Public Safety & Justice

Swing Justice Appears Split on Obamacare Case

In U.S. Supreme Court arguments, a justice many view as a deciding vote questioned the Obama administration's case for the health law as well as the constitutionality of the challengers'.

Cities Confront Long-Neglected DNA Evidence in Rape Cases

With about 400,000 untested rape kits nationwide, officials at the federal, state and local levels are devoting new attention and money to reducing the backlog.

How Mayors Can Mend Police's Public Relations

The nation’s mayors released a report highlighting ways cities can rebuild the broken trust between police officers and citizens.

5 Reasons State House Speakers May Be Prone to Corruption

Sheldon Silver, who lost his job as one of the most powerful political posts in New York, is the fourth state house speaker to face legal trouble over the past year.

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