Infrastructure & Environment

Alaska’s Oil and Identity at Stake on Ballot

In a state with an economy and government reliant on diminishing oil revenue, voters will decide whether to repeal a law that's designed to spur oil development but help the at-times corrupt oil industry.

California Has a Lot of Fracking but Only a Little Oil

The recent discovery that the state has 96% less recoverable oil than previously thought may have helped the case for regulating instead of banning fracking.

Flagstaff Funds Wildfire Prevention with Bonds

The Arizona city is likely the only in the country to pay for wildfire prevention with bond money and is being looked to as a national model for leveraging federal funds.

Missouri’s 'Right-to-Farm' Amendment Squeaks By

Voters narrowly approved a ballot measure that makes farming a constitutional right -- an idea that opponents say will make future agriculture regulations like GMO bans harder to enact and enforce.

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