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Politics and Elections

Covering topics such as governors, legislatures, local government, redistricting and voting.

Election officials are working in an unprecedented climate of antagonism, with threats on the increase. A nonpartisan group of election and law enforcement officials have joined forces to give them resources and support.
Just before the deadline, the Texas city council approved an updated district boundary lines map that some argue dilutes the power of minority voters and representation. Currently, 42 percent of Dallas is made up of Hispanic residents.
As cybersecurity continues to concern state governments, many have turned to task forces to address issues such as ransomware, phishing and other threats. But what have they accomplished so far?
Gubernatorial candidates have directed their campaigns toward contentious social issues, such as abortion and LGBTQ rights, forcing culture wars to take center stage in the November election.
So far, the city is 25,000 trees shy of its 2019 goal. To continue, Los Angeles will need community buy-in. But concerns have been raised about the equitable distribution of the trees.
Assessing a terribly broken system, a veteran analyst details the conflicting dynamics and possible solutions to America's illegal immigration dilemma.
The theme of independence has recurred throughout the history of Texas, which was a republic from 1836–45. But the Civil War established that a state cannot secede.
Just as the court issued a ruling that would allow more people to carry guns in public, state lawmakers have made several proposals to tighten the state’s gun laws. But two of the biggest ones seem unlikely to advance.
The e-commerce company has struggled throughout the pandemic with building too many warehouses and not having enough workers to staff them. But a 3.8-million-square-foot expansion in upstate New York has hired 1,500 full-time workers.
From 2000 to 2019, the Maine city’s pay gap between men and women shrank 21 percent and in 2019 women made 91 percent of what their male counterparts earned, 9 percentage points above the national average.
The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade sends the abortion question back to the states. Additional red states are expected to join those with suddenly relevant bans on the books.
Texas Republicans aren't pulling any punches, South Dakota attorney general Jason Ravnsborg is impeached and Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser nearly guarantees that she'll win a third term in the fall.
The state’s candidates for governor are addressing jobs, transportation, education and small businesses, but some voters feel they avoid talking about the most-pressing issues, like inflation or the cost of living.
Several democratic local officials from the region have said that they won’t vote for Gov. Kathy Hochul if she doesn’t crack down on crypto mining operations across the state, for fear of the industry’s environmental impacts.
Despite input from two advisory groups, the state’s Gulf Coast Restoration Fund is failing to meet any conventional measure of success for an economic development program funded by the money BP paid following its massive 2010 oil spill.
The May primary saw the highest voter turnout in the last 25 years and many experts are using the numbers to gauge how the parties are growing, especially around the increasing urban-suburban-rural divide.