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The city’s Board of Supervisors voted to terminate the Homelessness and Behavioral Health Select Committee on Tuesday after deeming it had been an experiment that had “run its course.”
Police stations have long served as entry points for Chicagoans in need of social services. As the city tries to maneuver the influx of thousands of migrants, some homeless residents are also using the city’s police stations as shelters.
A working group formed three months ago to create possible emergency shelter options for the city’s unhoused population during the days of the winter months. A storm rolled across Montana this week and the group still has no plans.
If the City Council approves, Mayor Mike Johnston’s budget will allocate hundreds of millions more dollars than other cities around the state. Advocates are supportive of Johnston’s “housing first” approach.
Data-driven decisions, support from the state and a dedicated, collaborative team are helping Hennepin County get a handle on an intractable problem.
Oakland, Calif., Mayor Sheng Thao gave her first State of the City address on Tuesday, marking the first opportunity to present her vision for how best to tackle the city’s major issues, including crime, homelessness and sports.
The city wants to suspend its 42-year-old right to shelter because of the strain the migrant crisis has put on city resources. But many are worried what suspending the policy will do to homelessness in the area.
Proposed legislation would ensure, regardless of a person’s housing status, equal access to public services, including rights to personal property, emergency medical care and moving freely in public spaces.
Proposed legislation would give Atlanta Public Schools ownership of a 1.5-acre building parcel in exchange for a two-acre vacant property so that the city can develop housing and services for homeless residents.
The city manager’s budget includes $1.5 million on decommissioning homeless encampments, $1.5 million on building fences to keep homeless individuals out of encampment-prone areas and $1.1 million for the “cleaning” of encampments.
After an unsuccessful attempt to identify their unsheltered population in January, one Pennsylvania county hopes for better results in the summer.
Heat indexes in Orlando have surpassed 100 degrees 32 times so far this year, making this year especially dangerous for unhoused residents. There has been a 75 percent increase in unsheltered people in Central Florida since 2019.
The California city will use the state funds over the next three years for outreach, case management, rapid-rehousing assistance, meal vouchers, health-care coordination, hiring a new city social worker and more.
Arresting people who have no options left is just adding another tier of disenfranchisement. At best, it’s a dehumanizing shell game.
The White House has announced the single largest infusion of funds into the Continuum of Care program, while also including grants for legal services and job training for veterans and “boot camps” for VA medical centers and public housing agencies.
A recent poll found that 52 percent of city residents were optimistic that the city would reduce its homeless population over the next four years, despite the crisis having worsened recently.