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The police department pledged to honor a federal consent decree that required officers to report whenever they pointed a weapon at someone. Only 12 incidents have been reported, despite nearly 17,000 occurrences.
Since 2016, there’s been more than a 50 percent increase in Fire Department vehicles being pulled from service due to breakdowns or malfunctions. Currently, 45 percent of the department’s fire engines are older than 15 years.
The Louisiana governor took to Facebook to call for the impeachment of U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan, after comments Morgan made about the rollout of a dedicated State Police troop for New Orleans.
The Smokehouse Creek Fire began on Feb. 26 and grew to become the largest wildfire in state history. The wildfire burned across several counties in the Texas Panhandle, killed at least two people and destroyed hundreds of homes.
Kennewick, Wash., police officers were called to a single avenue more than 280 times to address a range of issues, from loitering to assaults. Officials voted to rezone the area.
Since 2019, the state has experienced 263 outages, each lasting an average of 160 minutes and impacting an estimated 172,000 Texans. During Texas’ deep winter freeze in 2021, there were 47 outages.
The city police department faced criticism for failing to publish detailed reports for such a lengthy period.
Gov. Greg Abbott declared an emergency declaration on Tuesday for 60 counties as the Smokehouse Creek Fire continued to spread. As of 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the fire had burned 850,000 acres and was just 3 percent contained.
The 2023 legislation establishing the grant program also includes new equipment for rural sheriffs.
The statewide clearance rate for crimes was just 13.2 percent in 2022, according to a new report. The rate for poverty crimes was only 7.2 percent.
The city will sever its ties with the gunshot alert system after September. Mayor Brandon Johnson’s political supporters applauded the decision, but many officers are opposed.
Do cameras on our porches, at traffic lights, in our parks and along our streets really contribute to our overall security? The data are unpersuasive.
Since Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore’s surprise announcement that he will step down in late February, the department has been looking to fill the position. The search has revealed that few women have the requisite experience to fill it.
A Review Board will review five death cases within San Diego County jails, two of which involved inmates who were wrongfully jailed. The sheriff isn’t required to adopt or implement any recommendations from the board.
There’s a big audience for it. But people listening to police radio creates serious privacy challenges. They can also hamper law enforcement.
Chases have cost the lives of thousands (half of them innocent bystanders), but sometimes they’re the only way to apprehend violent criminals. Police agencies need nuanced policies to guide their officers.