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Legislatures across the nation are confronting several social issues including crime, drug use, immigration and poverty. These issues will continue to hold resonance, of course, in the November elections.
Mary Otts-Rubenstein, who has her own child with disabilities, is helping migrant families with medically complex children enroll in Chicago’s Public Schools. But it doesn’t get easier once the kids are enrolled because the system is overwhelmed.
There are no easy solutions to America’s growing immigration challenges, but Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and New York Mayor Eric Adams should be recognized for the decisive action they have taken.
Latinos accounted for more than half of U.S. population growth in the last two decades. Understanding of this community hasn’t kept pace, but a new resource from the Latino Policy and Politics Institute could help change that.
After Gov. Greg Abbott signs the legislation, state and local police will be allowed to enforce a new state crime, illegal entry from a foreign nation, and allows state judges to order migrants back to the country of entry.
The program is for residents who struggled to provide documents for federal IDs, including homeless people, immigrants or victims of domestic abuse and was approved in 2016. A committee will discuss the issue on Wednesday.
Police stations have long served as entry points for Chicagoans in need of social services. As the city tries to maneuver the influx of thousands of migrants, some homeless residents are also using the city’s police stations as shelters.
The Rapid 227 will allow riders to commute between the Otay Mesa border crossing and a variety of communities across the city. The express route will service every 15 minutes during commute hours and only has 10 stops.
It's the only sanctuary city that has pointed to resettlement as the primary solution to put migrants on a path to self-sufficiency. But there are not enough case managers or landlords willing or able to rent to keep up with demand.
The county commissioners will likely file a lawsuit if a bill that would make it a state crime to illegally cross the border becomes law. Officials are concerned that the financial burdens of the law would fall on localities.
In the 2022 fiscal year, the school district sponsored 232 workers on H-1B or specialty occupation visas, which is nearly four times greater than Houston’s 60 workers, the second-highest total in the U.S.
From 2013 to 2022, the state saw significant growth in higher-paid taxpayers and gained about 63,000 young adults aged 18 to 24. Those who moved out of the state were more likely to be Black or from downstate.
The city wants to suspend its 42-year-old right to shelter because of the strain the migrant crisis has put on city resources. But many are worried what suspending the policy will do to homelessness in the area.
The Biden administration’s decision to grant work authorization to Venezuelans has sparked state action.
This year's commemoration recognizes the community's importance to the country’s future, as the source of more than three-quarters of new workers.
The number of Black immigrants in the U.S. has increased from just over 2 million in 2000 to almost 5 million today, amounting to about one-tenth of the nation’s Black population. But even some Black Americans look down upon Black immigrants.