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Women's Rights

A recent analysis found that women lost $46 billion and that people of color lost $61 billion in California during 2020 due to the gender and race pay gaps. California has the second smallest gender pay gap in the nation.
Gov. Kathy Hochul has reopened conversations about the state’s marijuana cultivation, distribution and sales program that was created in March, saying that regulating and starting the program will be a priority.
As Gov. Hochul takes over, her decisions could significantly change the allowances of local policy. Many in Staten Island are eager to see her response to topics such as congestion pricing, HOV lane extension and more.
Men give more money than women to candidates in high-level statewide elections. Money can equal political influence, so that may lead candidates to be less interested in women’s issues once elected.
New York officials across the state are eager to begin their work with Kathy Hochul once Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns in two weeks in the wake of a series of sexual harassment allegations.
When Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns later this month, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will assume the position, becoming the state’s first female governor. The Buffalo native will serve out the remainder of the term.
With the final CDC eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of June, three Texas families recount their experiences facing their own housing struggles over the past year.
Women left the workforce during the pandemic from layoffs or to care for their children at a much higher rate than men. Experts hope women will return to work as schools and other businesses reopen.