Health & Human Services

Maine Could Make Health-Care History, Again, on Election Day

Voters could approve what would be the nation's first universal at-home care program. But it may face pushback from the incoming governor.

• Should Hospitals Limit the Number of Patients Nurses Can Help? Home health care aide helping an elderly woman walk.

Trump Administration Releases Final Rule for Legal Immigrants Using Public Benefits

It is not as strict as the leaked version but would still drastically limit what benefits they could use without risking green cards or permanent residency status.

• Midterms Give Voters Their First Say on Immigration in Trump Era

November Offers Major Test of Medicaid Expansion's Support in Red States

Several states will hold the first referendum on Obamacare since Congressional Republicans tried and failed to repeal it.

• How State Races Could Impact Medicaid

This Is What Happens When a City Shuts Down Mental Health Clinics

This country has never had an effective public policy toward mental illness. In Chicago, things seem to be getting even worse.


A New Approach to Healthcare

The culmination of extensive research and three recent roundtables held across the country is the basis for this in-depth look into some of the most pressing issues facing our health care system and how to address them.