Transgender Candidate Makes History in a Year of 'Firsts' for Women

With a month of primaries left, the record for the number of female nominees for governor has already been broken. Some of them are also the first black, Latina and Native American women nominated by a major party.

As States Battle Trump's Health Plan Changes, Signs of Obamacare Stability Show

Health policy experts worry that the controversial plans the Trump administration is pushing could undo some of the progress being made with Obamacare premiums.

I Voted sticker on a shirt.

Want Young People to Vote? Make Them Sign a Pledge.

New research suggests a simple way to boost turnout among first-time voters.

Is Child Care a Campaign Expense? States Are Divided.

In a year with an unprecedented number of female candidates, the debate is being revisited after the federal government weighed in.

Man standing at the DMV.

Automatic Voter Registration Gains Bipartisan Momentum

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bill that places Massachusetts among a growing number of states making it hard to not be registered.


Should Jury Convictions Be Unanimous? It's Complicated.

Two states still allow split-verdicts to send people to prison. That may change soon. But maybe it shouldn't.


Why Cities Should Embrace ‘Slow Mobility’

It’s not necessarily about traveling far and fast.


Want to Make Child Care Cheaper and More Accessible? Deregulate It.

The rules the states impose raise costs. That's hard on poorer people and particularly single mothers.


1 in 10

Airbnb hosts who are teachers.


How Trump’s Trade Policies Could Impact Governors’ Races

There are early, but scattered, signs that Democrats will use new tariffs as a wedge issue.

Wanting More Power, Public Employees Run for Office

"If you want to have an influence on policy, then the best way to do so is by being an elected official."

Can States Tax Gas Stations on Tribal Lands?

After years of fights between Washington state and the Yakama Nation, the debate is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court.

No College Degree? These Regions Offer the Best Job Prospects

Local labor shortages are helping workers with only a high school education -- or less -- find employment.


Government of the Future

Introducing the Government of the Future—a new web feature profiling what's possible in state and local government.


Building Homes in Flood Zones: Why Does This Bad Idea Keep Happening?

As cities try to manage their growth, the population of people living in flood-prone areas is actually rising faster than elsewhere.

Pensions Beat Expectations for 2nd Straight Year

It's been another good year for public pension investment returns. But the gains won't make a big difference in their overall fiscal health.

On Drug Prices, Trump Administration Sends Mixed Messages

It has accepted one state's unprecedented proposal to lower the cost of prescriptions but rejected another's.

Colleges, Cities and Pension Funds Pressured to Cut ICE Ties

Public institutions across the country invest in the private prison operators of immigration detention centers and contract directly with the federal immigration enforcement agency.

Climate Change Has Been a Losing Battle for Governments. Could a New Lawsuit Turn the Tide?

Rhode Island is using new tactics to hold fossil fuel companies responsible for disaster-related infrastructure damage.