Facing One Troubling Russia Revelation After Another, Election Officials Work to Prevent a 'Digital Watergate'

States are stepping up their election security but face many challenges: a president still skeptical of Russian interference, a lack of money, and reliance on private vendors for voting equipment and software, to name a few.

As November Nears, More Governors’ Races Become Tossups

They have become more competitive in three states -- all where Republicans are currently in power.

• Ratings & Analysis for 2018's State Elections

4 States Just Sued Over the Federal Tax Law. Here's Why They Might Lose.

Connecticut, Maryland, New York and New Jersey argue that new GOP tax policies violate states' rights and unduly punish their populations.

'People Are Literally Being Poisoned': How Sewage Problems in Alabama Got So Bad -- and Why Other States Should Worry

The state and county have failed to fix the unsanitary conditions for years, and at times threatened to arrest citizens over them. An outbreak of a once-eradicated disease has prompted the United Nations to get involved.

Embrace Your Limitations -- in Life and Public Policy

That's the advice of Kristen Cox, who lost her sight in her 20s and became a client of public services. Now, her job is to oversee them.

A New Twist on an Old Health Care Idea

All-payer health care, the idea of paying hospitals a flat rate, is making a comeback.

How States Are Making It Harder to Leave Unions

Just over two weeks since the Janus ruling, about a third of the affected states have taken actions meant to soften its impact on unions' membership and revenue.

• Why the Janus Ruling Is Especially Bad for Black Women

Rhode Island's Governor Isn't a Conventional Democrat. Will That Help or Hurt Her in November?

Gina Raimondo, a former venture capitalist with blue-collar ties who has made job creation her No. 1 priority, could face a tough reelection.

Michael Tubbs giving a TED x talk

Silicon Valley Is Helping Cities Test a Radical Anti-Poverty Idea

What if everyone got a paycheck that they didn't work for? It's called universal basic income, and with the help of tech entrepreneurs, Stockton, Calif., is the latest city to test it.


Think Your Election System Is Secure? Think Again.

User training and the latest cybersecurity tools are worthwhile, but there is no panacea.


How Cities Can Get Strategic About Procurement

Louisville is pioneering an approach that aims to make purchasing and contracting a key ingredient in successfully delivering services.


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Lead that U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis has in Florida's GOP race for governor, according to a new poll. President Trump endorsed him, and the respondents who knew that overwhelmingly support DeSantis while the respondents unaware of Trump's backing overwhelmingly support his opponent, state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.


The New Gold Rush for Green Bonds

Investors are lining up to buy them to fund environmental projects.

• Are Green Bonds a Better Deal for Governments?

In Rural America, Violent Crime Reaches Highest Level in a Decade

The loss of jobs and the opioid epidemic are two of the biggest reasons.

It’s Natural Disaster Season. Can Your Government Afford It?

Most states don't know how much they spend on extreme weather events.

Voter Turnout Is Up, Especially Among Democrats. What Does That Mean for November?

More people are casting primary ballots than four years ago. But that year, turnout was the lowest since World War II.

A New Use for Food Trucks: Feeding Hungry Students in the Summer

Instead of making low-income kids travel for meals when school is out, Minneapolis is bringing the food to them.

Black, Female and Serving the Public: A Conversation With the Lawmaker Fighting Statehouse Discrimination

Ohio Rep. Emilia Sykes gets stopped by security trying to enter her place of work. She wants others to share their stories of prejudice.

Voting Rights Debate Moves From Statehouses to Ballot Boxes

Voters will weigh in this fall on voter registration, campaign finance and redistricting.

One Woman's Quest to Fight Gentrification by Asking Residents How

Cat Goughnour is pushing several cities to give community members more say in urban design.

• Can Gentrification Be Illegal? This City Is Being Sued.
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

After Medicaid Ruling, Most States Hit Pause But Some Proceed

Work requirements failed their first court test, in Kentucky. The case leaves the legality of other states' policies uncertain, but some of them are moving forward with business as usual anyway.

• The Limits to Trump's Medicaid Freedom for States