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Not All About Trump: Democrats Worry About State Legislative Races

Panelists at the Netroots Nation conference this weekend raised concerns about finding enough candidates and donors for state legislative elections.

• Will the Gerrymandering Ruling Motivate Donors and Voters? Panel at Netroots Nation conference.

Despite Census Citizenship Ruling, Officials Say 'Damage Has Been Done'

The justices rejected the Trump administration's plan, for now, to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. Even if it's not ultimately added, there are concerns about immigrants, minorities and low-income people not being counted.

How Trump Became Counties' Best Friend and Biggest Ally

The administration is focusing on a level of government that past presidents have often neglected.

GOP Holds Voter-Registration Advantage in Races for Governor and President

More people are registering as Republicans than Democrats in states with gubernatorial elections this year and in some 2020 battleground states.