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The Framework for Coping With an Environmental Disaster

Lessons Flint has learned as it works to get lead out of its drinking water can show the way for other cities coping with their own crises.

By Hughey Newsome  |  Tue Aug 20 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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A Checklist for Evidence-Based Government

It's a way to measure progress toward building and strengthening a culture of learning and improvement.

By Andrew Feldman and Kathy Stack  |  Tue Aug 20 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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What Juvenile Justice Needs: Care, Not Cages

We rely too much on incarceration. The pillars of the system should be healing, restoration and renewal.

By Clinton Lacey  |  Fri Aug 16 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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What We Can Learn From the Medical Examiner

They're often the ones who see public-health problems at their earliest stages. There are ways to make better use of their data.

By Jocelyn Howard  |  Tue Aug 13 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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America's Weak-Beer Wars

Most states have repealed their Prohibition-era '3.2 laws,' but they would do beer-drinkers and retailers a favor by clearing away their remaining alcohol-content restrictions.

By C. Jarrett Dieterle  |  Mon Aug 12 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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The Investments Human Services Nonprofits Need

As community-based organizations struggle financially, they are experiencing staff turnover that hampers their crucial work.

By Susan N. Dreyfus and Tracy Wareing Evans  |  Mon Aug 05 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Disasters and the Critical Need for Digital Readiness

Too often, it's uncharted territory. But the time to prepare is before a community is overwhelmed.

By Talia Smith and Luke Fretwell  |  Thu Aug 01 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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The Electric-Bus Opportunity

A large-scale rollout not only would significantly improve air quality but also holds the promise of good new jobs for the disadvantaged.

By Christy Veeder  |  Tue Jul 30 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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The Transparency the Criminal Justice System Needs

We can't have effective policymaking without comprehensive data. By mandating standardized data collection across the state, Florida is leading the way.

By Chris Sprowls  |  Wed Jul 24 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Giving Local Voters a Say in Tax Policy

When revenues can't cover essential services, public officials would do well to engage residents in a dialogue about what's important to them.

By Chris Adams  |  Tue Jul 23 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Why Government Needs to Get to Know Its Customers

Identifying them and their needs is the first step to serving them better and reducing wasted effort.

By John M. Bernard  |  Mon Jul 22 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Better Ways to Measure Student Learning

There's a lot of room for improvement in the way we do standardized tests. Some states are experimenting with innovative approaches.

By Bonnie O'Keefe  |  Wed Jul 17 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Developers Are Helping to Build Our Cities, Not Killing Them

Rather than treating them as the enemy, cities should collaborate with them.

By Steven Pedigo and Alisa Pyszka  |  Mon Jul 15 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Recycle or Burn? Local Governments Must Choose for the Long Term.

China has disrupted our once-thriving recycling programs. Cities and counties should be investing in the recycling industry, not incinerators.

By Evan Bayh  |  Wed Jul 10 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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PerformanceStat: A Leadership Strategy That Keeps Innovating

Building on decades of experience, public leaders are finding new ways to tap the power of this powerful, evolving form of data-driven management.

By Andrew Feldman, Michael Jacobson and Melissa Wavelet  |  Tue Jul 09 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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The Tool That Local Economic Developers Should Rely On

A cost-benefit model is the best route to creating fiscally prudent incentive packages.

By Roger Zalneraitis  |  Mon Jul 08 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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How Land-Grant Universities Can Enrich the Future of Communities

These institutions offer statewide resources that municipal leaders should take more advantage of.

By Stephen M. Gavazzi  |  Mon Jul 01 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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A Way to Get School Finances Back Under Control

Faced with teacher strikes, many districts are making commitments they can't afford. It may be time to establish state-level GAOs to rein them in.

By Marguerite Roza  |  Tue Jun 25 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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Smaller Cities' Path to Reinvigoration

They have a lot going for them, but they need the kind of infrastructure investment that partnering with financial institutions can provide.

By Nigel Wilson  |  Mon Jun 24 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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A Common Economic Language for Development

Transportation and land-use agencies often don't work with the same data as economic development offices. A new tool aims to bridge that gap.

By Adie Tomer and Elissa Gertler  |  Wed Jun 19 01:00:00 PDT 2019
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