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Umatilla Electric Cooperative is responsible for 1.8 million tons of carbon emissions annually despite having just 16,000 customers. One of those customers is Amazon, which has data centers in areas where renewable energy access is limited.
The Department of Higher Education waited eight weeks to notify the attorney general’s office of a data breach that affected thousands of personal records from the last two decades, despite state law requiring a 30-day notice.
Experts explore how AI could be used to create and spread election-related falsehoods that disrupt democratic processes.
Too often, the data that states collect is inaccessible to those who need it to make decisions about education and careers. It’s encouraging that policymakers are moving toward cross-agency policies that ensure robust data access.
There have been 33 school shootings in 2023 that resulted in injuries or deaths. Many school officials are using COVID-19 funds to purchase security equipment. But the tools may not always be as beneficial as they seem.
A new law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul last month prohibits employers from accessing a worker’s or applicant’s private social media accounts, which advocates claim is a win for worker privacy.
Despite some early missteps, the public management practice is here to stay. More cities are working on collaborative efforts with one another, national organizations and researchers to shape their future policies.
Work that began as a civic hack — a part-time passion project for a group of Google engineers — is bringing corrections operations into the 21st century, helping tens of thousands move out of the system.
State and local government PIOs and social media teams are navigating the drastic changes at what was once Twitter, grappling with unexpected features and shifts in user verification, as they weigh the pros and cons of remaining on the evolving platform.
Three former public officials in Morrow County, who own a small telecommunications company, which provides fiber-optic service to Amazon data centers, failed to acknowledge that they stood to profit when they gave tax breaks and arranged land sales.
But there's no agreement on details, according to Sen. Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer. Disagreements arose around licensing, testing and other forms of regulation for artificial intelligence.
Many sites tied to the national mental health crisis hotline transmitted information on visitors through the Meta Pixel analytics tool despite promises of anonymity to their users.
New York state’s Office of Information Technology Services issued a report last week, following a state law that banned biometric identifying technology in schools. A decision about the tech will be made in the coming weeks.
It makes anyone across the state who shares personal identifiable information about another person with the purpose of harming them to be found civilly liable in court. The ACLU has cited free speech concerns.
Current government budgeting processes are not up to the demands of a world where the future looks less and less like the past.
City planning agencies and business improvement districts are increasingly relying on cellphone tracking data from groups like to understand how cities are changing.