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A state lawmaker has proposed legislation that would permanently extend the ban on willful defiance suspensions from middle and high schools across the state after 2025. But not all educators support the bill.
The nation’s second largest school district and the teacher’s union have reached a tentative agreement that would avert the possibility of a second strike this year. The agreement includes raises for several position types and reduced classroom size.
The two former Pinellas County educators have challenged seven books, including The Bible and “Danny and the Dinosaur,” in an effort to “highlight the slippery slope” of removing books in response to parental complaints.
The L.A. school district implemented four “acceleration days” for their students that aimed to fill the gaps in student learning, exacerbated by the pandemic. But less than 8 percent attended and the overall cost of these sessions remains unclear.
It’s hard to imagine a worse time to roll back restrictions on when, where and how long children can work. But several states are moving in that direction.
Gov. Greg Abbott sees a statewide school voucher program as a way for educational freedom while others argue that it would have detrimental impacts on rural communities.
The 2022 stock market plunge has taken a toll on some of the nation’s largest state and municipal pension funds, making it harder to pay for future retirement benefits to millions of K-12 teachers and other public employees.
About 10 percent of union workers reported being homeless at some point while working for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Nearly 30 percent reported being at high risk of homelessness. The strike ended on March 23.
People ages 15 to 24 account for more than half of people who are affected by sexually transmitted diseases in California and about 20 percent of California high schools’ students were sexually active in 2019.
Data suggests that nearly 60 percent of youth with major depression do not receive any mental health treatment. States are looking to use their federal funds to create programs to foster well-being among youth.
For decades, America dropped the ball on teaching students about democratic governance processes. Now it’s being seen as essential to repairing a battered democracy.
Weeping Water Public Schools will transition to a four-day school week beginning next year, making it at least the sixth school district in Nebraska to do so. But research on the schedule’s benefits for students is unclear.
The school district revealed that thousands of student records, including some of current students, were posted to the dark web as the result of a recent cyber attack. The information included driver’s license and social security numbers.
Hardscaped schoolyards present health risks in a warming world. A school forest initiative in California reflects a potential national trend to change the character and function of outdoor spaces.
Proposed legislation would remove protections surrounding school librarians who allow students to check out books found to be obscene and would, instead, expose them to a misdemeanor of a “high and aggravated nature.”