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Expansion of its Medicaid health-care program was just the latest milestone in the social safety net for 2.3 million undocumented immigrants that includes driver’s licenses, tax breaks and pandemic relief.
Assessing a terribly broken system, a veteran analyst details the conflicting dynamics and possible solutions to America's illegal immigration dilemma.
Starting in the 1990s, many cities have come back, growing in population while reducing sky-high rates of crime. A. K. Sandoval-Strausz talks about the overlooked impact of Latino immigrants on their rebirth.
Voting rights and immigrant advocates in Georgia argue that many immigrant communities are unable to fully access election materials due to a lack of non-English ballots and a limited number of available languages.
A two-year investigation by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology found that ICE has created a large-scale surveillance system that has collected data on hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Red states have filed 27 lawsuits or appeals against Biden’s immigration policies.
Some district attorneys are concerned about the lack of sufficient evidence to investigate noncitizen voting cases, an issue which is at the forefront of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s re-election campaign.
The Texas governor has sparked backlash from advocates and educators after suggesting that the state may challenge a long-standing Supreme Court decision that allows free tuition for unauthorized immigrant school children.
To work around the state’s immigration enforcement laws, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has worked with private data brokers to receive real-time alerts about when people are being released from jail.
Population growth is slowing or reversing just about everywhere in the country. That has enormous implications for our future economy and prosperity.
To protest Gov. Greg Abbott’s increased vehicle inspections, truckers have blockaded a key Texas border crossing that sees $35 billion in annual trade. The disruption could severely impact local and regional supply chains.
Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the state will respond to “unprecedented” illegal immigration by implementing additional inspections of vehicles crossing the border and will transport migrants directly to D.C.
About three-quarters of undocumented seniors live with younger family members, compared to only a quarter of the elderly who are U.S. citizens. There will be an estimated 55,000 undocumented seniors across the state by 2030.
The state’s Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program makes services more accessible to the elderly, regardless of immigration status, but it doesn’t provide extended care or at-home care, leaving large gaps in coverage.
Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the border arrest program will be extended into Webb, Brooks and Jim Hogg counties, all three of which are controlled by Democrats. Two of the counties are not on the state’s border.