Local Government

It's been strong for decades, but the poisonous polarization at the federal level has begun to flow downhill, threatening to undermine the service to citizens that is the foundation of that trust.
Several big-city mayors have announced retirements or have been defeated this year, their approval ratings driven down by the pandemic and policing.
The majority of California’s nine Bay Area counties plan to drop their COVID-19 restrictions when the state does the same next week. The area has had some of the strictest restrictions during the pandemic.
Experts in quantum computing say the federal government’s continued support of the emerging technology will have implications for state and local government entities, particularly as it applies to economic development.
Consultants have found that the public library branches in the less affluent, southern parts of the city are smaller, receive less circulations and have lower numbers of overall visits. A new library funding plan may address the discrepancy.
It's gaining in popularity around the country, touted as a way to restore civility and bipartisanship. But it's not a perfect solution, and it doesn't come without costs.
The two hundred miles of high-speed railway rely upon dense urban growth around transit stations to achieve long-term success. But as California and San Diego birth rates and population decline, some worry it’s too costly a risk.
The pandemic caused Orange County, Calif., to move its public town halls online to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. Even as those restrictions begin to lift, it’s unlikely that the online town halls will stop.
The City Council has approved Mayor Eric Garcetti’s funding plan, which includes a 3 percent increase in spending for the LAPD. The city will also increase funds for homelessness initiatives, child care and business support.
Disinformation endangered lives as it disrupted emergency response during the Oregon wildfires last fall. To adequately prevent further floods of disinformation, it may take a “whole of government” approach.