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Ethics rules require judges to recuse themselves from cases involving relatives or their own partisan or political interests. But it doesn't always work out that way.
Rather than work from existing maps, the state’s bipartisan redistricting commission started from scratch and grouped residents into clusters of related communities. But not everyone is happy with the proposed changes.
The city spent hundreds of hours and $130,000 on contracting services with FLO Analytics before eventually abandoning it for a free, easy-to-use app to draft the redistricting maps. Many of the committee members are unhappy with the wasted time and money.
On Tuesday, Republicans picked up an Iowa House seat long held by Democrats. The GOP isn’t scoring tremendous gains but the party’s hold on power at the state level continues to frustrate Democrats.
The Wisconsin People’s Maps Commission proposed three versions of Assembly, Senate and congressional maps as alternatives to the Republican-authored ones. Republicans would likely still maintain a legislative majority.
Republican state lawmakers haven’t responded to voter rights groups’ complaints about the secrecy as they redraw legislative and congressional district boundaries. Some wonder: Why the silence if everything is legal?
Some residents argue that the urban areas should remain separate from the suburban and rural areas as they represent different lifestyles. Others argue the continued separation of urban areas perpetuates gerrymandering.
As state courts prepare to weigh in on accusations of gerrymandering, lawmakers across the country are hard at work trying to change those courts’ ideological balance.
The lawsuit alleges that Washington state's county election system deters a strong Latino vote by splitting a predominantly Latino district into three. The redistricting won’t be confirmed until after the 2020 Census data is released.