How the New Tax Law Could Slow Disaster Recovery in Small Towns

A lesser-known provision in the GOP tax overhaul ends the benefits for victims of small-scale disasters.

Tax Reform Isn't Over -- Here Come the States

States are exploring tax changes in response to the federal overhaul. The proposals in Iowa and New York this week may just be the tip of the iceberg.

• States Plan to Sue Over New Tax Law. Here's Why They Might Lose.

Trump Wants to End States' Power to Make Food Stamps More Accessible During Recessions

The president, who often stresses the need for states to have more flexibility, wants to give them less when it comes to food stamps.

Ill-Prepared and Underfunded, Election Officials Brace for More Cyberattacks

Federal intelligence officials warned Congress on Tuesday that Russia will again attempt to influence the elections through cyber-warfare. New reports shed light on the inadequacy of state and local security systems.

The Bike-Share Company Trying to Bypass Cities

Most dockless bike-share companies want to work closely with cities. In Florida, Ofo has bigger plans that involve the state.

Does Rent Control Do More Harm Than Good?

A new study suggests that policies meant to keep rents down actually jack them up overall, reduce the rental stock and fuel gentrification.

Citing Costs, Some GOP Governors Refuse to Hold Special Elections

Florida's Rick Scott and Wisconsin's Scott Walker say it's about the money. Democrats -- emboldened after a series of wins, including on Tuesday -- say the Republicans are trying to avoid losing more legislative seats.

• How Sexual Harassment Scandals Are Shaking Up Special Elections

How Might a 2018 Democratic Wave Affect Governor's Races?

Waves usually just influence congressional seats. But a look at past wave elections tells a different story.

Trump Budget Calls for Work Requirements for Housing Aid

The president's budget released on Monday confirms most of a leaked proposal and would add to the administration's recent changes to the safety net.

• Are Work Requirements for Medicaid Doomed?

Trump Infrastructure Plan Wants to Stop ‘Overreliance’ on Federal Money

The president’s long-awaited infrastructure plan pushes state and local governments to spend more but offers them a smoother path to getting federal regulatory approval.

EPA to States and Cities: This Is Your Job Now

President Trump’s proposed budget would slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, leaving states and localities with an extra burden.

Trump Proposes Unprecedented Expansion of School Choice

The president's budget calls for a $1.1 billion investment in school choice.



States that need to replace their voting machines before the 2020 elections. Most, however, lack the funding for any upgrades. Meanwhile, federal officials have warned that foreign meddling is not likely to stop with the 2016 election.


What the Federal Budget Deal Means for States and Localities

After a brief shutdown on Friday, the House voted just before dawn on a two-year spending plan.

• Spending Deal Ends Uncertainty for Health Programs -- But at Cost to CDC


There Are Changes Bigger Than Self-Driving Cars Coming

Online shopping and the automation of jobs are going to transform cities.


Climate Disasters Hurt the Poor the Most. Here’s What We Can Do About It.

We need to analyze what puts disadvantaged communities at risk and engage marginalized people in disaster planning.

How Much Is the Opioid Crisis Costing Governments?

Some of its expenses are easy to quantify. But most aren’t.

Can Congestion Pricing Fix Traffic Woes?

An idea that flopped a decade ago -- to charge people who drive into the center of New York City -- now has powerful backers.

Do Americans Support Work Requirements? Depends on How You Ask.

A new poll shows strong opposition to the new Medicaid policy being pushed by the Trump administration. But it contradicts other recent surveys.

• What Happens to People Who Fail Work Requirements?

Geeks Come to the Government's Rescue

The organization some refer to as "the Peace Corps for geeks" has launched a major effort to improve the way people apply for benefits.

Unfilled Jobs Take Toll on Governments Across the Country

When vacancies are high, there are consequences -- and many places are feeling them.