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Jake Blumgart

Senior Staff Writer

Jake Blumgart covers transportation and infrastructure for Governing. He lives in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter @jblumgart

The U.S. Department of Transportation isn’t considered one of the federal government’s stronger agencies. But change and innovation has happened in recent years and could accelerate under new leadership and with more money.
The president is famous for his love of riding trains. He's ready to put serious money into the Amtrak system, proposing billions more than have been spent throughout its entire 50-year history.
New research calls into question the efficacy of America’s largest affordable housing program. Among working-class families, one in four renter households paid over half their income in rent in 2017.
While the plunge in ridership has left some wondering if commuter rail is dying, others see a rare opportunity to reinvent the suburb-to-city service into something very different. But it won’t be cheap or easy.