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Jake Blumgart

Senior Staff Writer

Jake Blumgart is a senior writer for Governing and covers transportation and infrastructure. He lives in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter at @jblumgart.

The effort caught national attention, but the real story is the rest of the package of land use reforms that the city council passed to open up the housing market. However, opposition to further reform is growing.
Despite often winning a majority of votes, the Democratic Party is at an electoral disadvantage in legislatures that appears to be worsening. Author Jonathan Rodden explains the current problem and why national reform is unlikely.
In Idaho, one of the most conservative states in the nation, GOP voters largely backed incumbent Brad Little for governor. Progressives in Oregon now represent the mainstream, but a moderate Republican can still win.
The result highlights extremist tendencies growing within the Republican Party, which may boost the general election prospects for Attorney General Josh Shapiro who won the Democratic nomination for governor.
Housing advocates want HUD to push the state’s planning board to open up housing options in the region’s more affluent suburbs and, in doing so, help tackle a growing segregation problem.
While most of the men have taken stands on cultural issues that reflect national GOP platforms, such as guns and abortion, there are issues they back that are distinct to the Keystone State.
A new study finds that many transit boardmembers are not representative of their constituents who ride bus, subway or rail. Too often members are old, white and male and don’t use transit much or at all.
With a housing market unable to meet demand and rents spiking, Minneapolis and St. Paul are turning to a practice many have scorned as bad housing policy.
A new Urban Institute study finds tax rebates are a better solution, while efforts that discourage driving would have the most significant long-term impact on the inflation problem.
The Twin Cities have always been alike in some ways, very different in others. Their mayors reflect the differences and similar monumental challenges.