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From 2000 to 2019, the Maine city’s pay gap between men and women shrank 21 percent and in 2019 women made 91 percent of what their male counterparts earned, 9 percentage points above the national average.
Texas Republicans aren't pulling any punches, South Dakota attorney general Jason Ravnsborg is impeached and Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser nearly guarantees that she'll win a third term in the fall.
Several democratic local officials from the region have said that they won’t vote for Gov. Kathy Hochul if she doesn’t crack down on crypto mining operations across the state, for fear of the industry’s environmental impacts.
Despite input from two advisory groups, the state’s Gulf Coast Restoration Fund is failing to meet any conventional measure of success for an economic development program funded by the money BP paid following its massive 2010 oil spill.
The May primary saw the highest voter turnout in the last 25 years and many experts are using the numbers to gauge how the parties are growing, especially around the increasing urban-suburban-rural divide.
Clerks have stolen an estimated $1.7 million from 17 towns in the past decade, according to audit reports and restitution orders. And the problem could be worse: 158 towns have gone more than 20 years without a full financial audit.
Some Alaskan employers are building housing for workers, including efforts to convert former military barracks and a state ferry into worker lodging, in hopes that relieving housing struggles will attract workers.
Much of the information requested by members of the Spokane County Republican Party is already shared publicly, but some of the petition’s requests are limited by the state’s privacy and cybersecurity laws.
The legislation passed on Monday, June 20, and would allow autonomous vehicle companies to deploy and test driverless cars and trucks on city streets. The bill will now move to the Senate for consideration.
Efforts like reducing carbon emissions are important to fight climate change, but cities should also be looking at how they can reinforce roads, stabilize electric grids and use new technologies to build resilient communities.
Mayor Ron Nirenberg and other city council members have lauded the maps for their independence and transparency. The new districts will go into effect for the May 2023 city elections.
Due to a mail error, ballots that were postmarked prior to election day arrived the day after an Iowa county primary and were not counted in the final tally due to the state’s new law. The county supervisor race was determined by seven votes.
If voters approve the measure in November, it would raise county sales tax by one-half of 1 percent for 40 years and fund dozens of transportation projects. But critics are concerned that it could risk the region’s climate goals.
In a June 14 special election, Mayra Flores helped flip a longtime Democratic stronghold and became the first congresswoman-elect to be born in Mexico. The Republican will fill the remainder of Rep. Filemon Vela’s term.
The street vendors who sell food to downtown customers are a boon to urban life. Cities ought to have more of them.