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Lawmakers are seeking to downplay the role that slavery played in the development of the United States, but history tells a different story.
An apology by public officials would be the first step toward acknowledgment of government’s role in the sins of our past and the effects that linger today. And it would be the start of racial healing.
If none of the proposed maps get a majority approval by Aug. 12, the map pitched by Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration will win by default. But the debate continues, particularly over the racial demographics of District 7.
Evidence shows that investors can often outbid other buyers, keeping starter homes out of the hands of would-be owners, especially Black and Hispanic families. The issue is especially prevalent in Sun Belt states.
Since the 2020 election, 26 states have enacted, expanded or increased the severity of election-related criminal penalties; the vast majority of them were enacted in 18 Republican-controlled states.
After the county’s voting history was derailed by a federal lawsuit over the council’s redistricting process, there is now an unprecedented number of candidates running for County Council seats.
Shooters have targeted members of particular groups, including Black, Hispanic and gay people. A few may have been motivated by politics as well as bigotry.
Elected and other officials gathered in Birmingham, Ala., to announce a new U.S. Department of Transportation pilot program aimed at addressing past infrastructure projects that have harmed and divided communities.
Just before the deadline, the Texas city council approved an updated district boundary lines map that some argue dilutes the power of minority voters and representation. Currently, 42 percent of Dallas is made up of Hispanic residents.
Now a federal holiday, its roots are based in local, grass-roots celebrations dating back to the Civil War. Once nearly forgotten, the rebirth of Juneteenth speaks to America’s ongoing struggle for racial equality.
It seemed we were on a path to genuine progress after the death of George Floyd, but those efforts have faded. There are things we can do to get back on track.
The state Supreme Court ruled that a person’s race should be taken into consideration when determining the legality of police seizures. The Court also changed the rules for excluding a potential juror based on race.
The regulation is a result of the environmental justice law that Gov. Phil Murphy signed in 2021 to protect low-income, Black and brown communities from further pollution.
The Biden administration has taken its first steps toward releasing $45 billion of federal funding for broadband and digital equity, with the money going first to state governments tasked with executing the vision.
The California county’s Board of Supervisors approved millions in federal pandemic funding for 27 local projects that aimed to uplift communities that were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.