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Nineteen states have never had a woman as chief executive, and only a few have had more than one. What made Arizona such an outlier?
Diversity in who is elected governor is important. In a time of decreasing trust in democracy, women governors send a message to all Americans that their government is representative of all its people.
Cassandra Albaugh was elected to a seat on the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District Board of Trustees in Sonoma County, Calif., after running unopposed. Albaugh will serve a four-year term.
The state is one of nine with a female governor and has elected its first female U.S. Senator. But women will make up only 17 percent of the Legislature next year. Alabama ranked 47th in female state legislators in 2022.
For the first time in the state’s upper house 245-year history, the six freshman legislators are all women. One of the women, Iwen Chu, will also be the first Asian American woman to hold a Senate seat.
The U.S. magistrate of New Orleans was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Dec. 13 as the first Black female judge for the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. All 31 “no” votes against Douglas were from Republicans.
The final tallies of the District 81 race recount showed Stoltenberg with 5,073 votes while Democrat Craig Cooper had 5,062, resulting in a flipped winner from the initial count. The win gives the GOP a 64-36 House majority.
Women made a strong showing in legislative races across the country in this year's midterm elections. Meanwhile, polarization is a renewable resource, Krasner's complaint and annals of election denial.
The 77 Committee is allowed to accept unlimited funds because it is not bound by the same city ethics rules that the Chicago mayor must abide by. The committee cannot coordinate with Lightfoot or political campaigns.
More than two dozen state lawmakers retired or ran for a higher office, creating lots of turnover in the Legislature. While the partisan divide didn’t change much, the election expanded LGBTQ and Muslim representation.
The 26-year-old defeated Kim Rice, 52, and Rich Vial, 68, on Tuesday, making her the youngest-ever state senator ever elected in Oregon. She will represent Senate District 18.
The 2022 midterms were a record-breaking year for women candidates. Several states already have made history with electing their first-time female governor and some are yet to be decided as votes are still being tallied.
Not a single incumbent had been defeated as of Wednesday morning. Both parties believe they've found new stars among the freshmen, including Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Democrat Wes Moore.
Five states have abortion-related questions on their ballots, the most ever, and gubernatorial and legislative races in six others will determine if abortion will be legal in those states.
Seven states have vacancies for the top office. In five, the winners are already assured. Two are women. Two are Republicans. Here’s what they’ll want to do once they’re in power.