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The people least prepared to teach are education majors. K-12 schools should be freed to hire based on subject-matter expertise.
In a time of disinvestment and other budget pressures, these programs are too often the first to be cut. But they are where students learn to have difficult conversations in an atmosphere of free inquiry and expression.
Income-targeted programs deliver quality education to marginalized student groups. But all parents need to be able to choose how their children are taught, and more states are going universal.
‘Are we going to revert back to “normal?” No, we will have a new normal.’
Mary Otts-Rubenstein, who has her own child with disabilities, is helping migrant families with medically complex children enroll in Chicago’s Public Schools. But it doesn’t get easier once the kids are enrolled because the system is overwhelmed.
While moderate and liberal candidates did well in recent school board elections nationwide, experts say it's too soon to call these results a permanent change to extreme partisanship in school board politics.
Several teachers have raised questions about the effectiveness of the strike. The longtime chair of the Portland Association of Teachers’ bargaining team resigned amid the fallout.
The state has pledged billions of dollars to its pre-kindergarten program, which will be available to 4-year-olds for free, but has no plans to formally evaluate its benefits. Many are wondering: Is the program effective?
New Jersey becomes the latest state to sign a bill centering media literacy in schools, raising further awareness of the need for widespread media literacy policies. But more needs to be done, say experts.
As schools across the nation eliminate their librarian positions, many are worried that, without them, students will experience a loss in a variety of skills, from basic literacy and research practices to career readiness.
The program also includes more funding for special education, teacher retention, per-student allotments and would revamp virtual education and public school accountability. But it would cost billions to implement.
Federal officials say 16 states have shortchanged their Black land grant colleges by billions of dollars. Equitable funding would benefit not only students at these vital institutions but their states’ economies as well.
Since fall 2020, West Coast inflation has risen nearly 18 percent, while Portland Public Schools’ funding has risen just 12 percent. About 70 school districts and teachers unions across the state will negotiate contracts this fall.
Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill on Wednesday, Nov. 1, that will require public schools across the state to teach media literacy as a way to combat misinformation. The law goes into effect immediately.
The state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has partnered with CSU Dominguez Hills and has enrolled 33 students in a two-year master’s program in humanities. The program launched in September.
The DonorsChoose Grant Program, a popular crowdfunding platform, allows teachers to list what they want for their classrooms and will fulfill up to $500 for each wish list upon approval from the state. The funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
The Department of Higher Education waited eight weeks to notify the attorney general’s office of a data breach that affected thousands of personal records from the last two decades, despite state law requiring a 30-day notice.
A survey found that 69 percent of voters were in favor of requiring school districts to place an armed security officer in every school; 73 percent believe it would make schools safer.
Proposed legislation would make it mandatory for students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, which is necessary to secure federal grants, work-study jobs and loans, to graduate high school.
School officials in both Meridian and Nampa, Idaho, have seen their students increasingly use artificial intelligence in their work, which has prompted some school districts to create a task force to propose new policies.
In the 2022 fiscal year, the school district sponsored 232 workers on H-1B or specialty occupation visas, which is nearly four times greater than Houston’s 60 workers, the second-highest total in the U.S.
There have been 33 school shootings in 2023 that resulted in injuries or deaths. Many school officials are using COVID-19 funds to purchase security equipment. But the tools may not always be as beneficial as they seem.
A report found that 63,000 residents aged 14 to 26 have either failed to graduate high school or have graduated but are not currently employed or enrolled in further education. An additional 56,000 are at risk of not graduating high school.
Ellen Rosenblum has joined a coalition of 23 other attorneys general that is urging the U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold the education department’s rule for protecting students from schools’ predatory behaviors.
Just hiring more recruiters won’t address the issue. By partnering with community organizations that connect with young people daily, some higher education institutions have an opportunity to overcome demographic trends.
Los Angeles parents and bus drivers have reported that the tracking system is often inaccurate, which creates confusion for the already-tough pickup and drop-off schedules. The school district estimates 43,00 students ride the 2,700 daily routes.
The New York school district’s after-school instruction faces a teacher shortage two weeks before its scheduled start date. The majority of the program has been funded through American Rescue Plan dollars, which will expire by Sept. 2024.
Thirty-three states have laws that allow schools or school employees to carry, store or administer naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal medication. But some states and school districts struggle with the stigma that comes with it.
An online document accuses the university of creating a toxic environment in the School of Education that caused four tenure-track female professors to leave their jobs. There were 52 faculty in the School of Education in 2020, 18 of whom were people of color.
Baldwin County, Ala., schools are in the process of constructing a preparatory academy that will open for the 2024-25 school year and will provide training in a variety of trades to help students seamlessly transition into the workforce.
California and Florida have set start times no earlier than 8:30 a.m. But ripple effects, from upended bus schedules, later starts for extracurriculars and new schedules for teachers and staff, have raised concerns.