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Renewable Energy

State Senate President Craig Blair has said that there will be an effort to lift the ban during this year’s legislative session. But many are still wary of the power and its waste.
The Oregon facility will now include solar power in the design, which could allow the plant to run for 178 days entirely on solar power and earn the city a net revenue of $24,000.
Natural gas powers the majority of electricity in Texas, especially during winter. Some power companies say the state’s gas system is not ready for another deep freeze.
The local gas utility called the plan’s language “problematic for our industry.” Miami floated the idea for a new policy banning hookups starting with new construction and expanding to city building retrofits.
The Build Back Better Regional Challenge aims to boost local economies through $1 billion of federal grants, $100 million of which will be used to support coal communities. Logan County is just one of the 10 applicants from West Virginia.
Commercial nuclear reactors produced one-fifth of the nation’s electricity in 2020, without requiring the direct combustion of fossil fuels. But it’s difficult finding the funds to develop and maintain the sites.
The state’s low-cost energy is a great draw for those looking to expand the cryptocurrency industry. But mining the digital currencies consumes a lot of power and some experts aren’t certain that the state’s power grid can withstand the stress.
The county’s Regional Decarbonization Framework report not only outlines the county’s goals of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2035 but also puts local governments as the driving force behind climate response.
Texas Republicans have largely welcomed the blockchain technology industry with open arms. But skeptics are concerned about cryptocurrency mining’s impact on the environment and energy grid.
The state’s largest electric utility, Ameren Corp.’s Sioux Energy Center, is mining bitcoin to avoid wasting energy and stressing its power plants. Ameren believes it is the first or one of the first utilities in the nation to do so.
Offshore wind has many advantages over land-based turbines. Developers have to consider a variety of factors, including speed and consistency of the wind, as well as possible conflicts with fishing and shipping.
The electric car company received a warm welcome from the Lone Star State when it moved its headquarters from California just a few months ago. But some state regulations could hinder the company’s success.
A new report analyzes the home and auto energy use of each state and finds that Utah is the most efficient. Investing in energy efficiency can yield long-term savings for individuals, businesses and governments alike.
Gov. Charlie Baker has filed clean energy legislation that would remove the existing price cap on project proposals in hopes to attract greater investment into the state’s developing offshore wind industry.
Some say that Michigan is well suited to become the hub for next-gen technologies like semiconductors and electric vehicles, but will need more investment before it outpaces tech hubs in New England and the West.