Getting it Right: Customer Service and Citizen Engagement

February 18
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Service backlogs, excessive paperwork, staff inundated by status requests, long claim processing times, low staff morale and low customer satisfaction often point to a common cause--a poorly performing citizen interaction process. Citizen expectations are often shaped by their experience with the high performance organizations outside of government. When those expectations are not met, it can harden perceptions of government competence and capacity. The nature and quality of those interactions take on added urgency at a time when increasing numbers of people are coming to government in need of timely and appropriate assistance. Headlines about their complaints complicate matters but can also serve as a call to action to get those citizen contacts right, every time.

Join Adobe and GOVERNING on February 18 at 2pm EST for a one-hour Web event that spotlights how governments are improving customer service and citizen engagement.

This in-depth discussion will focus on:

  • Improving citizen customer service
  • Increasing citizen engagement in government
  • Raising citizen expectations


Loni StarkLoni Kao Stark
Group Manager, Worldwide Government Solutions
Adobe Systems


Gordon Thompson
Department of Revenue
State of Wisconsin

John Miri
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Former Director of E-Government, State of Texas