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As we enter the final months of 2013, the federal workforce faces significant challenges, as well as some opportunities for improvement. Many are unresolved issues from years (or even decades) in the past. Others stem from the economic downturn, recent budget cuts and battles in Congress. There are many policy questions to be addressed, but which should take priority, what are the biggest challenges, and how can previous policies shape the debate?
The Coalition for Effective Change (CEC) celebrates its 20th anniversary by continuing a long tradition of bringing people together to strengthen the workforce and engage thought leaders on how best to do so.
On October 8, 2013, CEC has invited some well-known federal workforce experts to join in an in depth panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the federal workforce and suggestions on how best to meet them. Confirmed guests include Janice Lachance (OPM Director, 1997-2001) and Linda Springer (OPM Director, 2005-2008). The panel discussion will be moderated by Carol Bonosaro, President of the Senior Executives Association.

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