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It’s an updated version of the one that will be used to allocate billions in federal funds. Local governments have less than two months to ask for corrections that could affect their portion of the money to improve Internet coverage.
The state regulator scaled-back plan eliminates consumer fees. The original was abandoned after criticism from the governor and solar advocates that it could hurt the transition to renewable energy.
The U.S. is one of the most expensive countries in the world for building transit, according to the Transit Costs Project. A research group at the NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management is working to understand why.
Last year’s federal infrastructure bill allotted $62 billion to bolster and update the nation’s electric grid, which could result in $9.2 million annually to Louisiana for the next five years if the state’s application is approved.
A decade after Hurricane Sandy, three of the city’s climate resiliency projects are nowhere near completion. The “Raised Shoreline” project has only spent 0.3 percent of its $103 million budget.
They increasingly bear most of the burdens of the disasters that climate change brings. Those that combine strong building codes and zoning that keeps people out of dangerous areas will fare the best and better protect their most vulnerable residents.
The ongoing drought has raised costs, making it increasingly difficult for more than 13 million low-income households across the state to afford water. Many are looking for officials to take action.
The city and region are quickly running out of water as California’s drought persists, increasing the urgency for local officials to make immediate change instead of future investments.
Disadvantaged communities have suffered disproportionately from underinvestment in clean and affordable water. But a historic increase in federal water infrastructure funding can change the equation if managed correctly.
The state wants to quickly rebuild the Sanibel Causeway, heavily damaged by Ian, and the only road onto a barrier island. But researchers say the focus should be on building more resilient infrastructure for a changing climate.
For many residents who own an EV but do not have off-street parking, their charging solution of running a cord across a sidewalk is not really legal or safe. But without proper infrastructure, there aren’t many options.
The Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research is aimed at states and territories that previously received little funding from the National Science Foundation. The hope is to boost scientific research across the nation.
Service was suspended on one of Amtrak’s busiest lines because of erosion on California’s coastal cliffs. Local authorities are working on emergency repairs, while planning for the track’s long-term future.
The success of remote work could revitalize the economies of America’s small communities. But there are things they need to do to maximize their economic growth.
The Inflation Reduction Act has funding to help states and localities implement better energy codes. Energy-efficient buildings can save their owners a lot of money while dramatically reducing emissions.
Advances in wildlife-migration science can help protect people, animals and economies. New federal investment is available to target and build the infrastructure we need.