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The Future of What’s Happening Now

The video of the beating of Tyre Nichols by police officers has, once again, sparked calls for Congress to address law enforcement violence, but the Republican majority has not yet shown signs of prioritizing a policing overhaul this session.
State lawmakers from the Connecticut Reproductive Rights Caucus in 2023 have introduced several bills that would increase funding, protection and access to reproductive care for residents and out-of-state travelers.
Gov. Greg Abbott’s wide-ranging and controversial initiative deploys thousands of state authorities to apprehend and jail migrants along parts of the Rio Grande and is costing far more than has ever been spent on border security in a budget cycle.
She barely won re-election then her pick for the state's top judge was rejected by the New York Senate Judiciary Committee. Also, don't throw rocks and can states and locals get along?
Elected prosecutors have a critical role to play in responding to policies that can erode trust and endanger public safety.
Joe Lombardo wants to do away with the state’s popular vote-by-mail system and also proposed using a photo ID as a prerequisite for voting. But the Secretary of State assured that the recent elections were secure and successful.
California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and yet the state has experienced two mass shootings in the last few days. However, you are still 40 percent less likely to die by gun in the state than anywhere else in the country.
Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion activists are pushing for expanded abortion bans and tighter restrictions while Democratic-led states are looking to shore up abortion protections.
Connecticut state Rep. Juan Candelaria has proposed a bill that would allow non-citizens the right to vote in state and municipal elections. But he knows it is unlikely to pass and just hopes it opens a discussion.
Transportation projects often get delayed because of unclear structures and procedures within city agencies. A new report examines how the right mix of structure, people and processes can achieve success.
The idea that the Justice Department and FBI are “deep state” forces aiming to undermine the MAGA movement conflicts with history. Too many state and local officials were complicit in the feds’ efforts to fight the civil rights movement.
Larry Householder and former Ohio GOP chairman and lobbyist Matthew Borges are standing trial this week on charges that they participated in a “criminal enterprise” that took nearly $61 million in bribes.
Car-share operations are turning to electric vehicles as they reimagine the service as an affordable, nonprofit transportation business model. The shift is helping to serve low-income communities where mobility options are limited.
These are the issues competing for priority this year as $60 billion earmarked in the Inflation Reduction Act for environmental justice efforts begins to flow into U.S. communities.
Roe v. Wade, which will have its 50th anniversary on Sunday, is no longer the law of the land. So now, more than six months after the ruling was overturned, what is the status of abortion in the U.S.?
Sworn into office on Jan. 18, Moore is now the nation’s only current Black chief executive. The Democrat beat challenger Dan Cox in November with a 32-point victory, the largest winning margin in nearly four decades.
G. Richard Bevan asked state lawmakers to give pay raises to judges, which were the only class of state employees that did not receive increases this year, and to protect their security amid a perilous political climate.
Two deadly mass shootings in California have renewed calls for laws that can prevent such tragedies. A new report from RAND’s Gun Policy in America initiative looks at the measures best supported by research findings.
The Florida governor announced legislation that would penalize companies that require employees to wear a mask or be vaccinated against COVID-19 and would ban medical boards from reprimanding doctors for spreading misinformation.
After drive-by shootings at politicians’ homes, some lawmakers worry that the violence will deter people from running for an elected office. Threats of violence against public officials have increased in recent years.
Over a two-year period, the state is estimated to have lost nearly half a million people while also returning to about 85 percent of the total jobs it had pre-pandemic. Hochul hopes new housing policies could help.
Every state has a law allowing unwanted infants to be surrendered, but the laws lack uniformity, there is no standardized training and there are no data-driven best practices. The result is a chaotic system.
Following the release of a report from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation about police technology risks, experts shared insights into what is hype and reality with new policing tools.
Data collected from the 35 states with the highest average annual snowfall suggests that while more schools are using remote learning days instead of canceling classes, the traditional snow day is far from extinct.
The state Senate passed two bills on Thursday, Jan. 12, just moments after they were introduced, giving the public only seconds to review them. Many are concerned the Republican majority is abusing their constitutional power.
The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules voted along party lines to strike down the rule that labeled conversion therapy as an unprofessional intervention to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
Kim Phuong Taylor, the wife of Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, was arrested on Jan. 12 for providing false information in registering and voting, as well as fraudulent registration and voting; she pleaded not guilty.
Counties across the state have been challenging the accuracy of the federal Internet expansion map ahead of a Friday deadline. Westmoreland County alone identified 14,527 sites that don’t appear at all on the address maps.
Former New York county elections commissioner Jason T. Schofield pleaded guilty to 12 counts of voter fraud charges, admitting to fraudulently filing absentee ballots in 2021. Schofield will be sentenced in May 2023.
So far, nine Democrats have officially declared their intention to run for the mayorship. Meanwhile true bipartisan leadership exists at the state level, Ohio's attorney general does double dipping and more.
Some state DOTs and conservatives in Congress thought it prioritized Biden's newly passed infrastructure bill to emphasize spending on highway maintenance, not expansion. In fact, the memo didn't change how the funds can be used.
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