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Economic uncertainty, caused by high inflation rates, the COVID-19 pandemic and international crises, at the state and national level has prompted Gavin Newsom to reject several bills in an effort to maintain a cushioned budget.
In an effort to make it easier for library users to borrow digital versions of books, lawmakers and librarians are putting pressure on publishers to adjust the terms and costs of e-book licenses.
Gov. Charlie Baker signed sports wagering legislation into law on Aug. 10 but its ban on wagers for in-state schools will likely leave money on the table for the state.
The state has cut unemployment insurance benefits almost in half; removed prevailing wage protections and reduced guaranteed retirement benefits for public school teachers hired this year.
The measure would loan California's electricity supplier Pacific Gas & Electric up to $1.4 billion to keep the Diablo Canyon plant open until 2030. It also makes $1 billion available to support clean energy projects.
Most of the states we live in appear to be solidly Republican or Democrat. These maps offer a chance to look beneath the surface at the shades of partisan control.
Firearms researchers have tied gun shows to illegal purchases and ghost guns. California is the first state to end the shows on state property. Officials hope the ban helps lay the groundwork for other states.
The state Senate approved a bill that would seal the records of some previously incarcerated individuals if they maintain a clean record to help them better reintegrate into society. The bill will next move to Gov. Newsom for consideration.
After yet another bill was killed in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee without a vote or public explanation, concerns mount that a legislative instrument called the suspense file has major transparency problems.
The midterms are not looking like a total bloodbath for Democrats, like they were a few weeks ago. The GOP still looks like it will do quite nicely, however.
Lawmakers are seeking to downplay the role that slavery played in the development of the United States, but history tells a different story.
Residents will vote on a ballot measure in November that would give the Legislature veto power over rules and regulations issued by Gov. Laura Kelly. The measure was proposed by Kelly’s opponent, Attorney General Derek Schmidt.
A bill that would have allowed prosecutors to sue social media companies for addicting their children to their online platforms died on Thursday, Aug. 11, just ahead of the Technology and Policy Summit.
Voters face three major issues at this year’s midterms: abortion, the economy and state legislative control. Election Day is just three months away.
A proposal to provide middle-income residents with stimulus checks of $250 failed to pass the state’s Legislature. But House Speaker Ronald Mariano is determined that tax relief is “going to happen” this year.
The Assembly voted 9-3 to overturn Mayor Dave Bronson’s veto of a measure that adds a process for removing a mayor from office into the city code. Bronson opposed the measure and likened it to a “coup” and an attack on the office of the mayor.