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The California governor last year poured $12 billion into homeless housing and services and wants to invest another $1.5 billion next year. But advocates want long-term investments instead of one-time grants.
An appeals court in Boston will determine if the Maine governor violated an inmate’s 14th Amendment rights when she ordered the Department of Corrections to seize COVID-19-induced unemployment benefits.
Preliminary CDC data shows that more than 1 in 4 COVID-related deaths in the state occurred since the start of July, when vaccines were easily available. The grand majority of those deaths were of unvaccinated residents.
The Valencia lab, a public-private venture between the state and PerkinElmer, processed only 1 to 8 percent of all Californians’ COVID tests in the first 10 months of the contract. And the lab was riddled with dozens of problems, according to an inspection report.
Employees reported evidence of cheating and widespread use of counterfeit ID documents with the online testing system, but the DMV platform was restarted in February, months before security issues were fixed.
Local criminal justice officials have called Gov. Kate Brown’s commutations of those at high risk for COVID-19 an overreach of executive authority. But many of those that were released quickly returned to prison for new crimes.
Gov. Ned Lamont announced that the state will soon release a voluntary digital vaccination verification system that local governments and businesses can enact as they see fit. The state will not reinstate a mask mandate.
The paid family and medical leave legislation that passed more than two years ago with bipartisan support will miss its Jan. 2023 launch date. Residents could lose out on $453 million of paid leave benefits.
The governor’s office has requested that companies submit proposals for building and operating an all-electric, self-driving microtransit system in Trenton that could serve as many as 90,000 people.
They’ve been around a lot longer than you might think. They keep changing, but they still run on loyalty, as they always have.
Natural gas powers the majority of electricity in Texas, especially during winter. Some power companies say the state’s gas system is not ready for another deep freeze.
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education planned on thanking the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for finding a recent data vulnerability but the Parson administration did not use the note of gratitude.
Three candidates’ 2020 campaigns were funded by dark money and one received funds illegally from a former state senator to help skew the election for the Republican candidates, yet no official penalty has been served.
Labor data suggests that Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision to cut the extra $300 of federal funds from unemployment benefits 10 weeks ahead of the federal deadline had little effect on moving people back into the workforce.
State lawmakers nationwide say they’ll be able to invest in longtime priorities next session, thanks to booming tax revenues and federal aid. But Democrats and Republicans are expected to clash over how to spend the money.
Florida state legislators have been caught between Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts to ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates across the state and businesses that want to require them. A special session hopes to resolve the issue.