With No Power to Pass Gun Laws, Florida Cities Turn to Plan B (and C)

Florida's failure to ban assault weapons has angered some local officials, but they have few options for recourse. Some are taking the issue to voters, while others are challenging a state law that bans cities from passing gun laws.

Despite New Rules to Disclose Corporate Tax Breaks, Just Half of Local Governments Are

The regulations that took effect this year let governments decide what's worth reporting, leading many to not report anything at all.

If Trump Axes Public Media Funding, Rural Areas Could Lose Government News

The president doesn't want the federal government to help fund public radio and TV stations anymore. If he gets his wish, it would exacerbate the already sharp decline in coverage of state capitols and city halls.

After Carbon Tax Fails in Washington, Focus Turns to 9 Other States

Washington state won’t be enacting the nation’s first tax on greenhouse gas emissions this year. But the idea has grown more popular in the states since President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Public Startup Charting Bold New Waters

Water utilities are struggling to lower their operation costs and simultaneously meet stricter environmental rules. Blue Drop, the brainchild of DC Water’s former leader, wants to help.

What DOJ’s California Lawsuit Means for Immigrant Sanctuaries Across the Country

The White House indicated that it may sue other states with policies similar to California's. Does it have a case anywhere else?

• Trump's Leaked Immigration Rule Already Having Impacts

Can Taxing Pain Pills Alleviate the Opioid Epidemic?

President Trump will announce new plans for fighting the opioid crisis on Monday. Meanwhile, several states are exploring their own new policy: tax drug companies for the opioids they produce.

3 Things in the Banking Deregulation Bill That State and Local Governments Should Know

The first major bipartisan banking bill since Dodd-Frank has some potential pluses and minuses for states and localities.

Teachers Aren't Just Striking, They're Running for Office

Motivated by education cuts and a nationwide spirit of activism, dozens of teachers are running for legislative seats across the country.

• West Virginia Teachers Strike Inspires Talk of Protest in Other States

Why Mississippi Might Want to Be Sued Over Abortion

When the governor signs what will be the nation's strictest abortion ban, lawsuits are expected. Some say that was the point.

• Months Late, Trump Changes Family Planning Program's Priorities

California's Biggest (and Most Surprising) Marijuana Opponent

As an African-American Democrat, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas isn't like a lot of other anti-drug advocates.

Why Rents Are Actually Lowering in Some Big Cities

But renters may not want to celebrate just yet.



Weekday subway trains that arrive on time in New York City, which is a new low.


New Steel and Aluminium Tariffs May Impact Red States the Most

President Trump's "Buy American" policies are expected to cause the most harm to states such as Florida, Michigan and Texas.

• Trump's Tariffs Could Hurt More Local Economies Than They Help

Connecticut Goes to War With NRA

The NRA has "in essence become a terrorist organization," said Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is considering cutting it out of the state's gun permitting process. It's not the only state, however, that directs funds toward the group.

• With Guns in the Spotlight, Candidates for Governor Recalibrate Their Positions

To Track Opioid Use, More Cities May Soon Screen Wastewater

A new tech startup allows cities to chart drug usage down to the neighborhood level.

Vacancies Aren't Unique to Trump. States Struggle to Fill Top Positions, Too.

When an agency head leaves, some states take years to find a permanent replacement. What takes so long?

• Unfilled Jobs Take Toll on Governments Across the Country

Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?

A new study soothes worries of massive power outages but points to the need for future planning to consider EVs.

State Efforts to Bring Back Obamacare's Individual Mandate Stall

Despite early enthusiasm, even the most liberal states are struggling to get enough support to restore the health insurance requirement that Congress repealed in December.

• Idaho Tests Trump Administration's Willingness to Revoke States' Right to Regulate Obamacare

Localities Want to Make Retiree Bills More Affordable. Why Won’t States Let Them?

The cost of post-retirement benefits is threatening governments’ ability to provide vital services.


A Better Way for Cities to Buy

A new online platform aims not only to take some of the risk out of municipal procurement but to make the process smarter as well.


A Better Way for Cities to Buy

A new online platform aims not only to take some of the risk out of municipal procurement but to make the process smarter as well.