Why the L.A. Teacher Strike Is Different From Last Year's Protests

Educators in the nation's second-largest school district are set to strike on Monday. The dispute could impact education policy across the country.

Lead in School Water: Less Than Half the States Test for It, and Fewer Require It

Federal regulations neither require schools to test their water nor have a single health standard for drinking water. The resulting patchwork of state policies can have a big impact on how -- and whether -- they respond to lead found in water.

Chronic Absenteeism a Major Problem in U.S. Schools

More than 15 percent of students are missing almost a month of school. Districts don't know how to address the issue.

With Child Homelessness on the Rise, What Can Schools Do?

"This is something that school districts are just going to have to plan for," says an education official in Washington state, which is proactively helping these students succeed and secure housing.

• A Potential Turning Point in How Cities Treat the Homeless