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The Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate received a scholarship from the University of Southern California’s social work program, valued at nearly $100,000, which some argue is evidence for a broader bribery and corruption case against the department.
Democrats shouldn't count their chickens yet; what happens when election deniers run elections; and what the courts have to say.
In the 1940s, Black Georgians elected the second woman in the state to Congress. Her political rise and fall reveal the lengths that state officials would go to disenfranchise Black voters.
Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and former Arizona Congressmember Gabby Giffords partnered to open a new phone bank location in Santa Fe and spoke against gun violence at events across the state.
The share of female governorships could exceed 20 percent this year, more women are registering and more incumbents are losing. There's also a revolution in the courts as states use unconstitutional maps.
New research found that improving gender equity across the state would increase the state’s income by $15.4 billion and would create 59,000 new jobs. Women earn less than men in every county except Greene.
After her primary race win, Finke will face Republican Trace Johnson in November. Currently there are just eight out trans lawmakers in America among the more than 7,300 state legislators across the nation.
Osage and Franklin counties haven’t supported a Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, and yet in the vote last week, the constitutional amendment to ban abortion failed in both localities.
A report from the World Economic Forum found that women have less capital at their disposal and that female homebuyers cannot afford to buy independently in 34 cities across the nation.
Inside politics: Key governor contests are set with abortion as the central issue; a defense of state Senates puts the focus on Nebraska; and, once again, a big number of legislators are facing no competition in elections.
Ohio gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley has weaponized the anniversary of the 2019 Oregon District mass shooting to highlight Gov. Mike DeWine’s inaction against gun violence. DeWine criticized Whaley’s politicization of the anniversary.
The bill signed into law on Thursday, July 28, allows that sexual assault can be considered a crime without physical force or threats, and reduces the maximum time allowed for rape kit processing.
The Illinois County’s local Democratic party has filed an all-women slate for county-wide elections, opening the possibility for the first woman to serve in the sheriff, treasurer and clerk positions.
Women who have more choices when it comes to pregnancy are more likely to attend college, stay in the workforce and stay out of poverty. Women who are denied abortions are four times more likely to be poor five years later.
The state is one of three this year in which both the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates are women, though Oregon has a third female candidate who is “unaffiliated.” Only nine current governors are women.