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Artificial Intelligence

Major tech firms have signed an accord to fight the deceptive use of AI in 2024 elections. It’s a welcome signal, if not a promise to solve the problem.
Artificial intelligence platforms have flaws with serious class, gender and race implications. Public officials need to pay more attention to those biases and do what they can to prevent harm.
AI can generate vast numbers of public comments masquerading as citizen input. Other methods of public consultation can improve confidence in government.
As inflation and interest rates ease, 2024 will be a perfect time for overdue multiyear strategic planning and keeping up with breakthrough information technologies.
Proposed legislation would require political ads created with artificial intelligence to include a disclaimer. Another bill would create a new avenue for people to sue for defamation if AI-generated content harms their reputation.
States and localities may have hidden treasure in their data that can be profitably unearthed by commercial interests. Governments need to be able to realize the value of their data while still protecting the public.
A new report analyzes how artificial technology could be used in state government without risking data privacy, misinformation, equity or bias. Gov. Gavin Newsom called the report an important first step.
Los Angeles spends millions on body cameras to help provide transparency and accountability, but most of the footage never gets seen. Now department leaders are wondering if artificial intelligence can help solve the issue.
The City Council approved the network that will cost $12 million over the next five years, will be made up of 500 cameras equipped with license plate reading technology, and could be implemented as soon as January.
Rapidly developing AI-powered technology is making it easier to appropriate the public sector's financial information for proprietary uses. Businesses that slice and dice this data should be renters, not owners.
The technology has great potential in the future of data analysis and policymaking. But it will only happen if the right guardrails are in place and best practices are developed and followed early on.
School officials in both Meridian and Nampa, Idaho, have seen their students increasingly use artificial intelligence in their work, which has prompted some school districts to create a task force to propose new policies.
The artificial intelligence will connect business owners and entrepreneurs with information from 2,000 city web pages. The launch is part of an effort to better incorporate new technology into everyday government.
There have been 33 school shootings in 2023 that resulted in injuries or deaths. Many school officials are using COVID-19 funds to purchase security equipment. But the tools may not always be as beneficial as they seem.
The city’s Technology Council’s annual Tech Fest encourages developers to capitalize on the power of generative artificial intelligence while also being cognizant of the risks of the software.
It is on track to become ubiquitous in public services, but it will introduce unpredicted challenges. Success will require not only an understanding of coding and statistics but also the knowledge that humans apply from their lived experience.