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A Livermore-based company hopes to implement fleets of driver-optional, electric tractors to farms and vineyards by the end of this year. But critics say the company has yet to prove its autonomous tractors are safe enough for use.
Too many programs place the burden of complexity on citizens, leaving those who need services the most struggling to access them. To include marginalized users, services should be designed for them.
Recipients of the Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers awards include county CIOs, agency leaders, state CISOs, diversity advocates and technologists.
While not intended to be a permanent ban on Amazon’s autonomous personal delivery devices or the dispenser that houses them, it will allow the Washington city to address the safety and zoning issues surrounding the tech first.
A surge in property title fraud has led several counties and cities to fund programs that notify residents if imposter paperwork gets filed against their deed. The increase in digitized records has contributed to the rise in fraud.
TuSimple has run seven semi-truck trips between Tucson and Phoenix without a driver since December and this spring it will expand those deliveries by partnering with Union Pacific to autonomously transport actual freight.
The number of cash transactions on the Maine Turnpike has dropped significantly since the introduction of E-ZPasses and high-speed electric toll lanes. Officials plan to end cash collection in the coming years.
Fully autonomous robots that can act as a security guard, tour guide and information center may soon debut in theme parks across Orlando. But some worry about the robots’ impact on employment and security.
The governor’s office has requested that companies submit proposals for building and operating an all-electric, self-driving microtransit system in Trenton that could serve as many as 90,000 people.
The $2.1 million autonomous vehicle testing site expansion at Castle Commerce Center in Atwater, Calif., includes a test track, a city course and two vehicle dynamics areas. Officials hope the investment will help attract the AV industry.
The Boring Company has proposed to build a pair of tunnels that would shuttle riders to the city’s beachfront in self-driving Teslas. But there are still cost and environmental concerns that need to be resolved before approval.
If you see the Tesla Bot as a joke or a harbinger of a dystopian future, you could be missing the real threat, which has more to do with Elon Musk’s power than robots run amok.
A new report found four tolling sites had problems correctly counting vehicle axles, billing customers twice and overbilling others with commuter payment plans. The problems could be larger than MDTA wants to admit.
One Ford plant converted into an electrification center and now makes parts for hybrid and electric vehicles, which allowed it to keep its workers. But the conversion hasn’t come without its challenges.
The autonomous vehicle company Argo AI, along with Ford and Lyft, announced that 1,000 self-driving ride-hail cars would arrive in Miami this winter, worrying many Lyft and Uber drivers about their job security.