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State Republicans gave initial approval to the so-called “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which would allow parents to see the curriculum used in their child’s classroom. Democrats have said the bill is just political strategy.
Starting April 11, the State Department will allow citizens to elect the “X” gender marker on passports, and other forms of documentation in 2023. The “X” is for unspecified or other gender identities besides male or female.
In Erie, Tyler Titus could become the first openly transgender person to lead a county and in Northampton Steve Lynch’s campaign aims to protect constitutional freedoms. Both counties voted for Obama, then Trump, then Biden.
The laws in Texas are vague when it comes to legally changing a name and gender marker. Cases are often up to the discretion of the judge and can take months to go through the process.
In 1978, one conservative politician sought to remove gay teachers from California schools. A coalition of protestors, along with local and national politicians, moved swiftly to stop him.
They suffer from sexual assaults at alarming rates. The much-maligned private prison industry can have an important role to play.
The California city has proposed a ban on paid travel for city employees to states with restrictive voting laws. The city already prohibits paid travel to states that restrict LGBTQ rights and abortion access.