Health & Human Services

Spending Deal Offers Short-Term CHIP Relief, But Uncertainty Looms

The bill signed by President Trump helps states keep the Children's Health Insurance Program afloat, but it doesn't offer any reassurance that kids won't lose their health care in 2018.

• CHIP Isn't the Only Program for Children and Babies That Congress Let Expire

Foreshadowing Food Stamp Changes, Feds Seek States' Advice

The Trump administration has begun the process of tightening welfare programs. Many conservative states have been waiting for a moment like this for years.

Central Florida Already Struggled to Provide Health Care and Affordable Housing. Then Hurricane Refugees Poured In.

The region is coping with one of the biggest influxes of Puerto Ricans fleeing the hurricane-ravaged island.

Maine's Obamacare Vote Revives Expansion Debate in Some States

Last month's election has re-energized Obamacare advocates. Meanwhile in Maine, the matter is being complicated by Gov. Paul LePage, who has vowed not to implement an expansion until lawmakers show how they'll fund it.