Teachers Aren't Just Striking, They're Running for Office

Motivated by education cuts and a nationwide spirit of activism, dozens of teachers are running for legislative seats across the country.

• West Virginia Teachers Strike Inspires Talk of Protest in Other States

Black Students Have Longer Commutes Under School Choice

Of the cities studied, only in New Orleans did white students travel farther than their black peers.

SXSW Takeaways: 'The Immediate Future Is All About Cities'

Austin Mayor Steve Adler and several other city leaders discuss their experience at this year's South by Southwest conference.

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Why Mississippi Might Want to Be Sued Over Abortion

When the governor signs what will be the nation's strictest abortion ban, lawsuits are expected. Some say that was the point.

• Months Late, Trump Changes Family Planning Program's Priorities

The Homeless-Campus Concept Catches On

As homelessness rises nationwide, Las Vegas is taking a gamble on a new way of helping the homeless. But some say it's money that could be better spent.

Where the Pay Gap Between Male and Female Doctors Is Biggest

On average, female doctors made $105,000 less than male doctors last year, and the gender pay gap actually increased.

At South by Southwest, Pragmatist Mayors Learn to Think Like Futurists

The city leaders gathered in Austin engaged in workshops and exercises designed to help them think longer-term.

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Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?

A new study soothes worries of massive power outages but points to the need for future planning to consider EVs.


S.B. 54

One of the three California "sanctuary" laws the U.S. Department of Justice is fighting in court. It restricts state and local police and jail officials' cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, and other states and localities throughout the country have a similar law.

Pro-Obamacare protesters outside the U.S. Capitol.

State Efforts to Bring Back Obamacare's Individual Mandate Stall

Despite early enthusiasm, even the most liberal states are struggling to get enough support to restore the health insurance requirement that Congress repealed in December.

• Idaho Tests Trump Administration's Willingness to Revoke States' Right to Regulate Obamacare

To Track Opioid Use, More Cities May Soon Screen Wastewater

A new tech startup allows cities to chart drug usage down to the neighborhood level.

Vacancies Aren't Unique to Trump. States Struggle to Fill Top Positions, Too.

When an agency head leaves, some states take years to find a permanent replacement. What takes so long?

Can Apprenticeships Train the Workforce of the Future? States Hope So.

America has a skills gap. Governments across the U.S. are turning to European-style apprenticeship programs as a possible solution.

Trump's Leaked Immigration Rule Already Having Impacts

Regardless of whether a proposal to drastically expand the reasons for denying green cards becomes law, many legal immigrants are afraid to use government assistance -- for themselves and their children.


A Tip for Infrastructure Builders: Fix It First

Before we invest in new infrastructure, we need to maintain and update what we have.


Harnessing the Offshore Wind Energy Opportunity

It's about to happen on a large scale along our coasts, and governments need to be working to make the most of it.


A Powerful Tool for Getting Citizens Involved

By engaging residents on issues of climate and weather, it demonstrates how program design can be improved and strengthened.

The Pact Changing How Governments Respond to Disaster

In moments of disaster, local and federal resources are rarely enough. But another answer is emerging.

• To Help Rebuild Puerto Rico, Mainland Mayors Partner With Island Counterparts