'There Will Be Evictions': New Smoking Ban Roils Public Housing's Oldest Residents

The rule, which is projected to save states $150 million a year, went into effect this summer.

Crime Victims' Rights on Ballots in Several States

Half a dozen states could enshrine so-called Marsy's Law provisions in their constitutions in November.

It Was America’s First Superhighway. Now Much of It Sits Abandoned.

But the Pennsylvania Turnpike hasn't been completely forgotten.

A Longtime LGBT Rights' Leader Becomes a Transgender Battleground State

In November, Massachusetts will hold the nation's first statewide vote on anti-discrimination protections for transgender people.

Which states will vote on raising gas taxes this year?

Which States Are Voting on Transportation Funding This Year?

Lawmakers have long wrestled with how to raise money to fix roads and other infrastructure. In four states this November, voters will have a chance to weigh in.

• Transit Advocates Worry the White House Is Purposefully Delaying Funds

Fed Up by Corruption, Arkansas Voters Revisit Term Limits

Four years ago, lawmakers snuck a term-limits extension onto the ballot. Now, thanks to recent statehouse scandals, voters will likely roll that back.

Some States Are Less Prepared for a Recession Than a Decade Ago

But according to two analyses, a majority of states have nearly enough savings to weather a downturn.

• A Troubling Trend for Cities: Slowing Revenue But Rising Spending Growth

California Could Be the Next State to Ditch Daylight Saving Time

What time is it in California? If voters decide to abolish the clock-changing practice in November, answering that could become more difficult.

Guy wearing Democratic Socialism t-shirt and giving the thumbs up.

How Democratic Socialists Performed in State and Local Primaries

Just over half of this year's candidates endorsed by Democratic Socialists are advancing to the general election. They could win seats for school boards, city councils and legislatures in 20 states.

• Progressive Candidates for Governor Trail in the Money Race


Why Governments’ Pay Problems Have to Be Addressed

The public sector's workforce issues aren't going to be solved as long as the dynamics of labor markets are ignored.


Government Purchasers Confront a Problem: Not Enough Vendors

Procurement officers are having to get more active -- and more creative -- to find companies willing to work with the public sector.


When That Pay-for-Success Project Ends

Early adopters have a lesson for the next generation of PFS projects: It's important to plan from the start for what comes next.


Safer, Smarter Communities

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Every 48 seconds

Frequency of marijuana arrests, which increased last year, largely because of a rise in consumption busts. Arrests for distribution dropped.


Midterms Give Voters Their First Say on Immigration in Trump Era

Oregon has the oldest sanctuary state law in the country. Until recently, it attracted little controversy. In November, voters will decide whether to repeal it.

• Immigration Proposal Could Hurt Obamacare Markets

How Much Privacy Do Public Employees Actually Have?

The digital age, new laws and recent events have created tension between government's transparency and the privacy of the people who work for it.

More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work

Driving remains the predominant form of commuting. But for the first time, the next most common is working from home.

Where Abortion Is on the Ballot in November

Three states could restrict or preemptively criminalize abortion at a time when there is uncertainty over the future of Roe v. Wade.

Will Clergy Sex Abuse Allegations Spur Change in Statute-of-Limitation Laws?

Since the Pennsylvania report, several other states have launched investigations into the Catholic Church. But in some of them, laws prevent many child victims from seeking legal justice.

State Supreme Courts Increasingly Face Partisan Impeachment Threats

The trial to impeach the entire West Virginia Supreme Court starts this week. It's just one example of a growing trend among unhappy lawmakers.

Democratic Primary Turnout Is Up 64%. Will That Matter in November?

Republicans, by comparison, saw 22 percent more people vote this season than in the 2014 midterms.

States' Capital Budgets Have Become Partisan Battlegrounds

The once-quiet place reserved for technical experts is increasingly being held hostage in political fights.

Is Your State Ready for a Hurricane Florence?

The latest from Florence, plus recent coverage on how states and cities across the country are planning for the next big storm.


A New Approach to Healthcare

The culmination of extensive research and three recent roundtables held across the country is the basis for this in-depth look into some of the most pressing issues facing our health care system and how to address them.