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On Tuesday, Republicans picked up an Iowa House seat long held by Democrats. The GOP isn’t scoring tremendous gains but the party’s hold on power at the state level continues to frustrate Democrats.
The Census Bureau was late generating the numbers, but legislators have seized the opportunity to produce maps in record time with minimal input.
A New Mexico legislative committee is believed to be the first to try the management approach in a lawmaking context. It’s an effort that bears watching, and some lessons are being learned.
Since 9/11, it’s the only state Capitol in the Northeast without metal detectors and one of only eight nationwide that anyone can bring a gun into, whether the firearm is concealed or carried openly.
Health departments are battling not only rising COVID-19 caseloads but restrictions, complaints and second-guessing from politicians and the public.
After years of relative quiet, Republican lawmakers have successfully pushed abortion bans, voting restrictions, tax cuts, religious freedom and school choice.
Organizations across the state spent $25.9 million on lobbying efforts, a slight increase from two years ago. The top lobbying group was pharmaceutical companies; PhRMA alone spent nearly $1.3 million.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer can’t issue a veto to keep the powers she used during the early days of the pandemic to institute sweeping health and safety restrictions. The Senate voted along party lines for the petition.
New legislation would provide residents with more control over when their personal data is deleted or sold. The data privacy bill was announced as breaches are on track to break a previous record set in 2017.
Five dozen Democrats left Texas Monday, hoping to block or at least stall voting legislation. It’s a tactic that doesn’t always work but does always cause a stir.