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A proposed change to the state code would mandate new construction projects to build between 1 and 20 percent of their available parking as electric vehicle charging spaces.
Woodbury University architecture students designed and constructed the 3D-printed home in just 15 months. Though the structure still needs some drywall, exterior features and landscaping, many are hopeful of what it could mean for the housing crisis.
An anonymously donated grant allowed 100 miles of Bend, Ore.’s mountain bike trails to be assessed for adaptive users in May.
The state has more than 18,000 transmission lines that move power from a myriad of energy sources. But, as the state transitions away from fossil fuels, the existing infrastructure is inadequate.
The proposal includes the states of Illinois and Indiana, along with private sector partners, and would produce hydrogen as a way to clean up carbon-intensive industries like steelmaking.
A wildfire brought down Del Norte County's only transmission lines. But officials were able to bring homes and businesses back online through a patchwork of generator-powered microgrids — estimated to be the state's largest.
The plan is the largest EV charging incentive program in the country and the rebates for charging equipment can cover 50 percent of a project’s costs or up to $100,000. The state aims to have 250,000 public chargers by 2025.
Many sites across the state that were important during the modern civil rights movement have met the 50-year threshold for historic consideration in recent years, but finding the money to save the crumbling buildings is a challenge.
Whatever communities can do to nurture “social infrastructure” — places like movie theaters, libraries and swimming pools where people gather to form social bonds — can have a profound impact on addiction and overdose death rates.
A new report identified thousands of properties nationwide as physically suitable buildings to be converted into apartments, including more than 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth. But the typical conversion is only financially feasible in six cities.
A $25 million loan program was established in 2006 as a way to pay for maintenance and repairs of aging school buildings. But lawmakers made the program “difficult to use” and only two districts have been able to access the aid.
They are a key source of funding for transportation infrastructure, but have been shrinking for years. Two new reports explore possible alternatives.
Though not retroactive, the rebates of $2,000 to $4,000 will be allotted for individual households and multifamily buildings with energy efficient retrofits and will be available regardless of income.
Six people died on Feb. 11, 2021, in one of the most destructive crashes in state history when a winter storm caused cars to skid along a two-lane tollway. On Sept. 1, two bills that aim to prevent similar crashes in the future will go into effect.
An ultra-white coating can reflect just over 98 percent of sunlight, compared to commercial white pants that reflect just 80 to 90 percent of sunlight. The new paint kept outdoor surfaces 8 degrees cooler than surrounding temps.