Where Have All the Black Men Gone?

There's a gender imbalance in many African-American neighborhoods. Mass incarceration is largely to blame.

New Wave of Teacher Strikes Puts Pressure on Strained School Districts

Unlike states, localities are more constrained in their ability to raise revenues. It's creating big budget deficits for some school districts.

How Lawmakers Can Raise Their Own Pay in a Less Controversial Way

There are lessons to be learned from New York and Pennsylvania.

National Emergency Jeopardizes $6 Billion in Funding for States

The president's plan to build a border wall could cost the most for California, Hawaii and Maryland -- three of the 16 states suing to block the declaration.

The Slow Housing Market Can Hurt Government Revenues, But Doesn't Have To

How much home sales impacts a place depends a lot on its property tax policies.

Supreme Court Will Wade Into Clean Water Dispute

A case over a Hawaii wastewater treatment plant could redefine the scope of the federal law that regulates pollution in lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.

Pass. Repeal. Repeat: The GOP Cycle of Defying Voters on Medicaid Expansion

In almost every state where ballot measures to expand Medicaid have passed, Republicans have tried to change the voter-approved laws.

The Growing Need for Opposition Research -- on Yourself -- in Today's Political World

After the blackface scandals involving Virginia politicians, expect more candidates to dig up dirt on themselves while keeping in mind the changing culture of America and the power of the internet.


Why ‘Density’ Is a Bad Word

It’s often used to describe how people live in urban spaces. But it shouldn't be.


Data and the Human Side of Criminal Justice

As a project in Long Beach demonstrates, treating people as individuals rather than as statistics can yield big benefits.


Want to Attract Talented Workers? Find a Better Way to Tell Your City's Story.

If your community really has a lot to offer, you need to think beyond the press release.



States with "trigger" laws that would immediately ban abortion in the event that the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Arkansas is the latest to pass one. The others are Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota.


Affordable Housing Crisis Reaches a Tipping Point in Charlotte, N.C.

After experiencing explosive growth in recent years, the city is tripling its spending to address the shortage of lower-income units.

California’s New Air Pollution Solution

In an unprecedented move that will cut costs for low-income households and cut emissions for everyone, the state is paying for some homes to install energy-efficient appliances.

To Build Support for the Green New Deal, Activists Turn to States

Some states have already adopted their own version of a plan to address climate change while creating jobs. Others are being urged to.

How Housing Policies Keep White Neighborhoods So White (and Black Neighborhoods So Black)

Decades of local zoning regulations and land-use policies have kept racial segregation firmly rooted in place.

• Segregated in the Heartland: An Investigative Series

How Nurses Prove the Power of Unions

In an anti-union era, nurses may have found a model for effectively organizing labor.

Despite Scandals, Virginia Politicians Refuse to Resign. Now What?

If history is any indication, the current controversies will likely change how Ralph Northam governs. He's already made racial reconciliation a new priority.

• Scandals Threaten Democrats' High Election Hopes for November

Planning for Detention: How 2 States Help Immigrant Children Stay Out of Foster Care

The parents of at least a quarter of a million kids are at risk of deportation. In case that happens, lawmakers are adding protections -- with bipartisan support -- for the children left behind.

• Mayors: Immigration Reform Would Take a Day If We Were in Charge