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Gov. Greg Abbott’s wide-ranging and controversial initiative deploys thousands of state authorities to apprehend and jail migrants along parts of the Rio Grande and is costing far more than has ever been spent on border security in a budget cycle.
The Inflation Reduction Act allots more than $360 billion for business incentives to promote low-emission technology and manufacturing, which is also creating a competitive drive from businesses in Europe.
The Florida governor announced legislation that would penalize companies that require employees to wear a mask or be vaccinated against COVID-19 and would ban medical boards from reprimanding doctors for spreading misinformation.
Over a two-year period, the state is estimated to have lost nearly half a million people while also returning to about 85 percent of the total jobs it had pre-pandemic. Hochul hopes new housing policies could help.
The governor’s two-year plan would put the budget over $10 billion for the first time, a $900 million increase over the current cycle’s funds. It includes $58 million for free school meals, $400 million for transportation and more.
Nineteen states have never had a woman as chief executive, and only a few have had more than one. What made Arizona such an outlier?
Diversity in who is elected governor is important. In a time of decreasing trust in democracy, women governors send a message to all Americans that their government is representative of all its people.
Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the bill, which guarantees the right to repair, protecting consumers from anticompetitive efforts to limit electronic device repair options. The law is the first of its kind.
Polls recently showed DeSantis with big leads over Donald Trump in a potential GOP presidential match up as his ultra-conservative moves garner attention. But many think a pivot back to his more moderate ways would be hard to do.
After taking a tour of the MBTA’s Repair Facility in Everett, Mass., Maura Healey reinforced the need for future investment, including in vocational schools and programs to create a talent pipeline.
Oregon has had an ambivalent relationship with the death penalty for decades. Meanwhile, tackling issues with blanket policies versus case-by-case, a Pennsylvania House dispute continues and odds and ends to close out the year.
Connecticut’s Communities Challenge Grant program will award eight grants to communities across the state to help fund revitalization projects in an effort to spur job growth. Half of the funds will go to “distressed” communities.
The Washington state governor’s budget proposal for the next two-year cycle will fund a variety of programs across the state, including education, construction, salaries and public safety. There would be $2.6 billion left over.
When the governor-elect was serving as Montgomery County commissioner, he streamlined the county’s half-billion-dollar retirees pension plan. Some wonder if the state’s retirement plan will get a similar redo.
The Florida governor has promised to hold people accountable for committing “wrongdoing” in regard to the COVID-19 vaccinations, and has said he will ask the state Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury for the investigation.
Women made a strong showing in legislative races across the country in this year's midterm elections. Meanwhile, polarization is a renewable resource, Krasner's complaint and annals of election denial.