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Gov. Palin will be on Fox with Greta Van Susteren tonight. Meanwhile, the Anchorage Daily News has put up its interview with the governor, in ...
by | November 10, 2008

Palin thumb Gov. Palin will be on Fox with Greta Van Susteren tonight. Meanwhile, the Anchorage Daily News has put up its interview with the governor, in which she blames the Bush administration for the GOP defeat, says future earmark requests will be fewer but "sensible" and doesn't rule out further national ambitions.

Here's her take on Troopergate:

Q. Were you aware that during the campaign there were some large protests in Anchorage against your candidacy as well as your handling of the Walt Monegan issue? What do you think about that and what can you do to bring those people back.

A. To bring those people back in terms of ... I wasn't aware of all the protests until like after they'd happened, I hear about it, a friend e-mailing me or something saying that there were placards out there saying whatever they would say. I think that's the nature of a national level campaign also. The opposition to our ticket on the national level, that's going to be expressed here on the local level too. The whole Monegan thing, I am glad that we've already gone through two different processes now, the personnel board, which is where it should have been all along, and the legislative investigation of it also. It's done. It's over. People need to move on.

And on taking state per diem money for nights spent at home:

Q. One of the things that came up during the campaign is that you charge the state per diem for time spent here in Wasilla. Is that something you are going to continue to do?

A. We've always followed the law and fully disclosed all that. The choice there in many months of the Juneau mansion being re-plumbed and all the improvements being made in the infrastructure of the Juneau house, where we weren't going to be there anyway. Knowing that in the end it would have cost the state more money to do what other governors had done and that is either charge the state for hotel rooms. Or the state rents you an apartment like they did for Governor Murkowski. We said no, we just won't sell our house, knowing that we're going to spend quite a bit of time here, especially those months where the remodels were taking place in the governor's mansion. And we would disclose my per diem, we wouldn't try to hide it ... trying to go above and beyond, not accepting any per diem for the kids or Todd at all, they've lived outside of the governor's house. Trying to follow the rules and doing what is legal and ethical and full disclosure.

Same with the family's travel. That's baffled me that all of a sudden two years later, again, never having tried to hide anything with either traveling back and forth to Juneau for first family events that were outside the capital city, in bringing Piper and, once in a while, Willow with me also, that anybody would think that I was trying to hide that they came with me ... just trying to do my job and part of my job is with the first family, having them with me at some of these events.


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