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Teacher attrition is up in schools across the state as fewer students are choosing to study education at the collegiate level. Schools are searching for ways to fill the gaps, including increasing educator pay.
By slashing budgets, dictating what can be taught and gutting tenure protections, lawmakers are putting their states' public universities on a glide path to uselessness.
Declining enrollment and poor completion rates raise concerns that underserved students and communities could be left behind. Gregory Haile, the president of Broward College, sees a way forward.
Children with disabilities are central to a fierce debate in the state legislature over any school voucher program. Roughly 13 percent of Texas public school students receive special education services.
A state lawmaker has proposed legislation that would permanently extend the ban on willful defiance suspensions from middle and high schools across the state after 2025. But not all educators support the bill.
The nation’s second largest school district and the teacher’s union have reached a tentative agreement that would avert the possibility of a second strike this year. The agreement includes raises for several position types and reduced classroom size.
More than 10 percent of statehouse reporters are university students, and in some states they are a significant presence in the statehouse media corps. They have stepped up coverage at a time when newspapers are pulling back.
The two former Pinellas County educators have challenged seven books, including The Bible and “Danny and the Dinosaur,” in an effort to “highlight the slippery slope” of removing books in response to parental complaints.
The right has appropriated and weaponized the term. Progressives shouldn’t let them. Banning the teaching of our true history casts a chilling effect on the debates we must have. We need more Americans to be woke.
About 10 percent of union workers reported being homeless at some point while working for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Nearly 30 percent reported being at high risk of homelessness. The strike ended on March 23.
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