'The Single Biggest Risk Factor in Getting Expelled Is Being a Preschooler'

Preschoolers are eight times, on average, more likely to get kicked out. States are starting to notice and intervene.

Father walking with his daughter in school.

With Election Over, Transportation Advocates Eye 2019 Battles

Supporters of additional funding for transportation have plenty of reasons to smile after last week’s elections, but that doesn’t mean they can stop worrying.

Democratic Socialists Rack Up Wins

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib made headlines for their congressional wins. But a number of Democratic Socialists also won state-level races this election.

Who Needs a Desk? Tennessee Takes Telework to the Max

The state's new approach to the workplace goes far beyond traditional telecommuting. It's not only making employees and managers happier, it's saving the state millions of dollars.

The Man of Tomorrow: As Jerry Brown Leaves Office, He's Still Focused on the Future

Unlike most politicians, California's outgoing governor has made planning ahead a staple of his leadership -- even if it means going against his own party.

With a Divided Congress, States Will Likely Take Up the Slack

With Democrats taking over the U.S. House, Congress may grind to a halt. Red and blue states, meanwhile, will go their separate ways on abortion, taxes, education, health and voting rights.

Liberals Prevail in State Supreme Court Elections

Moderate-to liberal candidates won in five states, while conservatives were successful in two.

• Amid Supreme Court Impeachments, West Virginia Voters Weaken Judges' Power

How Tax Policies Fared at the Ballot Box

Efforts to raise state taxes largely failed. That wasn't the case at the local level.

Another Historic Night for Women, and Not Just in Congress

An unprecedented number of female candidates ran for state or local office this year.


When Citizen Engagement Becomes Too Much

Politicians say they want citizens to be involved. But it can make things harder to achieve.


Community Colleges' Crucial Role in Powering Local Economies

With the right kind of investment, they can provide the skills employers need, and their graduates are more likely to stay in the community.


The Transition Challenges New Governors Will Face

The winners of last week's elections don't have long to build their new administrations. They need to move quickly and effectively.


40 out of 70

State or local candidates endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America who won last week.

Voters walking toward a polling station with ballots in hand.

The Most Important Ballot Measure Results

From health care and immigration to redistricting and transportation funding, voters decided a long list of policies.

• Local Ballot Results: Teen Voting, Campaign Finance, Housing and More

Midwest Turns Bluer as Local Concerns Outweigh National Issues

A handful of Democratic wins in governors' races resulted in a Midwest that's more politically balanced than in recent years.

• Democrats Flip 7 Gubernatorial Seats
Man on a computer while getting dialysis.

As Medicaid Work Requirements Spread, More Expected to Lose Health Care

Wisconsin just got approval to implement the new rule, and it will take effect in two other states in January. Meanwhile, more than 8,000 people have lost health insurance in Arkansas -- many who may comply with the rule but not know about it.

Democrats Pick Up 4 Seats So Far in AG Races

If they ultimately flip the four seats where they have the lead, the party would take the majority of attorney general seats nationwide.

In 2018 State Races, Partisans Retreated to Their Corners

Most red states will stay red, and the blue states will remain the minority. But voters did reject several more ideological candidates in favor of politicians who presented themselves as more pragmatic.

In Major Cities, Most Incumbent Mayors Glide to Reelection

But the races in Phoenix and Little Rock, Ark., are headed for runoffs.