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Social Issues

Covering topics such as homelessness, immigration, racial justice, transgender rights and women’s rights.

The state legalized the use of recreational marijuana in 2016 and agreed to create a pathway to clear or reduce past weed-related convictions. At least 34,000 marijuana records have still not been processed by court.
The New York City mayor has appointed his younger brother, Bernard Adams, as the head of his security detail, a step back from earlier proposals to give him a high-ranking NYPD job. Many are worried about the ethics.
The successes achieved by a Denver program combining housing and supportive services demonstrate what can be achieved — and how to do it without busting city budgets.
For populations that rely on social services, getting help has become difficult as the omicron variant spreads rapidly. But Pennsylvania’s York County officials are adjusting their services to distribute aid amid the risk.
The pandemic caused many courthouses to pause or limit in-person sessions, forcing staff to get creative. Those struggles proved a breeding ground for innovation and turned new focus on digital equity.
A lawsuit and complaints have been filed against the Michigan redistricting commission’s new congressional and state legislative maps, alleging they would diminish Black voting power across the state.
The bipartisan Working Families Caucus will bolster the finances of lower-income households through legislation addressing issues such as paid sick and family leave, tax credits and an increased minimum wage.
Pennsylvania cannot suspend a person’s driver’s license for refusing to take DUI tests if there are “insurmountable” language barriers that would inhibit understanding.
Elaine Howle was the longest-serving auditor in state history and known for her determination to be detailed and independent. The job posting for her replacement will close later this month.
An appeals court in Boston will determine if the Maine governor violated an inmate’s 14th Amendment rights when she ordered the Department of Corrections to seize COVID-19-induced unemployment benefits.
The city native was sworn in on Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, and is Pittsburgh’s 61st mayor. Gainey won voters with his message that former Mayor Peduto hadn’t done enough to balance the city’s growth with inclusivity.
As America moved forward from the pandemic's initial throes, transportation experts examined their role in social equity as they considered eliminating fares, expanding transit lines and starting a "mobility revolution."
During the 2021 session, state lawmakers passed bills affecting police oversight, affordable housing, ballot counting and cold medicine. Here’s a look at some of the new changes.
After the murder of George Floyd last May, Democrats across the state called for immediate police reform. Now as crime rates increase, many of those same lawmakers are calling for more officers. Can the state have both?
The state’s Corrections Department says it has stopped placing women in solitary confinement and now caps all stays at a maximum of 30 days. Advocates are excited by the news, but uncertain if the policy is true.