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A new campaign on Bay Area Rapid Transit, designed and developed by young people of color, encourages people who witness sexual harassment on trains and buses to discreetly intervene.
Bay Area Rapid Transit launched a new schedule this month with more frequent service on nights and weekends and less frequent service at traditional peak commuter hours. It’s part of a shift toward round-the-clock service at big-city transit agencies.
While riders pay only $1 for the on-demand service, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority pays about $43 per ride. The expense has raised questions about service quality, fairness and the future of public transit.
Nearly half of all Americans now live in a jurisdiction where it’s legal to smoke weed. But for some workers, including bus drivers and train operators, drug-testing protocols make legalization irrelevant.
The plan is the largest EV charging incentive program in the country and the rebates for charging equipment can cover 50 percent of a project’s costs or up to $100,000. The state aims to have 250,000 public chargers by 2025.
Randy Clarke, the general manager of the Washington Metro, is a public-transit superfan with lots of support in D.C. How long will it last?
They are a key source of funding for transportation infrastructure, but have been shrinking for years. Two new reports explore possible alternatives.
All 22,000 city workers in Philadelphia are now eligible for a free transit pass under SEPTA’s Key Advantage program. More than 10,000 have already signed up.
Six people died on Feb. 11, 2021, in one of the most destructive crashes in state history when a winter storm caused cars to skid along a two-lane tollway. On Sept. 1, two bills that aim to prevent similar crashes in the future will go into effect.
Proterra Inc. was expected to provide the city with 20 electric buses by 2026, but the manufacturing company announced its bankruptcy earlier this month. Payment for the vehicles has not yet been submitted to the company.
They’re an important part of community social life, but too many cities and suburbs neglect them.
New research describes transportation engineers as part of the public health workforce, and argues they should emphasize strategies that reduce risk for greater proportions of the population.
Hasan Ikhrata recently announced his resignation, ending five years of acrimony with local officials around transportation policy. Left unresolved is how the region will fund its highways and transit systems long term.
State officials are considering the development of hydrogen fueling stations across the state with a potential focus on a 23-mile stretch near Savannah. The cost of the proposed hydrogen fueling network is not yet known.
The state brought together a remarkable coalition and waived red tape to get traffic on I-95 moving again just 12 days after a bridge collapsed. That kind of focus on results, not procedures, can help restore trust in government.
Managed charging, battery storage and other technologies will be key to helping utilities build electric grid resiliency and stability.