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On Thursday Gov. Tate Reeves announced federal approval for the second part of his 2023 proposal for increased reimbursements to state hospitals from Medicaid.
The governor’s office helped write legislation that will ban offshore wind turbines in state waters and will delete the majority of references to climate change found in state law, according to email records.
The Louisiana governor took to Facebook to call for the impeachment of U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan, after comments Morgan made about the rollout of a dedicated State Police troop for New Orleans.
As concerns rise about crime and safety, Democratic leaders have been shifting to the right when it comes to criminal justice policies. Last month, 11 percent of Californians identified crime and drugs as the top issue.
Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill that will allow legislators to discuss public business in small groups, or so-called serial meetings, and lawmakers will not have to announce them publicly. The law went into effect immediately.
Getting rid of personal income taxes entirely, which several states are considering, would gut services and shift taxes onto those least able to afford them.
Gov. Maura Healey called for a blanket pardon on Wednesday. A few contemporary governors have made far more use of their pardon power than recent predecessors.
Hawaii already had a recount law in place, but now recounts are mandatory whenever the margin is as little as 100 votes.
Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that provides legal immunity to doctors and patients undergoing IVF treatment. However, the new law does not address the state Supreme Court’s recent ruling that frozen embryos are considered people.
The Delta Conveyance Project is a 45-mile tunnel that would run beneath the delta and move more water from Northern California to cities further south. Opponents worry about the tunnel’s impact on the delta’s fragile ecosystem.
Tuesday's election results demonstrate voter antipathy towards crime. Meanwhile, the field is set in the year's most competitive race for governor and Texas has gotten redder.
Not only are they trying to rob voters of their voice, but what they’re doing highlights the state’s broken recall process.
The Florida governor vetoed legislation that would have banned all children under 16 from using social media. He instead opted for a bill that will allow 14- and 15-year-olds to use the platforms with parental consent.
The city of 28,500 has become a ground zero in the nation’s political fight over border and immigration issues after the state took over the 47-acre Shelby Park on Jan. 10 without notifying city leaders. The future of the Texas small town is unclear.
The arguments over border sovereignty have never died away in more than two centuries of American life. Now they are coming to the forefront again.
So far this year in Michigan, Democrats have done practically nothing. Also, let's not call it the Texas GOP Civil War and the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that 10 Republican senators are not eligible to run this year.