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The new program will pay off up to $50,000 in debt for five to 10 qualifying families this year, in an attempt to clear or reduce old debts that may inhibit a homebuyer’s ability to get a mortgage.
Two studies found that white people account for about 54 percent of exempt city employees who make at least $90,000. African Americans are the only nonwhite group whose 2021 exempt employment rate fell below its 2016 rate.
After increasing in the past two midterm elections, last year’s Latino voter turnout decreased and just 36 percent of Latinos registered to vote and only 25 percent of those cast a ballot.
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit accusing the city commissioners of dividing the voting map along racial lines to allegedly weaken the political power of Black voters. The lawsuit asks for an entirely new map.
The WorkPlace Inc., and the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board have received funding from the EPA to launch environmental careers for students from underserved areas of the state known as brownfields.
The City Council has unanimously approved the task force, which would research the history and the effects of slavery in Boston and then assess and advise the city on next steps. The mayor must sign off for it to become law.
New analysis found that 69 counties that had clear racial majorities in 2010 lost those divisions by last year; now there are 152 counties in which no single racial group is more than half the population.
For nearly a year, 2,000 families in Chelsea received $400 a month in support. More than 73 percent of the funds were spent “at places where food is the primary product.” A second round of the program will begin in January.
Two million Californians lost unemployment benefits last September when pandemic-era programs ended a lifeline for many workers, specifically those who were less-educated, Black or over the age of 64.
Some are advocating bringing it back. But it doesn’t get many guns off the streets, it exacts a heavy toll on those who are stopped, and it corrodes trust in police.
Black lawmakers started getting elected to the state Legislature in the 1960s, but the General Assembly has been mostly composed of white lawmakers. Next year, at least 83 of the 236 members will be nonwhite.
A museum and memorial in a onetime Confederate capital preserve the memories of slavery, lynching and Jim Crow. Yet too much of that past is still around us.
Black Atlantans continue to be left out of the city’s economic success of the past several years, with inequities only exacerbated by inflation. Atlanta has led the nation’s inequality for at least a decade.
A study found that Black communities containing industrial plants were exposed to seven to 21 times more toxic emissions than similar locations with white residents. The study includes the stretch of the Mississippi River called “cancer alley.”
Several institutions and individuals have stepped up to rectify past injustice by bringing investments — and people — back to a decimated Louisville neighborhood.