Public Safety & Justice

Are Cops 'Off the Hook'? How Police Reform Has Changed Under Trump

The Trump administration has shifted away from overseeing police in favor of tackling violent crime.

Pro-law enforcement demonstrators and members of Black Lives Matter.

Nighttime Traffic Deaths on the Rise

From 2010 to 2017, nighttime pedestrian and cyclist fatalities rose 46 percent while daytime deaths rose 15 percent.

• What's the 'Dutch Reach'? 2 U.S. States Adopt It to Save Cyclists' Lives

U.S. Police Under Pressure to End Their Relationship With Israel

Police departments have been sending their leaders to Israel to learn about the country's counterterrorism strategies since the 1990s. But growing opposition is pushing some to rethink these exchange programs.

Feds Threaten Jail for Opening a Supervised Injection Site in America

The response from city officials: So what? They are pushing forward to open the controversial facilities that exist in other countries as a way to reduce drug overdoses.