By the Numbers

Mapping the Nation’s Most Densely Populated Cities

It's no surprise that New York City, in addition to being home to the most residents of any U.S. city, is also the most densely populated. Other urban centers, particularly along the coasts, tend to have high population density as well.

Some major cities, though, aren't nearly as densely populated.  READ MORE

Report: Cuts to City Personnel Budgets Slowly Declining (Except Pensions)

Deep personnel-related cuts that had accelerated during the Great Recession as local governments trimmed budgets are slowly beginning to taper off.

That’s according to survey data published Thursday by the National League of Cities (NLC) in a report examining a range of fiscal conditions across U.S. cities. READ MORE

Analysis: Do Business-Friendly Tax Climates Yield The Most Jobs?

The Tax Foundation published its annual State Business Tax Climate Index study on Wednesday, ranking the most and least friendly states for companies to do business.

As in years past, the release generated no shortage of media attention. The index serves as a benchmark for comparison and is often cited by elected officials, whether they’re on the campaign trail or looking to lure companies from other states. READ MORE

Despite Government Cutbacks, Student Interest in Public Sector Careers Grows

Hundreds of thousands of government workers remain furloughed this week as politicians fight another round of the seemingly never-ending battle over the federal budget. At the state and local level, many agencies hit with steep funding cuts in the aftermath of the recession still haven’t recovered, either.

But despite the bleak employment outlook and negative rhetoric, younger Americans don’t appear deterred from pursuing careers in public service. READ MORE

States and Agencies Most Affected by Federal Shutdown

The ramifications of the federal shutdown this week have been far-reaching, from Air Force bases along the west coast to tens of thousands of government workers in the New York City metro area.

READ: Full coverage of the federal shutdown's impact on states and localities. READ MORE