Marc Hyden is the director of state government affairs at the R Street Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based free-market-focused think tank. Before joining R Street, he was a senior manager for Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty. Previously, he was a campaign field representative with the National Rifle Association, a campaign manager for a Republican congressional race in western North Carolina, the legislative liaison/public affairs specialist with the Georgia emergency management and homeland security agency, and the legislative aide to the Georgia Senate's president pro tempore.

Hyden is the author of Gaius Marius: The Rise and Fall of Rome's Saviour, published in 2017. He received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Georgia State University.

June 10, 2019

A Misguided Way to Collect Student-Loan Debt

Suspending delinquent borrowers' occupational licenses just makes it harder for them to repay their loans. Thankfully, states are moving to abandon the practice.
June 12, 2015

The Conservative Case Against Capital Punishment

The death penalty process is too wasteful and expensive to justify any longer.