We've priced parking too low for decades. As competition for the curb heats up, here's what needs to change.
As a divided country wrestles with its future, it may be a good time to think about how we constitute a more perfect Union.
In most states and nationwide, collections overcome early pandemic losses.
Gov. Laura Kelly has said she was considering removing the state from federal unemployment bonus payments to encourage workers to return to the workforce. Many Republican states are considering withdrawing the aid.
America’s largest pipeline shut down in the wake of a ransomware attack that triggered a gasoline crisis in cities across the Southeast. It’s just one of several major cyberattacks in recent weeks.
The CDC has updated its coronavirus guidelines to let vaccinated residents resume most activities, indoor and outdoor, without a mask. But some experts want the state to wait another month and see how numbers change.
Antioch, Calif., voted to join the public partnership that will use autonomous electric vehicles to shuttle passengers between public transportation and businesses. The four-city system will be operating by 2030.
Josh Bivens, research director at the Economic Policy Institute, regarding the fact that many companies are struggling to find workers and are increasing wages to try and bring in new employees. Several major chain companies, such as McDonald’s, Sheetz, Chipotle, Amazon, Walmart and Costco have boosted wages, in some cases to $15 an hour or higher. (Associated Press — May 14, 2021)
The amount of money that will go to California public schools if the winning SuperLotto Plus lottery ticket is not redeemed. The winner of the $26 million lottery prize says that the winning ticket was accidentally washed away in a load of laundry.
The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our basic assumptions about where and how government work should be done. We’ve learned that much of government work can be done remotely, but many agencies are working out how to do it efficiently and reliably.
States are announcing incentive programs to encourage residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19. What started as small benefits, free doughnuts and beer has grown into significant prizes, such as five chances to win $1 million.
The U.S. was once king of semiconductor manufacturing. Today, not so much. In an interview, Skanda Amarnath discusses what went wrong with our chip-making prowess and if government intervention is needed.
A report analyzes which states are the best for police careers based upon opportunity, training requirements and protections from job hazards. But a trouble-plagued year may spark deeper changes for the future.
The order will increase the amount of shared information on cyberattacks and aims to improve government cybersecurity practices. The order comes just days after Colonial Pipeline temporarily closed due to a cyberattack.
Lawmakers unanimously approved legislation that will allow police to track any cellphone’s location in real time. Warrants are not needed if the officers believe there is risk of death or serious physical harm.
President Joe Biden, responding to reports of gasoline price gouging while the Colonial Pipeline was offline for several days due to a cyberattack. The pipeline has since been reopened, but some motorists are still waiting for fuel to return to normal levels. (Associated Press — May 13, 2021)
The number of Arkansas workers across all industries who got sick with COVID-19 from May 19, 2020, to April 8, 2021. 2,866 of those cases, nearly one-third, work at Tyson Foods Inc., the third-largest employer in the state.
How states choose to regulate insurance and liability for self-driving cars may impact how quickly consumers adopt them, but many questions remain around how and when to set these new policies.
Cities want modern light rail trains and vintage-style streetcars. Most are built by foreign firms. Few know they also are manufactured by an American company with deep roots in Rust-Belt western Pennsylvania.
Two-thirds of Americans over 25 don't have a bachelor’s degree or higher. A Harvard study uncovers inconsistent efforts to give these workers skills for economic mobility and calls for improving the problem.
Some gas stations have run out of fuel as the major fuel supplier, Colonial Pipeline, remains temporarily out of operation due to a cyberattack over the weekend. Officials have urged residents not to hoard fuel.
The new bureau will work to tackle hate crimes, white supremacy and biased policing across the state and will work closely between the community and law enforcement. It will also consider reparations for Black Californians.
Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a law that will allow small “personal delivery devices” to operate on sidewalks and crosswalks, opening the door for robot deliveries. Some believe the pandemic encouraged lawmakers to approve the legislation.
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, regarding his decision to ban mask mandates and the use of vaccine passports in the state. (NPR — May 12, 2021)
The number of feral cats that have been released onto Chicago’s streets since 2012 in an attempt to control the city’s rat problem.
GHD identified four themes critical for municipalities to address to reach net-zero by 2050. Will you be ready?
The Senate is considering a bill that would devote billions to create new tech hubs around the country. It faces an uncertain future, since picking winners makes other regions jealous.
Disinformation endangered lives as it disrupted emergency response during the Oregon wildfires last fall. To adequately prevent further floods of disinformation, it may take a “whole of government” approach.
To avoid rebuilding billions of dollars worth of rail infrastructure, transit officials are looking to replace diesel locomotives with battery-powered ones. NJ Transit and LIRR are both testing electric alternatives.
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced this week that the state will double its pandemic rent relief budget to $5.2 billion, using part of the unexpected $38 billion surplus. Details of who will be eligible have not yet been released.