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Pharmacists and pharmacist technicians have administered hundreds of millions of vaccinations during the pandemic, but federal emergency authorization for their wider role could end soon. States should make it permanent.
A statewide ballot measure, headed by a startup investor and former Google executive, would tax California’s richest residents to pay for public health initiatives to prevent future pandemics.
The $2.45 million app, which launched on Monday, arrived nearly a month later than promised and after much of the state’s pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Just 1,425 people had registered by 8 a.m. Tuesday.
Enforcement of the ban, which includes menthol cigarettes, won’t begin until January. Californians will vote on a possible statewide ban of flavored tobacco in the November elections.
The AARP Livability Index, which relaunched this week, scores towns, cities and counties for the services they provide based on several metrics, including housing, transportation, environment and health.
Earlier this month, the California city launched its Mobile Assistance Community Responders program, which sends trained civilians to respond to emergency mental health crises, allowing police to focus on violent crime response.
The city is an outlier among major metropolitan areas for its decision to reinstate its mandate for indoor masking as of April 18, but not everyone agrees that it’s the best way to respond to recent data.
Advocates worry that the transition to 988, the National Suicide Hotline telephone number, is underfunded and understaffed, which could limit some callers’ ability to get through when the switch is made in July.
It includes investments that will raise health-care workers’ pay, improve their workplace infrastructure and provide incentives that will attract more people to the workforce, according to Gov. Kathy Hochul.
Several states have proposed bills that would protect health-care professionals from punishment if they promote COVID-19 misinformation or unproven treatments. So far only North Dakota has approved similar legislation.
Despite medical risks and a department policy that requires officers to assist injured people, Los Angeles police officers will often wait several minutes before approaching a person they’ve just shot.
A report from the American Lung Association found that New Hampshire could save $3.9 billion in public health benefits and prevent 356 premature deaths by switching to EVs and clean energy by 2050.
Many could quit their jobs because of harassment and burnout, leaving communities at great risk. The public hostility toward the workers has been referred to as “moral injury.”
A new study highlights innovative state-level strategies driven by data that emerged during the pandemic to address social factors undermining the well-being of too many Americans.
Case counts and deaths have dropped dramatically from their January highs, but politicians and the public are giving up protections even as another wave starts forming.