commission started from scratch and grouped residents into clusters of related communities. But not everyone is happy with the proposed changes.
Minneapolis residents voted 56 percent to 44 percent against an amendment that would have transformed the city’s police. The reasons they did so are complicated, an expert writes.
In an early vote of no-confidence in the Biden presidency, Republicans made inroads among suburban and Hispanic voters, while expanding their already long reach into rural precincts.
The cities of Boston, Cincinnati and Cleveland all elected new mayors of color who are still in their 30s. Progressives didn’t win everywhere, however, with more moderate Black Democrats prevailing in Buffalo and New York City.
Businessman Glenn Youngkin is the first Republican elected governor of Virginia in a dozen years. In New Jersey, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy appears to be barely holding on.
The state’s gubernatorial race is a toss-up, with McAuliffe and Youngkin each representing a different set of political anxieties. The outcome of Tuesday’s vote could foreshadow future elections.
In Erie, Tyler Titus could become the first openly transgender person to lead a county and in Northampton Steve Lynch’s campaign aims to protect constitutional freedoms. Both counties voted for Obama, then Trump, then Biden.
The Virginia governor's race has turned into a referendum on Biden and schools, issues Republicans believe will work well for them during the midterms.
Hundreds of Pennsylvania residents are worried that personal information may be released as the state’s Senate Republicans begin a review of the 2020 election results, despite no evidence of voter fraud.