Promising Billions to Amazon: Is It a Good Deal for Cities?

A review of the 20 finalists finds that several are already forgoing hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenue each year and might not be able to afford to give up more.

Missouri Governor's Indictment Prompts House Investigation and More Resignation Pressure

Eric Greitens, who already faced calls from both parties to resign, was charged on Thursday with a felony in connection with an extramarital affair and an alleged blackmail scheme.

Bipartisan Group of Governors Outline Health Care Compromise, Again

They are calling on the Trump administration to, among other things, restore subsidy payments and support more state reinsurance programs.

For Millennials and By Millennials: The Rise of the Future Caucus

Congress and almost half the states have a bipartisan caucus dedicated to working on issues that young people care about.

A wallet with cash inside it.

Retirement Experts to New Government Employees: Think for Yourself

When pension reform happens, new workers often carry the biggest financial burden. But they don't always have to.

2 Strategies, 1 Goal: Helping Cities Solve Problems

NYCx and Urban-X have similar names but different models for coming up with better ways to deliver government services.

Post-Parkland, Some Unlikely States Embrace Gun Control

The mass shooting at a Florida high school may be turning the tide of gun politics as some Republicans, including President Trump, embrace the idea of gun control.

Public Corruption Cases Are Harder to Prove Than Ever

Since the Supreme Court raised prosecutors' burden of proof, several politicians have had their convictions thrown out. There are new questions about what exactly counts as corruption.

Construction in downtown Los Angeles

Affordable Housing Shortage Expected to Worsen Under Tax Law

Congress indirectly diluted the tax incentives for building affordable housing -- a change that's predicted to result in a quarter of a million fewer units.

Tax Reform Isn't Over -- Here Come the States

States are exploring tax changes in response to the federal overhaul. The proposals in Iowa and New York this week may just be the tip of the iceberg.

• States Plan to Sue Over New Tax Law. Here's Why They Might Lose.

How One County Put a Number on the Opioid Crisis

Hennepin County, Minn., did a deep dive into what it was spending on the opioid crisis. The numbers were alarming.

After Reforming Criminal Justice, Alaska Has Second Thoughts

The state rolled back criminal justice reforms it had adopted only a year earlier. Other parts of the country are also reconsidering similar changes.



Decrease in rental housing stock and increase in rental prices after San Francisco applied its rent control law to more properties. Tenants living in rent-controlled units, however, did see savings.


Trump Wants to End States' Power to Make Food Stamps More Accessible During Recessions

The president, who often stresses the need for states to have more flexibility, wants to give them less when it comes to food stamps.

This Anti-Violence Program Has Been Proven to Cut Crime. Can It Work in Baltimore?

The Roca program has helped keep hundreds of youths out of jail in Massachusetts. Now officials want to transplant that success to one of the toughest crime cities in the nation.

What Will You Do to Fix Our Mental Health Care System?

That’s what many Iowans, home to the state with the fewest mental health beds, are asking candidates for governor.

How Might a 2018 Democratic Wave Affect Governor's Races?

Waves usually just influence congressional seats. But a look at past wave elections tells a different story.

Facebook's Brewing Legal Battle With States and Cities

Last week, Seattle became the first city to crack down on the secrecy surrounding online political ads. Experts say it likely won't be the last.


How Smart Governments Are Competing for Talent

To attract and retain employees in a competitive market, they're focusing on succession planning and leadership development.


What the Trump Infrastructure Plan Gets Right

There are strong arguments for its proposals that would remove barriers to innovative financing and streamline the regulatory process.


There Are Changes Bigger Than Self-Driving Cars Coming

Online shopping and the automation of jobs are going to transform cities.

Citing Costs, Some GOP Governors Refuse to Hold Special Elections

Florida's Rick Scott and Wisconsin's Scott Walker say it's about the money. Democrats -- emboldened after a series of wins, including on Tuesday -- say the Republicans are trying to avoid losing more legislative seats.

• How Sexual Harassment Scandals Are Shaking Up Special Elections