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The program includes nearly 650 traffic detectors, more than 100 cameras and 91 signs that relay information to Houston TranStar, but officials have only been able to bring 36 of the dynamic message signs online since the project began in 2017.
Hasan Ikhrata recently announced his resignation, ending five years of acrimony with local officials around transportation policy. Left unresolved is how the region will fund its highways and transit systems long term.
State officials are considering the development of hydrogen fueling stations across the state with a potential focus on a 23-mile stretch near Savannah. The cost of the proposed hydrogen fueling network is not yet known.
The state brought together a remarkable coalition and waived red tape to get traffic on I-95 moving again just 12 days after a bridge collapsed. That kind of focus on results, not procedures, can help restore trust in government.
Ghana's spirituality informs its approach to governing. It shows up in everything from the way streets are used to the belief that unity is strength.
More than 7,500 people were killed last year, the highest number of fatalities in 40 years. The epidemic of deaths has been blamed on bad driving behavior, oversized vehicles and flaws in the design of highways and roads.
More than 140 people have been killed by drivers who fled the scene in Sacramento County since 2018 and experts blame aging roadways that were designed without pedestrians or cyclists in mind.
A portion of Interstate 95 collapsed in Philadelphia after a gasoline tanker caught fire. Officials have promised a rapid response that “cuts through the red tape.”
As Waymo and Cruise seek to expand autonomous taxi services in San Francisco, some public agencies worry about the impacts on transit operations and emergency response.
It takes hours to drive into the center in many developing nations' cities. Can the problem be solved? Not easily.
Smart Growth America is restarting its annual reports on the best policies to promote safe and accessible streets. Howard County, Md., got a perfect 100.
The Safe Streets and Roads for All program, which provides direct funding to cities to make street improvements, is accepting applications. Other grants for transportation infrastructure are open or opening soon as well.
There’s a secret order to the way traffic moves in African cities — less regulated, more spontaneous.
Before COVID-19, just 1,400 city restaurants had outdoor permits. Today there are 13,000 of the structures scattered across the five boroughs, and many are showing wear and tear from life on the street.
The number of deaths on the state’s roads last year was the highest in more than 30 years. There is bipartisan support for legislation to increase Washington’s road safety and lower the blood alcohol limit.
Some state DOTs and conservatives in Congress thought it prioritized Biden's newly passed infrastructure bill to emphasize spending on highway maintenance, not expansion. In fact, the memo didn't change how the funds can be used.