Big Business Tax Breaks May Worsen Income Inequality

Cities that give away the most money in tax incentives tend to be those with greater levels of income inequality.

Will Teacher Strikes Influence the Supreme Court's Union Ruling?

Comments about "labor peace" during the February hearing didn't attract a lot of attention at the time. But since then, labor protests have spread across the country.

For Future Health Policies, Trump Administration Adds a Rural Focus

The federal government's new plan is short on details, but it makes one thing clear: It will ease regulations that burden rural providers -- many of whom are struggling to survive.

Will Seattle's Controversial Tax on Big Businesses Stunt Its Economy?

It's already stirring anger among corporations, and nearby cities are trying to capitalize on that.

A supermarket displays stickers indicating they accept food stamps.

Despite Farm Bill Fail, Advocates of Food Stamp Work Requirements Succeed Elsewhere

The House voted against the legislation on Friday. But some of the ideas behind it have seen success in the states.

Her Accusations Ended His Political Career. Here's What She Wants You to Know Now.

"I have fantastic male colleagues who stood by me and defended me," says Colorado Rep. Faith Winter.

Trump's New Abortion Proposal Politicizes a Historically Bipartisan Program

Federal money already can't be spent on abortions. The Trump administration now wants to keep any funds from going to organizations that support the procedure.

This Illinois Town Is on the Brink of Bankruptcy. How Many Will Follow?

Harvey, Ill., is facing insolvency thanks to its pension crisis. Some say it won't be the only one.

State Lawmakers Face Most Challengers in Decades

Recent election cycles have seen more than 40 percent of state legislative seats left uncontested. Not this year.

• Will Your State's Chambers Flip? Ratings for 2018 Legislative Races


Human Services’ Critical Role in Improving Health Care

Integrating community-based nonprofits' population health work with the health care system would strengthen both.


Why Do So Many Governments Miss Their Project Deadlines?

Project delays are a huge problem. “Sourcing teams” could be one solution.


Cities, Data and the Future of Work

New tools are being put to use to prepare workers for new trades and match them to a changing labor market.


$36 million

Amount the teen who started a wildfire in Oregon last year -- by throwing fireworks -- is ordered to pay its victims.


The Revolutionary Foster Care Law Buried in February's Federal Spending Deal

Congress passed drastic child welfare reforms that aim to reduce the removal of kids from their homes. But some worry they will cost states and harm children.

Mayors' Group Tries Novel Idea: A Bipartisan Agenda

The two new leaders of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, a Democrat and a Republican, have crafted a bipartisan strategy that they hope will help them wield more influence in Washington.

States Want Control Over Drug Prices. Will the Feds Give It to Them?

In an attempt to lower health-care costs, Massachusetts is seeking to exclude certain drugs from its Medicaid program. It's a bold step, experts say, that will not only invite imitation but also lawsuits.

Taking on Walmart Is No Easy Fight for Cities

Some towns have tried to force certain big-box retailers to pay higher wages.

How the Sports Betting Ruling Will Impact State Budgets

The Supreme Court outlawed a federal ban on sports betting on Monday, and some states are poised to capitalize.

• Why the Sports Betting Ruling Could Be Good News for Sanctuary Cities

As Other States Have Abandoned Efforts, New Jersey Passes Individual Mandate

Several states promised to pass their own mandates. Only one has. What happened?

Pedestrian Deaths Are Rising. One Big Reason? SUVs

Local leaders are trying to figure out how to respond to the growing number of SUV-related fatalities while more Americans are choosing bigger cars.

How Cities Fell Out of Love With Sports Stadiums

Major league teams used to get everything they wanted from sports-mad cities. Now they have to fight for it -- and increasingly, they’re losing.

Cities Now Use Taxes to Fight Blight. Is It Working?

Land use experts question whether vacant property taxes are the right way to spur development.