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The legislation would provide $400 million worth of tax credits to reimburse a portion of union members’ dues payments starting in 2024; it’s not yet clear how much each member would be eligible to receive.
Residents have received warnings in recent days to conserve energy usage to prevent outages as a record-setting heat wave engulfs the state. EV charging only accounts for about 0.4 percent of the overall energy load.
Financial experts say the Florida governor’s ban on so-called “woke” investment policies that consider “environmental, social and governance” issues may affect pensions for state retirees. But others disagree on the ban’s impact.
Fuel, energy and food costs have soared while teacher shortages have increased pressure to raise wages. The financial problem has hit as education emerges as a central issue in the Iowa governor’s race.
Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski criticized Gov. Ned Lamont over the lack of transparency and the increasing costs of the offshore wind redevelopment project in New London.
Most of the states we live in appear to be solidly Republican or Democrat. These maps offer a chance to look beneath the surface at the shades of partisan control.
With 36 governorships at stake, more women from both parties are running this year, and more are winning their primaries. That’s happening despite the fact that women must overcome barriers that few men face.
The fierce rhetoric flying between state capitols is a reflection of “the big sort,” as we increasingly seek out those with whom we share values. The common ground essential to governing is getting harder and harder to find.
The share of female governorships could exceed 20 percent this year, more women are registering and more incumbents are losing. There's also a revolution in the courts as states use unconstitutional maps.
Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order on Tuesday, Aug. 16, that mandates state agencies to discourage the practice, prohibits funding and requires public reporting of professionals who have utilized conversion therapy.
The midterms are not looking like a total bloodbath for Democrats, like they were a few weeks ago. The GOP still looks like it will do quite nicely, however.
Residents will vote on a ballot measure in November that would give the Legislature veto power over rules and regulations issued by Gov. Laura Kelly. The measure was proposed by Kelly’s opponent, Attorney General Derek Schmidt.
The governor frames his position on gender and identity as a response to a movement on the left to rethink gender and sexuality and promote those views to children. His stance has gained national attention.
Wanda Vázquez allegedly accepted donations in excess of $300,000 to her political campaign in exchange for favors to a bank executive on the island.
Inside politics: Key governor contests are set with abortion as the central issue; a defense of state Senates puts the focus on Nebraska; and, once again, a big number of legislators are facing no competition in elections.