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Farms across the Midwest are struggling to hire domestic employees. In Illinois, the number of foreign agricultural workers has increased more than 250 percent in the past five years.
Democratic state lawmakers want to broaden immigrant legal protections by closing exemptions under the sanctuary law, but police unions are ramping up efforts to block the legislation.
Despite the labor-market improvement, many domestic employees, one in three of whom are immigrants and many are also undocumented, are still without work or working less hours than pre-pandemic.
Job-based visas are in such a high demand that the government has resorted to a lottery-based system to award the documents. Still, only 28 percent of applicants will get a visa in 2022 as compared to 2014.
New Yorkers relied on street vendors during the pandemic, but as the city reopens, those essential workers are once again being fined.
Employers across the nation are struggling to find workers to fill open positions, but some economists believe this problem could be solved by hiring foreign-born workers to fill gaps in both low-skill and high-skill positions.
Data privacy advocates are pushing for a bill that would tighten restrictions on federal agencies’ access to personal information from driver’s licenses that could lead to civil immigration arrests.
One of the new laws removes the term “illegal alien” from state statutes and another allows those without documentation to apply for housing assistance. One in 10 of the state’s residents are immigrants.
Gov. Greg Abbott discussed his plans to spend at least $250 million to continue the construction of a Texas-Mexico border wall. The governor has already started accepting donations for the project.