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Erin Norman

Erin Norman

Erin Norman is the Lee Family Fellow and senior messaging strategist at the State Policy Network, which focuses on free-market solutions to policy challenges. Prior to joining SPN, she was a senior solutions consultant with Heart+Mind Strategies. She also has experience in campaign polling at the local, state and federal level and in voter and consumer micro-targeting using predictive analytics. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from the College of William and Mary and a B.S. in business administration from Boston University.

The numbers are still at historical lows. Civic engagement is the most important factor in building trust in our institutions, and our communities need to find better ways to encourage active participation in civic life.
State governments can best lead and govern distinct and diverse communities. The founders knew that the only way to build a new nation was to avoid taking too much autonomy from them.
Clickbait headlines aside, there's little evidence that most Americans expect that it will take violence to settle our differences. And there's plenty of evidence that most favor compromise, common ground and progress.
The partisans make a lot of noise because it drives voters. But solid majorities have reasonable views about how and what we should teach kids about our history and the need for equality of opportunity.
The San Francisco recall is just one example of voters’ growing frustration with local institutions, and this angry form of local engagement isn’t limited to education. It’s all about responsiveness.